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Sharing the Gift of Education in the Now Normal

December 17, 2020


Sharing the Gift of Education in the Now Normal

My Dream in a Shoebox continues to make dreaming for every Filipino child possible 

Education in the now normal continues to be a struggle for many Filipino children, especially those in the marginalized sector. The crisis and disruption brought by the pandemic do not only add to the existing education disparities, but also hamper the learning process and opportunities of the youth. Thus, ensuring learning continuity is imperative now more than ever.

As the education sector pivots and innovates from the impact of the pandemic, new approaches and different learning modalities have been developed to better support it. For My Dream in a Shoebox (MDIAS), education is the one thing that must not be taken away from a child, most especially in times of need. For 2020, it shifts its gears to help answer the changing needs of students today.

As annual education campaign spearheaded by TeamAsia, MDIAS aims to equip less fortunate Filipino children with educational assistance and help them make their #BiggerDreams come true. Innovating its dream kits and scholarships for its 12th year, MDIAS transformed its Do-It-Yourself shoeboxes and adapted the calls of the Department of Education to cater to the needs of distance learning. Aside from school supplies, MDIAS has added calls for donations of solar-powered and rechargeable transistor radios, old or new tablets, old usable computers with mobile internet dongle, working printers with ink tank and refillable ink, and photocopy machine with affordable toners to help make learning sustainable for students and teachers in the now normal.

For partners of MDIAS like the Yellow Boat of Hope (YBH) Foundation, the pandemic has surely changed educational efforts. Seeing as the resources that beneficiaries urgently need are educational support to 

help them implement the Distance Modular learning approach, YBH quickly pivoted from their yellow school boats bringing kids to school to delivering educational modules to the doorsteps of the learners to ensure that no child will be left behind. Through MDIAS, their scholarship program for 100 vulnerable elementary school kids will continue. 

According to Father Didoy Molina, one of MDIAS’ beneficiaries from Christ the King Parish, school supplies given out to their parish scholars greatly improve their capacity to study, increase their confidence and performance, and enhance their self-esteem. He explained that the tools do not only help the children do well in their studies, but are also instruments of love and care shared with them by their parents and by the generous donors, telling them that they are cared for, and that their dreams are supported.

"I am looking forward to seeing more smiles and grateful faces as they receive beautiful boxes filled with school supplies, wrapped with care by generous donors. These memorable experiences really stay with me for life and inspire me to hope for our young people," Father Didoy shared.

For Bea Lim, Managing Director of TeamAsia and MDIAS Chief Dreambuilder, corporate social responsibility is not just about giving back to the community when things get tough. It is a continuous commitment to inclusive growth, progress and development that will ultimately lead to a stronger, sustainable and thriving society.

"This now normal we are in today highlights the importance of bayanihan and malasakit to work together to fight this pandemic and push for economic recovery with compassion, empathy, and faith that we can all get through this together," Lim emphasized.

Through the years, My Dream in a Shoebox has equipped over 400,000 children across the Philippines with the necessary tools they need to chase their #BiggerDreams. With the communities facing even greater challenges today due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MDIAS wants to make its impact not only bigger but more efficient and safe. MDIAS is open to more individuals and corporate partners to join them in giving more underprivileged children the gift of education and to help in making their dreams come true.

For more information on making #BiggerDreams come true, log on to, call +639178813724, or email

How to Teach Our Kids Healthy Habits from an Early Age


How to Teach Our Kids Healthy Habits from an Early Age

Every parent wants his or her child to grow up with a set of healthy habits that can keep them well and grounded throughout their adult lives, but it can sometimes be difficult to know how to get there. Young children are fast learners, so the best way to instill good habits in your kids is to start early by teaching them about healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. Here are a few places to start.

Provide Healthy Foods and Explain Nutritional Principles Early

One of the most important healthy habits you can instill in your children from an early age is teaching them how critical it is to have a healthy diet. You could, of course, simply tell kids that they have to eat their broccoli just because you said so, but for the long term, it’s actually more helpful if you explain why it would be good for them if they ate all their broccoli. Kids are naturally curious, so if you provide them with a good explanation, they’ll actually understand the purpose behind the actions. With a grounding in basic nutritional principles, you’ll equip them to make healthy choices, from Wellements organic gripe water and Wellements vitamin d drops to simply incorporating some fresh produce into every meal. You can also provide motivation by explaining the health consequences of poor dietary choices, such as feeling backed up because of too little fiber and needing Wellements constipation treatments.

Model Good, Healthy Behavior in the Home

Kids are often said to be like sponges in that they soak up everything around them. A lot of early life lessons are learned via the behavior children see modeled in the home, so if you want them to grow up with a certain set of behaviors, you should model that behavior every day. For example, make sure your kids are involved in daily tasks or see you carry out daily tasks, such as:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day

  • Washing hands before a meal

  • Making enough time for a good night’s sleep

  • Treating others with kindness

Encourage Creativity and Balance in Life

Finally, it’s more vital in today’s parenting landscape than ever to teach your children about the importance of putting down their tech items, getting outside and getting creative with their playtime. It’s also essential to teach kids balance, such as doing their homework and then spending some time playing and enjoying themselves. Try to encourage a good mix of these activities to teach them that they need to be hard workers but also find time to relax and refresh. These life lessons in their formative years are sure to stay with them and influence the habits they’ll continue as they become adults themselves.

All children have the capacity to pick up healthy habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives, but if you want to give your kids the best shot at really taking these habits to heart, it’s best to start teaching them early on. While this might sound tough, young kids are often like sponges and will soak up the behaviors they see modeled around them. By working these ideas into your strategy, you can equip your kids for a healthy future.