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[FULL REVIEW] Althea Korea A'BLOOM Collection!

May 12, 2019

Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) !!! wonderful mommas! I'm back with another Korean product review from Althea! I know it has been a while and I really took my sweet time before I make a blog post of Althea Korea's newest collection - A'Bloom so that I can make an honest to goodness review.

Oh, and since I am publishing this post on May 12, 2019, let's greet everyone a Happy Mother's Day! 

Althea's A'BLOOM collection consists of their (finally!) very own sheet masks, beauty puffs or sponges, and a BHA Blackhead blaster. 

I am a HUUUUUGEEEEE fan of sheet masks so I'm definitely over the top when I heard they were launching their own masks and I was super excited when the package actually arrived. 

So, let's get to it. 

My Skin Type:
Overly sensitive skin
Dry skin
Eczema prone skin
Breakout prone skin - when it's dry season

AC-ME-PEACH was the first sheet mask I tried when the package arrived because I did have a few small zits on my forehead that night. 

I usually put my sheet masks on the freezer before I use them so it's much cooler when applied on the skin.

Before anything else, I usually gravitate towards hydrating sheet masks versus correcting sheet masks because of my skin type, and most of the time, correcting sheet masks do more harm on my skin - like activate my eczema and dry skin more because of its ingredients so I didn't expected that much from this mask.

and then, I WAS WRONG!

This mask made the zits on my forehead disappear overnight! NO JOKE! Walang halong biro! What's more to love is that it did not irritate my skin at all. No redness or any tingling feeling right after using the mask and it was very hydrating on my skin.

Another plus for me is that since the mask is a Tencel kind of sheet mask, it's more thicker and can adhere to the skin much better than just your regular sheet mask. Tencel sheet masks are by the way usually much more expensive. I've been using Tencel sheet masks for a long time and a piece usually costs around P150.00 per mask depending on the brand and the A'BLOOM sheet masks only costs P20.00. What a steal! 

I used SPARKLE - ME - BRIGHT on the second night because I just thought it would be good for my newly dried pimples so there will be little to no after marks. There's no surprise here. This sheet mask totally did its job well. 

I put the sheet mask on my skin and leave it on for about a good 15 - 20 minutes max. Go over that time and you'll feel the mask pulling out the moisture off of your skin. 

I did immediately saw its brightening effect right after taking off the sheet mask on my skin. No redness or tacky feeling whatsoever. It was very pleasant and hydrating as well.

It's the AVO - CUDDLE - ME on the third day. Out of all the sheet mask on the collection this is my least favourite because I did feel like it didn't do anything noticeable on my skin unlike the other sheet masks. I had a feeling that, maybe because I do use other skin nourishing and hydrating products on my skin care routine that it masked the effects of this sheet mask.

Nonetheless, this mask did not irritate my skin. No redness or itchy feeling after using it.

I was saving probably the best for last on my last day of trying out the sheet masks. This WATER - ME - LONG truly lived up to its promise. Since I'm all nothing but love and kisses for any product that is hydrating then this one is no exception for me.

It was super hydrating and surely plumped up my skin before bed time. It smells incredibly good too, like how I wish I could licked the serum off the sheet - that good!

I have a tiny face and am not expert on putting on sheet mask but this is how I looked like for the last 4 days of trying the sheets masks out for myself. No doubt about it, it's definitely a game changer. The quality of these masks are up top! And at P20.00 I'd definitely be hoarding these masks! And so should you!

The A'BLOOM collection also released their own make-up puffs called Meringue Puffs. These are so cute! They have it in tiny puffs - for concealers and precision correction and the giant puff which is by the way my new fave make-up puff.

A few things I noticed when I used it the first time,

Here's what it looked like after dumping it on a water and squeezing the water out of the puff. It's definitely bouncy, not too soft and not too hard, the puff is perfect enough to give you that airbrush finish. *Apologies as I did not include the before and after photo of me on this with a make-up on because my toddler was running around with an open bottle of foundation while I was doing this. >.<

I find it perfect to use on watery or liquid base foundation but it does absorbs the product quickly and a LOT. Like, it could absorb almost half of a one pump liquid foundation on my skin. So, maybe for some it could mean that it's a waste of foundation. For me though, what worked for me is I already applied small dots of foundation on my face versus putting a big pump on my hand and dumping the puff on and off. The first one was more effective of achieving that airbrush finish versus the latter.

The Giant puff is P100.00 and Tiny puff at P140.00. Super affordable for the kind of quality that you will get out of these puffs. I'd say it's definitely worth your moolah.

The last one on the A'BLOOM collection is this BHA Blackhead Blaster that promises to melt down your blackheads and whiteheads gently, with no pain and irritation at all.

One of the many things that I love about this one is how handy and hygienic this product is. I mean, look at that cover! That's the first time I've seen anything like that for this kind of skincare product.

I've used AHA and BHA's as part of my skincare routine because they're very effective on my skin type, so long I use it  once or twice a week.

My skin is very sensitive to any product that has Tea Tree on it and this one has that so I was a little bit worried on how my skin would react but it did surprisingly well on my skin.

No redness or irritation at all. Although I do have this tight feeling on my skin right after using it. It does what it's supposed to do and I even put this on my zits and they do dry out pretty fast overnight so it's really a good product for me.

I was able to try it for three times now and I don't see any negative reaction on face so, it's really a good one for me. This BHA blaster will only cost you P200.00 so I suggest you go grab one now while stock is still available. *Wink

If you want to know more about the A'BLOOM collection, feel free to click here to find out more and purchase for yourself. 

Rookie Mommy PH -  Happy Masking! Seriously grab those sheet masks!