Dad & Daughter Bonding : Learning Through Play

June 15, 2019

(To our awesome Dads and our awesome single Moms!)

One of the things that I am thankful for this Father's Day is that I have a loving and hard working husband and father to my daughter, Arya. Growing up, I didn't have a father figure in my life and so I believe that I have missed out on a lot of Father - Daughter experiences and milestones.

I was one of those kids in school who doesn't have a dad to show up during family day, or the kid who couldn't complete the family tree because a dad is missing in our family. I guess, I do have a lot of negative experiences growing up because a dad was never in the picture.

Having Arvin, my husband as a partner in life is really something that I am grateful for. Sure, we fight on petty things but we still make up and we always put our daughter first no matter what.

So I thought, this Father's Day, why don't I share some of Arvin and Arya's bonding time with you and you can also share yours in the comments below. *wink

They say, learning through play is best when you have someone to play with. Arya is really lucky in that area because I'm a full time mom and I work from home - for four years now so she always have someone to play with. However, it's different with her dad, Arvin can get really busy most days and sometimes he would come home too late and too tired to play with her and he would just prefer to sleep and relax while playing online games or Netflix.

It gets to me sometimes because I do want them to have their daily bonding time but I can't just force that out of the two of them. So, whenever we get that weekend off, or a holiday, or a new toy they both like, we take advantage of those moments and make sure they create memories out of those experiences, because I know that it will help Arya a lot growing up because I know since I've missed those times with my own dad.

Arvin was a toy junkie. When I met him, he owns a lot of collector items toys from Japan, etc. I'm not an enthusiast so I wouldn't know what kind of toys are they but when we got married and had Arya, he had to gave that up. Sell them so we can save for Arya's needs and other expenses. 

And so we recently got the Hot Wheels Action Trackset and Monster Trucks from Hot Wheels, Richprime Global, and Kids Company and he was just above and beyond happy and excited. He was so happy receiving the gift box with his name and all and special letter and asked me if it was my doing. Haha! I was like, Nah, you're just lucky because it's Father's Day. 

Arya was seriously as excited as her dad too! Assembling tracks and playing cars and trucks was never the kind of play and bonding they've done before so it's good that they have a new experience to share.

I, too got excited and played with them. I think this might be the start of us collecting Hot Wheels toys. Haha! Arya's grandfather was a Hot Wheels collector too and he got the old styles and promised to bring them on his next visit so they could play with the new trackset.

If you're looking for a new fun way to play with your kids, drop those gadgets and pick up their fave toys and just simply play and be with them during that time. It's at times like this that their learning is more developed because they're not only playing but also interacting with their family.

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Per DTI-FTEB Permit No. 9116, series of 2019.

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy Father's Day, everyone!

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