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Why we signed-up with CFA Homeschool for SY2020-2021 + Rates + Tips

May 23, 2020

Hiya, rookie mommas!
I know, I've been away far too long.
Heck, aren't we all stuck at home?

No, I did not quit blogging. I just stopped and took a rest for a while. If you've been following our social media pages, you'd know that I am still very active online. It's just that when all of the news about COVID-19 and the whole Philippines locking down broke out - me and my family are enjoying our sandy butts off the clear, pristine waters of Boracay. - Yes, that day, when the President announced that there will be a lock down, it was only our Day 2 in Boracay and I had to get ourselves together to book the earliest possible flight so that we get to go home. 

And yes, of course, we made it home. After spending thousands of pesos to rebook our flights -
And are now stuck inside our house for the last 3 months and counting.

And so, a LOT of things happened. And although the world literally stopped working. Mine did not. I celebrated my year 2 at Cyberbacker last April and this year also marks my 4th year of working from home full time. I've been busy as ever because we are getting huge influx of clients as well as applicants - and of course, my heart is just as happy since I am able to help out fellow Filipinos who wants to work from home, find jobs, and provide for their family even if we are in a very sticky situation. 

Okay. Let me shush now, cos other than the title of this blog that got your attention, you might have also seen my recent update about our family finally joining the CFA Homeschool family! Yay!

A little back story:
Arya was supposed to be an incoming Kinder this SY2020-2021 at Benedictine International School. All that's left for us to do was for her to attend the two weeks open house trial classes after our Boracay trip and after that, the plan was for her to enroll already. But again, COVID-19 happened.

I was in constant communication with the school and I honestly would love for Arya to go there. but with everything worsening, physical classes is not possible, and we will not allow it too. It's just too risky. And so the school's plan is to adapt into an online and distanced learning - which was okay for me. I mean, I've been working from home, me and Arya have been doing our little homeschooling ourselves ever since so I didn't bother at first. I was still onboard with the school's decision.

However, my thoughts about it changed when I talked to fellow work at home mommas who are my office mates, as well as friends who have been homeschooling since the beginning of time.

My thoughts exactly is that, why would I enroll my child to a school that is only trying to adapt to homeschooling/online schooling today due to the Pandemic IF there are obviously better homeschool providers that are thriving and has been really successful throughout the years?

And so, I did a LOT of research, asked around, discussed it with my husband who have been by the way, super 100% supportive on homeschooling our child, attended zoom meetings about CFA - and finally made our proud and happy decision that yes - we are finally homeschooling this year. We are fully 101% committed to make it work. Because it does work.

CFA - Catholic Filipino Academy Homeschool - accredited by DEPED

They have been around for 15 years and have been home to the best and successful homeschooled students. Whenever you search "best homeschool providers in the philippines" they are for sure will appear on the top and front page of Google.

Now, I'm still learning and I'm not really here to convince you to homeschool your kids. I'm just here to give you some advices as well as the information I have about CFA.

If you are interested with CFA Homeschool -  the first thing that you need to do is to schedule and attend their online Discovery Class. (Please visit the CFA Facebook page here.)

The CFA Discovery Class will allow you and help you learn about what their school is all about. All the questions that you probably have at the back of your mind will be answered during that class. You will be joined by other parents who are interested to enroll at CFA. For me, the class took 3 hours, and we were more than 300 attendees - this was done via Zoom.

The next step after the Discovery Class is if you feel like you want to take things further, you may now schedule your interview and assessment with CFA. Submit a photocopy or a scanned copy or take a photo of your child's NSO Birth Certificate and send it to them. Right after the Discovery Class, you will be emailed about the next steps. Basically, you just need to reply to them that you are pushing through with the interview/assessment. - wait for a couple of days and you will receive a call form their Admissions about the date and time of your call - this was done via Zoom.

Full list of CFA Homeschool Requirements

The interview/assessment with CFA was by far the best one I've ever done so far when it comes to being assessed by the schools for Kinder. Now, just to manage your expectation, the interview and assessment will be mostly focused on you. yes, YOU as a parent who will become the main TEACHER to your child. Of course, if your child can interact with the Coach who will be assigned to you, that is better as well so that CFA will know your child better.

During the interview/assessment with CFA I was asked about our routine, my work from home set-up, our homeschooling / worksheets schedule, challenges that we have learning at home, fears, etc. It was not difficult for me to answer because they are very friendly and you'll also be able to related to each other in some way. And that call actually did seal the deal for me. It made me more confident that we can easily do homeschooling.

After the interview/assessment with CFA, you will now then receive the email result of your interview and assessment, as well as the rates and next steps that you need to do should you wish to proceed.

The CFA Homeschool Acceptance Letter

And so, allow me to share your most awaited part. 

CFA Homeschool Tuition Fee for Kinder

Depending on your finances, you have 3 options - you can either pay in Full, or have a 2 payment option or a 4 payment option.

Once you've decided, all that's left to do is to make a deposit to their BDO Savings Bank Account, submit the deposit slip and you are good to go! Enrolment is on going until June 24, 2020, Start of class is on July 6, 2020.

If you need other information about CFA Homeschool just visit their website at

I sincerely hoped that all of the above info helped you decide on your homeschooling journey.
From here on out, I'll be updating our blog and social media pages of our homeschooling life.

As always,
Rookie Mommy PH - Parents are the first teachers. God bless!