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Keep them busy: Cut and Paste Workbook

July 30, 2019

One of the struggles that I have being a full time and work at home mom is finding ways to keep Arya busy. I've recently put away her iPad and try limiting her screen time from everyday to at least 30 minutes per day during weekdays - only when I'm on a video call meeting or when I am doing my morning exercises, and I let her have it during weekdays.

One of the noticeable behaviour that got to me is when I handed her her iPad on Friday night, she wasn't going to Youtube anymore, but she was just playing the apps like Peppa Pig Painting, going to Spotify to listen to her playschool's playlist, reading app like The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing that this is progress still.

Of course, since we are already getting into this routine, I wanted to stick with it as much as I can, and so one of the things I recently discovered is that she liked is this Cut and Paste work book that I bought from a friend who has been in the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. I think this is only around P120.00 with so many pages to fill-out already.

We have this in the book shelve for a long time but it's only two days ago that she got interested with it. One thing I also noticed currently is that Arya doesn't like colouring as much as the other kids her age are. She's more interested into writing, connecting lines, and painting blank pages so I was also surprised when I saw her getting interested and doing this work book.

It's good that I have spare art papers lying around the house. I let her pick which colours she likes and I'll be the one to cut it into squares. I don't let her use this scissor because it's too big for her and we don't have the kids' size scissors yet + I'm overthinking, what if she accidentally poke someone with it.

This glue was just something I bought from the 7/11 store. Cost me about P15.00 I think. It's water base so it's not messy even though it could get on the sheets, or her pajamas, or on the floor. Very easy to clean and wash off.

This work book managed to keep her busy for almost an hour which is already a big help for me especially when I'm busy doing reports, launching facebook ads, attending video call meetings, etc. She did managed to finish 3 pages for that duration. Whenever she feel like using another colour, she just let me know what she like and I'll just pause whatever it is I'm doing for a few seconds.

Eventually she got bored with it and threw the cut squared papers on the floor, showering it on her head and raining confettis all over the house. *rolls eyes

Makalat but definitely worth it. I'm waiting for the next Big Bad Wolf Book Sale so I can get nice work books for Arya next time. I think you can also check leading book stores for work books such as this one. :)

Rookie Mommy PH - Any other suggestions to keep em' busy?

How to Choose the Right Anti-aging Serum

July 17, 2019

Our skin needs much attention to remain supple, plump, and youthful. When you begin to notice fine lines and wrinkles, this statement becomes particularly true. While you are unable to avoid the natural process of aging, there is a way to effectively minimize your fine lines and wrinkles and slow down the formation of new ones. It is likely that you have already considered obtaining your very first anti-aging serum or a new anti-aging serum like Timeless hyaluronic acid serum. In order to make the process of choosing the right anti-aging serum less stressful, we are here to help you. 

Most Common Causes of Wrinkles
A wrinkle is a crease, fold, or fine line on your skin and it generally develops in locations that are exposed to the most sun, including neck, face, forearms, and hands. Experts all agree that more than one factor contributes to the formation of wrinkles. In addition to the normal aging process, the most common include:
Sun Exposure: about 80 percent of wrinkles on the face are due to exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. In fact, according to a study, long-term exposure the sun’s UV rays can also lead to impaired skin elasticity, pigmentation, and yellowing. 
Hereditary: hereditary is also a factor in the formation of wrinkles. Your chances are increased of developing wrinkles earlier than most people if your parents developed wrinkles at a younger age than most others. 
Smoking: smoking impairs blood supply to your skin by constricting the blood vessels. 
Facial Expressions: smiling, squinting, and frowning can all add to fine line and wrinkles. A groove forms underneath your skin each time you use a facial muscle. You skin springs back easily when you are young, but as you age this ability begins to slow down. 
What to Look for In an Anti-aging Serum
To ensure that you get everything that an anti-aging serum has to offer, you must know how to pick the right product correctly. Here are a few tips to help:
Do Not Go by the Price Tag 
It does not mean that anti-aging serum is working just because it is expensive. 
Check Reviews
There is almost always a place for customer reviews. However, also look for reviews on other websites as well. 
Be sure that the anti-aging beauty product was manufactured by a reputable company like Timeless vitamin C and E serum. 
Consider multi-purpose anti-aging serums such as squalane oil which can be included in an anti-aging beauty regimen or used as a standalone moisturizer. 
Read the Label: the best anti-aging serums have the highest amounts of active ingredients. Take a few minutes to research the ingredients on your smartphone. While the list of ingredients in the anti-aging serum may seem unnecessary since some of the names are odd and unfamiliar, still look them up. Also, some manufacturers, such as Timeless, list their ingredients on their website for each product available on their website. 
Contact Timeless to learn more about choosing the right anti-aging serum.

Making our lives healthier one day at a time

July 3, 2019

Hiya, rookie mommies!

I'm back with another life blog post. So, for the past month. May - June, actually. We've been doing a little revamp in our family lifestyle. From taking new vitamins, doing diets, and home exercises, we are really determined to make our life a little bit healthier.

It's a little easier for me and my daughter to change our bad eating habits because we just stay at home. I still work at night and Arya won't go to proper schooling until next year when she turns 

If you're a vlog subscriber, you may or may not may seen my latest vlog,

I have been really serious on my self-care so I decided to push myself to do home exercises consistently. Arya too joins me whenever I do my morning workouts. Although I didn't want her to lose weight, I just want her to get accustomed to routines and doing this daily takes her away from her gadgets as well so I believe it helps us both.

One of the challenges I had encounter when Arya turned 3 years old is that she just say "NO" to everything. Even though that she and I know that it's her fave food or snack, she will just say No, like it literally became a habit and a phase for her. So, imagine me forcing her to take her liquid vitamins daily. Yeah, not a good sight. Swear. Vitamins all over the floor, on the couch, on her fave white shirt. 

And so, I've recently came across with Watson's Vitamin Gummies with Lactoferrin for kids. Hah! Made my life super easier. This is the first time that we have tried gummy vitamins and I am never going back! I tasted a piece of this and it's super good! It taste like one of those gummy candies you can buy from the supermarket - except this one is lit vitamins!

With this one, I don't have to force her to it. I just say "Arya, time to take your vitamins" and she'll start singing and jumping towards me to get the bottle. I let her open it and take one for herself. The only issue I find with this gummies is that they're so good and I taught Arya to open the bottle right, so sometimes she steals more than 1 gummy. *lol  You can get this from Watsons for the price of P210.00

My husband on the other hand can be very difficult to convince to join us on this journey because most of the time he's at work and when he gets home, it's too late or he's too tired to do any exercises. His eating habit are bad as well because he eats a lot outside. We love eating outside.

One of our fave things to do when we get the chance to go out on a date is to eat Samgyupsal. It's either buffet style or unlimited servings. 

I was super excited when we received this Organique Acai in the mail because I've been wanting to try it for the longest time but I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Too expensive for me.

I took this for a month, everyday before I do my morning exercise. I don't eat breakfast so this is all I drink + water everyday. My husband didn't like the taste so again, I'm all alone on this one.

Some of the things I noticed while taking this drink is that my sleep improved really well. I have insomnia. Even though I am tired from the day's work I still have difficulty falling asleep at night + my work affects that too. But when I was taking this, my sleep was deep, as in I can have dreams kind of sleep and I remember them too. Another plus for me is that I could feel that it just boosts up my energy for the day. Since, I only take this for breakfast and nothing else before 1pm, I should really feel hungry or tired around that time, but I don't. It gives me more energy to finish a 30 - 45 minutes morning workout.

I eventually finished the bottle and wanting to buy more, but you know, I gotta pay the bills first. You can grab a bottle of this from Watsons at P2,500 for the 946ml and P1,350 for the 473ml.

Another fave toiletry product that I'm currently fond of is Watson's Argan Shampoo. Everyday, after working out, Arya and I goes to shower and this is what I use for my hair. I love anything that has Argan Oil on it because it just makes everything a little bit healthier in my opinion. Honestly, using this product feels like going into hair salon. I have a very dry and dead hair so this shampoo hydrates my locks and keeps it tame. A bottle of this is around P229.00 at Watsons. They also have a conditioner to go with this shampoo.

I lost count on how many times I mentioned and promoted how addicted I am to aromatherapy inhalers and roll-ons. I literally have tons of them under my bed. I can't sleep without them. I have nasal allergies and they helped me breathe easier at night. I discovered FreshKo through Watsons as well. 

Compared to the other inhalers and roll-ons that I have, FreshKo smells familiar because it's Calamansi and leave that menthol-cold feeling on your skin. I just love this! I put this on my temple and neck every night and it helps with my insomnia too.

I love going to Watsons because it's a one-stop-shop. All of our family's needs from toiletries, medicines, makeup, and sometimes even snacks, they have it all there. It's a good thing that we have a branch here that's closer to our home so whenever we need something it's just a few steps away. *wink

For me, being healthy should start from home and yourself and not from others. The reason why I decided to start doing home exercises, watching my diet, and taking care of myself more is because there was a time that I couldn't look in the mirror anymore. I felt really bad and not confident on my own skin. When that happened, I knew that I had to change something and I just had the courage to start it little by little one day at a time and just do it consistently. Most of all, have fun and think that everything that you're doing is for a better self. Self-care, exercise is an investment you're sure you're not going to lose anything in the long run.

Rookie Mommy PH - just do it.