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Sharing the Gift of Education in the Now Normal

December 17, 2020


Sharing the Gift of Education in the Now Normal

My Dream in a Shoebox continues to make dreaming for every Filipino child possible 

Education in the now normal continues to be a struggle for many Filipino children, especially those in the marginalized sector. The crisis and disruption brought by the pandemic do not only add to the existing education disparities, but also hamper the learning process and opportunities of the youth. Thus, ensuring learning continuity is imperative now more than ever.

As the education sector pivots and innovates from the impact of the pandemic, new approaches and different learning modalities have been developed to better support it. For My Dream in a Shoebox (MDIAS), education is the one thing that must not be taken away from a child, most especially in times of need. For 2020, it shifts its gears to help answer the changing needs of students today.

As annual education campaign spearheaded by TeamAsia, MDIAS aims to equip less fortunate Filipino children with educational assistance and help them make their #BiggerDreams come true. Innovating its dream kits and scholarships for its 12th year, MDIAS transformed its Do-It-Yourself shoeboxes and adapted the calls of the Department of Education to cater to the needs of distance learning. Aside from school supplies, MDIAS has added calls for donations of solar-powered and rechargeable transistor radios, old or new tablets, old usable computers with mobile internet dongle, working printers with ink tank and refillable ink, and photocopy machine with affordable toners to help make learning sustainable for students and teachers in the now normal.

For partners of MDIAS like the Yellow Boat of Hope (YBH) Foundation, the pandemic has surely changed educational efforts. Seeing as the resources that beneficiaries urgently need are educational support to 

help them implement the Distance Modular learning approach, YBH quickly pivoted from their yellow school boats bringing kids to school to delivering educational modules to the doorsteps of the learners to ensure that no child will be left behind. Through MDIAS, their scholarship program for 100 vulnerable elementary school kids will continue. 

According to Father Didoy Molina, one of MDIAS’ beneficiaries from Christ the King Parish, school supplies given out to their parish scholars greatly improve their capacity to study, increase their confidence and performance, and enhance their self-esteem. He explained that the tools do not only help the children do well in their studies, but are also instruments of love and care shared with them by their parents and by the generous donors, telling them that they are cared for, and that their dreams are supported.

"I am looking forward to seeing more smiles and grateful faces as they receive beautiful boxes filled with school supplies, wrapped with care by generous donors. These memorable experiences really stay with me for life and inspire me to hope for our young people," Father Didoy shared.

For Bea Lim, Managing Director of TeamAsia and MDIAS Chief Dreambuilder, corporate social responsibility is not just about giving back to the community when things get tough. It is a continuous commitment to inclusive growth, progress and development that will ultimately lead to a stronger, sustainable and thriving society.

"This now normal we are in today highlights the importance of bayanihan and malasakit to work together to fight this pandemic and push for economic recovery with compassion, empathy, and faith that we can all get through this together," Lim emphasized.

Through the years, My Dream in a Shoebox has equipped over 400,000 children across the Philippines with the necessary tools they need to chase their #BiggerDreams. With the communities facing even greater challenges today due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MDIAS wants to make its impact not only bigger but more efficient and safe. MDIAS is open to more individuals and corporate partners to join them in giving more underprivileged children the gift of education and to help in making their dreams come true.

For more information on making #BiggerDreams come true, log on to, call +639178813724, or email

How to Teach Our Kids Healthy Habits from an Early Age


How to Teach Our Kids Healthy Habits from an Early Age

Every parent wants his or her child to grow up with a set of healthy habits that can keep them well and grounded throughout their adult lives, but it can sometimes be difficult to know how to get there. Young children are fast learners, so the best way to instill good habits in your kids is to start early by teaching them about healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors. Here are a few places to start.

Provide Healthy Foods and Explain Nutritional Principles Early

One of the most important healthy habits you can instill in your children from an early age is teaching them how critical it is to have a healthy diet. You could, of course, simply tell kids that they have to eat their broccoli just because you said so, but for the long term, it’s actually more helpful if you explain why it would be good for them if they ate all their broccoli. Kids are naturally curious, so if you provide them with a good explanation, they’ll actually understand the purpose behind the actions. With a grounding in basic nutritional principles, you’ll equip them to make healthy choices, from Wellements organic gripe water and Wellements vitamin d drops to simply incorporating some fresh produce into every meal. You can also provide motivation by explaining the health consequences of poor dietary choices, such as feeling backed up because of too little fiber and needing Wellements constipation treatments.

Model Good, Healthy Behavior in the Home

Kids are often said to be like sponges in that they soak up everything around them. A lot of early life lessons are learned via the behavior children see modeled in the home, so if you want them to grow up with a certain set of behaviors, you should model that behavior every day. For example, make sure your kids are involved in daily tasks or see you carry out daily tasks, such as:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day

  • Washing hands before a meal

  • Making enough time for a good night’s sleep

  • Treating others with kindness

Encourage Creativity and Balance in Life

Finally, it’s more vital in today’s parenting landscape than ever to teach your children about the importance of putting down their tech items, getting outside and getting creative with their playtime. It’s also essential to teach kids balance, such as doing their homework and then spending some time playing and enjoying themselves. Try to encourage a good mix of these activities to teach them that they need to be hard workers but also find time to relax and refresh. These life lessons in their formative years are sure to stay with them and influence the habits they’ll continue as they become adults themselves.

All children have the capacity to pick up healthy habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives, but if you want to give your kids the best shot at really taking these habits to heart, it’s best to start teaching them early on. While this might sound tough, young kids are often like sponges and will soak up the behaviors they see modeled around them. By working these ideas into your strategy, you can equip your kids for a healthy future.

Bring home the celebration with the new Mcdo Party Box!

July 20, 2020

Bring home the celebration with the new Mcdo Party Box!

Your McDonald’s favorites plus party amenities in one box for hassle-free party planning

JULY 2020 - PHILIPPINES - Celebrate the family’s milestones with an exciting party to remember - even right in the comforts of your home! Party planning is now easier than ever with the accessible, hassle-free, and convenient way of setting up a celebration whenever and wherever with the all-in-one McDo Party Box, now available for as low as Php 1,699. The McDo Party Box is complete with food and party amenities for the whole family to enjoy moments and milestones worth cherishing, plus it does not require advance ordering or pre-booking, so you can easily get your party essentials in a snap via the McDelivery App, website, Drive-thru, Take-out and Pick-up!

Aside from enjoying your McDonald's favorites to feast on, the McDo Party Box is the party planner’s ultimate starter pack because it also comes with exciting amenities such as party hats, activity tray mats, assorted mystery classic Happy Meal toys, balloons, and a limited edition McDo pillow as a special treat especially for the celebrant!

There’s a McDo Party Box bundle for every kind of celebration, and there are up to four (4) bundles to choose from - two (2) sets are good for five (5) pax available at PHP 1,699, and the other two (2) sets are good for ten (10) pax priced at PHP 2,999. You can indulge in some of the well-loved favorites by taking your pick between the McSpaghetti bundle, or the Chicken McNuggets bundle, both of which also comes with the original Chicken McDo, BFF Fries, and Regular Coke. 

Don’t miss out, and experience fun-filled celebrations made easy with the McDo Party Box that’s now available in select stores nationwide. You can simply order via Drive Thru, Take Out, or McDelivery (, App, Chatbot, or by calling the hotline 8888-6236 (for NCR), without the need to do any advance ordering or pre-booking.

For more information, visit the link For updates, follow McDonald’s Philippines’ official Facebook at, Twitter at, Instagram at, and Viber Community group at McDo PH.

Specially made for breastfeeding moms: Nestle MommaLove Lactation Milk

June 24, 2020

Hiya, rookie mommas!

I received a very special gift today coming from our friends from Nestle and it made me reminisce back to when I was breastfeeding Arya.

It wasn’t easy.

I struggled a lot and I was in such a depressed state because I was just really all over the place when I started my motherhood journey. I remember the days when I would consume a lot of malunggay leaves, eat loads of Tinola, and bought a lot of malunggay capsules. - Nothing really helped me. I was just not happy with the result and it made me more depressed and thus my milk supply slowed down. 

I decided to stop breastfeeding at 4 months but I still did try to mix feed until the 6th month mark.

That was 5 years ago. If I have the chance to do it all over again, I will not give up that easily.

There weren't enough options at that time when it comes to lactation aids which is why I find the moms of today’s generation are really lucky to have so many options to help them with breastfeeding.

Nestle has recently released the new MommaLove Lactation Milk and I was beyond excited! I honestly wish I was pregnant again.

The new Nestle MommaLove Lactation Milk are specially for our breastfeeding mommas who want to get more out of their milk aids. It can also be your other source of Iron, Folate, Calcium, and Fiber.

It is a low-fat powdered milk drink with wheat flakes and has 1,200mg of Malunggay - a known galactogogue which may help in lactation and comes in two variants: Vanilla and my fave, Choco. Yum!

A box of Nestle MommaLove Lactation Milk has 10 sachets that is good for single serving at 28 grams.

Since I love anything that’s Chocolate, I had to try it for myself and honestly even though I’m not pregnant nor breastfeeding as of the moment, I still enjoyed it.

It wasn’t super sweet. Just okay for my liking. It tasted like a cocoa type of chocolate drink and I’d love it as a hot and cold beverage.

One thing that I love about this is that since they come in a form of sachets and not big boxes or tin cans, it’s perfect for moms on the go and for those who need to travel with their kids. It’s not a hassle to just slip it inside your office bag or momma bag.

If I had the Nestle MommaLove Milk Lactation 5 years ago, I swear I would have thrived in breastfeeding.

Maybe next time, when another tiny human came along, I’d hoard this product for sure!

The Nestle MommaLove Milk Lactation is now available in Mercury Drug Nationwide and Shopee at SRP of P35.00 per sachet, or P350.00 per box with 10 sachets.

I’m happy and thankful to Nestle for sending these over and sharing these to the moms of First Time Moms PH. 

If you’re a pregnant momma who’s looking for an awesome tribe online, you can find the First Time Moms PH on Facebook by clicking here. Find out more about Nestle MommaLove by visiting their website!

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy breastfeeding!

How to get germ protection that is gentle for your sensitive skin

How to get germ protection that is gentle for your sensitive skin
Dermatologist reveals why micellar technology a vital ingredient you should add to your skin regime

Do you have sensitive skin? A lot of people who have this experience reactions such as itching, burning, or redness when it comes into contact with skin care products that trigger their skin’s sensitivities. Antibacterial products may not be the first thing that comes to mind but areas of dry, flaky skin or swollen skin can actually be an entry point for germs. 

Given today’s uncertain times, we need to be able to give our skin the germ protection it deserves. Thankfully, the new breakthrough Safeguard Gentle Micellar Face and Body Cleanser is here so we no longer need to compromise between getting gentle skin care and germ protection for our face and body!

The Safeguard Gentle Micellar series is paraben free, offers 99.9% germ protection and is as gentle as fresh water on the skin with its Micellar technology. It also has three variants:  Unscented, Berries & Pear and Coconut & Peach to suit your sensitive skin needs.

As we continue to navigate through our new normal, here are simple ways you can keep your sensitive skin happy, germ protected, and functioning at its healthiest according to  board-certified dermatologist, founder of Derm HQ and co-founder of BeautiqueMD Dr. Gaile Robredo-Vitas.

  1. Less is always more. One of the best ways you can care for your sensitive skin is to make sure you don’t overuse your face and body. Washing or exfoliating it too much may weaken your skin’s barrier, allowing external irritants such as dirt, dust and other bacteria to penetrate the skin easily.
  2. Make sure to read the ingredients in the products you want to try. The best way to manage sensitive skin is to identify and avoid products that contain ingredients that trigger its sensitivity. Products that are paraben free and dermatologically tested can be considered. If you’re experiencing pre-existing skin conditions, it is also important to consult with your doctor or dermatologist. 
  3. Strengthen your skin’s first line of defense with Micellar technology. Micellar consists of purified water, hydrating moisturizers and gentle surfactants that amply work on sensitive skin too. One of the most vital ingredients in Micellar water is micelles—these are minuscule concentrated molecules that are both water-loving and oil-loving. These help ensure the skin’s moisture remains intact as it cleanses one’s skin.

Give your skin the #GentleGermProtection it needs today! Check it out in Lazada and supermarkets nationwide.

Find out more on the Safeguard Gentle Micellar series on Safeguard’s Facebook page

Collect all Trolls World Tour toys and Happy Meal Readers books for as low as Php35 each with NEW Add-On Promos

June 8, 2020

June 2020 - PHILIPPINES - Get ready for more family fun and enjoy exciting bonding moments over play time with McDonald’s all-new Trolls World Tour toys and Happy Meal Readers books. Now available as a Happy Meal or McShare Box add-on for as low as php35 each!

Join in on the fun of the Trolls World Tour

It’s an explosion of colorful hair and unending fun as our favorite little creatures return! If you loved the last Trolls movie, then you’ll surely love McDonald’s new Trolls World Tour toys with every Happy Meal. Kids can choose from over ten (10) playful and colorful characters like the fierce and lovable Poppy, the blue gentle giant Biggie with Mr. Dinkles, and many more!

The TreeTop Twins return with new adventures

Launched just this February, the Happy Meal Readers program offers a book or toy option for every Happy Meal purchase. The books encourage bonding moments for families through storytelling, made even more enjoyable and educational thanks to the Happy Meal Readers books written by world-renowned author Cressida Cowell.

The books tell the story of the Treetop Twins and their parents as they go through exhilarating adventures by traveling in their time machine. For our newly released books this month, parents and kids are in for a blast as they join the Treetop Twins in exploring the world back in time and meeting some of the most unique animals like the Dodo and the pink dolphin! 

Get double the fun with both the Trolls and the Treetop Twins!

It’s a tough choice between the Happy Meal toys and Happy Meal Readers books so McDonald’s is making it easier for families to enjoy both! Through the Happy Meal Add-On Promo, an extra book or toy of choice can be added to the purchase for just Php35! The promo allows kids to include as many add-ons as they like, so they can build their collection sooner. Customers can avail of this promo starting today until July 30, 2020. 

We know that the Trolls can be hard to resist, so McDonald’s is also offering the Happy Meal Complete Set Add-On Promo! With every purchase of a McShare Box, adding just Php330 will include the complete set of ten (10) Trolls World Tour toys. Hurry soon, because this limited time offer is available until June 11, 2020 only.

Make the most out of every moment at home with the whole family, and create memorable moments together with the quirky Trolls World Tour characters and the Happy Meal Readers books’ adventurous Treetop Twins! Purchase these in the safety of your home through the McDelivery Website or App, or the hotline 8888-6236. Starting June 13, 2020, you can also enjoy the Php 35 Happy Meal Add-On Promo via McDo Messenger, GrabFood, and FoodPanda.

For more information, follow McDonald’s Philippines official Facebook at, Twitter at, Instagram at, join the McDo PH Viber Community, as well as the following link for store updates:

Tired of cooking? Check out Kitchen City Frozen Meals!

June 3, 2020

Hiya, mommies! How are and your family doing while we are under GCQ? Hope everything is well on your end.

Just dropping by for a quick blog post, in case you are like me who have been cooking nonstop since the beginning of lock down, I am guessing that we are all tired or wanted to take a break form our own personal cooking.

I came across Kitchen City Frozen Meals on Facebook two days ago. It was a recommendation of my Father-in-law and so I immediate checked them out and discovered that they offer wide menu of frozen meals! Since my husband goes back to work this week, I'll only be cooking mostly for me and Arya at home and my husband would prepare his packed meals every night. So I thought, we could try Kitchen City Frozen Meals for a day or two.

And so, I've been craving for LAING for a very looong time and was very pleased that they have it on their menu.

LAING WITH CRISPY PORK - 600 grams - Php 250.00
The serving is really BIG. This would actually last me for more than a week!
It's good that they provide an expiration date on the label as well.

BEEF SALPICAO - 600 grams - Php 425.00

There is a corresponding delivery fee for each city. See below:

The payment options: BPI/BDO Online, GCASH, PAYPAL, and COD. Here's the rest of their menu as of June 2, 2020

I am impressed by how fast their delivery is. I placed the order before the 5pm cut-off yesterday (June 2, 2020) around 4:50PM, made the payment via online-mobile bank deposit. I was told that delivery will arrive anytime between 9am - 7pm the next day. (June 3, 2020). My order arrived 10:30am. Perfect for lunch time!

As for the taste? I'll keep you guys posted on my Instagram stories! *wink

You can check out their website at
and Facebook page by clicking here.

Rookie Mommy PH - Taking a break from cooking!

Why we signed-up with CFA Homeschool for SY2020-2021 + Rates + Tips

May 23, 2020

Hiya, rookie mommas!
I know, I've been away far too long.
Heck, aren't we all stuck at home?

No, I did not quit blogging. I just stopped and took a rest for a while. If you've been following our social media pages, you'd know that I am still very active online. It's just that when all of the news about COVID-19 and the whole Philippines locking down broke out - me and my family are enjoying our sandy butts off the clear, pristine waters of Boracay. - Yes, that day, when the President announced that there will be a lock down, it was only our Day 2 in Boracay and I had to get ourselves together to book the earliest possible flight so that we get to go home. 

And yes, of course, we made it home. After spending thousands of pesos to rebook our flights -
And are now stuck inside our house for the last 3 months and counting.

And so, a LOT of things happened. And although the world literally stopped working. Mine did not. I celebrated my year 2 at Cyberbacker last April and this year also marks my 4th year of working from home full time. I've been busy as ever because we are getting huge influx of clients as well as applicants - and of course, my heart is just as happy since I am able to help out fellow Filipinos who wants to work from home, find jobs, and provide for their family even if we are in a very sticky situation. 

Okay. Let me shush now, cos other than the title of this blog that got your attention, you might have also seen my recent update about our family finally joining the CFA Homeschool family! Yay!

A little back story:
Arya was supposed to be an incoming Kinder this SY2020-2021 at Benedictine International School. All that's left for us to do was for her to attend the two weeks open house trial classes after our Boracay trip and after that, the plan was for her to enroll already. But again, COVID-19 happened.

I was in constant communication with the school and I honestly would love for Arya to go there. but with everything worsening, physical classes is not possible, and we will not allow it too. It's just too risky. And so the school's plan is to adapt into an online and distanced learning - which was okay for me. I mean, I've been working from home, me and Arya have been doing our little homeschooling ourselves ever since so I didn't bother at first. I was still onboard with the school's decision.

However, my thoughts about it changed when I talked to fellow work at home mommas who are my office mates, as well as friends who have been homeschooling since the beginning of time.

My thoughts exactly is that, why would I enroll my child to a school that is only trying to adapt to homeschooling/online schooling today due to the Pandemic IF there are obviously better homeschool providers that are thriving and has been really successful throughout the years?

And so, I did a LOT of research, asked around, discussed it with my husband who have been by the way, super 100% supportive on homeschooling our child, attended zoom meetings about CFA - and finally made our proud and happy decision that yes - we are finally homeschooling this year. We are fully 101% committed to make it work. Because it does work.

CFA - Catholic Filipino Academy Homeschool - accredited by DEPED

They have been around for 15 years and have been home to the best and successful homeschooled students. Whenever you search "best homeschool providers in the philippines" they are for sure will appear on the top and front page of Google.

Now, I'm still learning and I'm not really here to convince you to homeschool your kids. I'm just here to give you some advices as well as the information I have about CFA.

If you are interested with CFA Homeschool -  the first thing that you need to do is to schedule and attend their online Discovery Class. (Please visit the CFA Facebook page here.)

The CFA Discovery Class will allow you and help you learn about what their school is all about. All the questions that you probably have at the back of your mind will be answered during that class. You will be joined by other parents who are interested to enroll at CFA. For me, the class took 3 hours, and we were more than 300 attendees - this was done via Zoom.

The next step after the Discovery Class is if you feel like you want to take things further, you may now schedule your interview and assessment with CFA. Submit a photocopy or a scanned copy or take a photo of your child's NSO Birth Certificate and send it to them. Right after the Discovery Class, you will be emailed about the next steps. Basically, you just need to reply to them that you are pushing through with the interview/assessment. - wait for a couple of days and you will receive a call form their Admissions about the date and time of your call - this was done via Zoom.

Full list of CFA Homeschool Requirements

The interview/assessment with CFA was by far the best one I've ever done so far when it comes to being assessed by the schools for Kinder. Now, just to manage your expectation, the interview and assessment will be mostly focused on you. yes, YOU as a parent who will become the main TEACHER to your child. Of course, if your child can interact with the Coach who will be assigned to you, that is better as well so that CFA will know your child better.

During the interview/assessment with CFA I was asked about our routine, my work from home set-up, our homeschooling / worksheets schedule, challenges that we have learning at home, fears, etc. It was not difficult for me to answer because they are very friendly and you'll also be able to related to each other in some way. And that call actually did seal the deal for me. It made me more confident that we can easily do homeschooling.

After the interview/assessment with CFA, you will now then receive the email result of your interview and assessment, as well as the rates and next steps that you need to do should you wish to proceed.

The CFA Homeschool Acceptance Letter

And so, allow me to share your most awaited part. 

CFA Homeschool Tuition Fee for Kinder

Depending on your finances, you have 3 options - you can either pay in Full, or have a 2 payment option or a 4 payment option.

Once you've decided, all that's left to do is to make a deposit to their BDO Savings Bank Account, submit the deposit slip and you are good to go! Enrolment is on going until June 24, 2020, Start of class is on July 6, 2020.

If you need other information about CFA Homeschool just visit their website at

I sincerely hoped that all of the above info helped you decide on your homeschooling journey.
From here on out, I'll be updating our blog and social media pages of our homeschooling life.

As always,
Rookie Mommy PH - Parents are the first teachers. God bless!

6 Healthy Habits for Mature Adults that can Lower their Risk of Acquiring COVID-19

March 24, 2020

If you are 60 and above, read this. The coronavirus can affect anyone but it’s older adults, ages 60 and up, who are more at risk of getting seriously sick from it. Is there a cure for it? None at the moment, but over 80,000 worldwide have already survived it.

Entertainment Journalists Cristy Fermin & Lolit Solis count on So Sure’s affordable protection for their leaky bladder

Internist-cardiologist Willie Ong says that a total of 26.4% of the total cases in the Philippines comprise patients belonging to the said population. That’s why mature adults are particularly encouraged to keep calm and follow recommendations from the experts.

So Sure Bladder Leakage Pads, a product that’s designed to manage a mature adult’s leaky bladder, presents these health tips to help you remain level-headed in this season of uncertainty:

  1. Practice social distancing. Do everything you can to reduce exposure to the virus. Avoid crowds, mass transit systems, and other non-essential social gatherings. Of course, this does not mean social isolation. You can still opt for family game nights, reading a book, cooking a meal, indoor exercises, and group video calls. Since families have been among the most significant hotspots of transmission, avoid sharing utensils or any means that may acquire another’s saliva. Younger and healthier family members should be encouraged to practice distancing from mature household members as they may be asymptomatic carriers. Separate towels, bags, ballpens and anything that may carry unwelcome viruses.
  2. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. You know where to find them. Avoid hospitals except in emergency cases. If possible, call ahead before visiting your doctor. According to St. Luke’s Medical Center’s oncologist Denky Dela Rosa, MD, senior citizens who have the following conditions are at higher risk: asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, tuberculosis, or any lung disease, diabetes, heart and kidney problems especially those undergoing dialysis, cirrhosis, hepatitis, or any liver problems, an autoimmune system like lupus. Those who are taking Prednisone, Dexamethasone, Decilone, or Medrol, and those diagnosed with any cancer at any stage are also most vulnerable and are strictly advised to self-quarantine.
  3. Minimize news consumption. It’s good to stay informed but don’t get too obsessed with the news. Research shows that chronic TV watchers and news followers have increased fear because everything they see starts to feel like occurring outside their very door. Filter information. Keep yourselves away not only from the virus but also from negativity and fake news. Maximize the use of technology by connecting with family and friends to minimize anxiety. Find time to clear your mind through prayers and meditation. Do some light exercises and sunlight exposure. Read positive books and articles. Or go for activities that stimulate your cerebellum, the part of the brain that coordinates balance, posture, and movement. This part of the brain works closely with the cerebrum, the thinking center of the brain. When these two work properly, learning and movements are seamless and easier. You can go writing, drawing, catching a ball, or sewing.
  4. Be proactive and keep your immune system strong. Get ample sleep, exercise, and eat well. Plan your meals to include immune system boosters such as citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, spinach, turmeric, green tea, papaya, poultry, and shellfish and zinc sources like beef, oyster, asparagus, and malunggay. Go for a quick sunlight exposure just at your doorsteps between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. for your daily dose of Vitamin D. Load up on water. And of course, keep in mind your dietary limitations as advised by your doctor. 
  5. Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Should there be a need to go out, quickly take a shower as the virus can thrive for a few hours on the clothes. Wear a face mask around people and pets. Refrain from handshaking and touching your face. Cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard it immediately. Use a tissue or your elbow to touch switches and elevator buttons. Sanitize phones, doorknobs, and other items that you usually touch. Members of the household should also practice the same. 
  6. Avoid public toilets. COVID-19 is transmitted through droplets. In some public toilets, we can smell the stink even before entering. In other toilets, the floors are wet, the toilet bowls are soiled, and the sinks are dirty. Your risk of exposure here is elevated. 

However, for some who experience incontinence, you may have to go to the toilet all the time. Others have overactive bladders and cannot make it to the toilet because of weak bladder control. Needs vary from one individual to another. Good thing, So Sure made its pads available to fit comfortably for urine leaks. Whether it’s a light or moderate incontinence condition, So Sure Bladder Leakage Pad is here to provide comfort and protection. So Sure 340mm Pads are designed for light flow while So Sure 450mm Pads are made to cater to moderate incontinence.

Talk show host Cristy Fermin makes sure her sleep is undisturbed to keep her mood up for her daily grind. She trusts So Sure 450mm pads because they absorb heavy amounts of urine and guide it through the inner layers of the pad while keeping her fresh. “What I like most about it is its ability to eliminate urine’s strong scent. I love waking up every day free from odor and irritation”, she says.

Entertainment journalist Lolit Solis’ bladders tend to overreact and sometimes, sneezing, laughing, or coughing result in light drips. She uses So Sure 340mm pads made of high quality, super absorbent cotton that keeps her sensitive area free from moisture and bacteria. According to her, “incontinence can no longer affect my daily living and busy work schedule because I have discovered So Sure that provides me my much-needed protection against discomfort and embarrassment”.

With So Sure Pads, you can be sure incontinence does not hinder you from doing the things you love while experiencing antibacterial, antifungal, and odor control protection. 

Unisex and available in two sizes, 340 mm is for light drips or spurts while the 450 mm for burst or surges. Buy now at all Watsons, Mercury Drug, Waltermart, selected Robinson Department Store health & beauty section nationwide for only P204 (340 mm) and P294 (450 mm). Each pack contains two pieces or 24 pieces per box. To know more, visit and like/follow at @sosurepadsph on Facebook and Instagram. For a hassle-free shopping with delivery straight to your doorstep, shop now at For inquiries, email: or call (02) 4701294.