Stay FOCUSED! - The perfect supplement for your homeschoolers!

September 20, 2021


Hiya, mommies! Are you and your kids school-ready this coming School Year? I hope so!

One of the challenges every parent has to deal with during this pandemic is schooling. It’s challenging enough having to deal with regular school stuff but the sudden shift from physical schooling to homeschooling or distance learning probably raised our stress-level a few more bars. Diba?!

I know all of you can relate when I say that it’s been one crazy day having to juggle our day-to-day activities between house chores, work, homeschooling, zoom meetings and online classes, etc. Whew! But, despite all of that, our current situation forces us to spend more time with our family, building closer and meaningful relationships within our home.

Arya and I have already started with our homeschooling and she’s been exposed to a lot of digital screens since then. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m not the type of mom who is very strict with gadgets and all. I allow her to play on her iPad, console, mobile phone as long as she’s finished with her school work. She knows when to stop so it’s actually a reward system for us. But as we turn to Youtube for some of our lessons, I find it that she is more exposed than usual. I didn’t have to worry for too long though, thanks to FOCUS - a plant-based brain * eye power for our future-ready kids!

Focus Syrup

Focus syrup is a food supplement that helps improve our children’s memory and protects their eyes from high-energy blue light emitted by digital screens.

  • Made with plant-based active ingredients such as: Bacopa monniera, Centella asiatica, Lecithin, Choline, DHA, Lutemax 2020.

  • No parabens

  • No artificial coloring

  • No artificial sweeteners

  • Sweetened with stevia

Helps Improve Memory and Concentration

The powerful blend of ingredients works synergistically to make sure our child reaches their optimum learning capacity.

Protects Against Blue Light Damage

As kids engage with digital devices for a long period of time. FOCUS Syrup has Lutemax 2020 which is a clinically-proven to help prolonged exposure to blue light-emitting digital screens.

Supports Better Sleep Quality

Exposure to blue light can affect circadian rhythms by suppressing the secretion of melatonin. Studies show that sleep quality improved significantly within a 6-month supplementation of Lutemax 2020.



The most common age for a FIlipino child to own a smartphone


The average number of hours Filipino kids spend on the internet


Choose the internet over TV


Percentage of Filipino kids who use tablets (the highest in the study)


Focus is good for kids ages 3-12 years old. It is FDA-approved and has passed standards of safety and quality as it is a natural product that only contains ingredients that are proven effective and safe for use. Focus comes in natural caramel flavor and is sweetened with stevia.

Focus 60ml bottle has an SRP of Php 165 while the 120ml bottle has an SRP of Php 320.

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Focus  Syrup is available in Mercury Drug as well as on your fave online shop here



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