Our first time flying with PAL with a 3 year old + TIPS

December 3, 2018

Hiya, rookie mommas!

It's been a while since I blogged anything about travel but we're back! Last month, November, me and Arya decided to go visit my mom who's been working in Vietnam for more than 10 years now. I'm used to visiting her at least once a week but I usually opt for Cebu Pacific not because they have cheaper air fare but it's also because the flight hours is a red eye one. And as a mom who's traveling with a kid, a red eye flight is usually a plus for me because she's usually asleep during the entire flight.

This time around, my mom was the one who booked a flight for us and she booked it with our country's flag carrier, Philippine Airlines.

Terminal 2 Experience
It was also our first time flying out form Terminal 2 since we're always flying out of Terminal 3. Terminal 2 was really small, crowded, and I'd say old compared to Terminal 3. Nonetheless, we are really happy that some airport employees and staff was very helpful to us. The lines are always long but the staff are very attentive and they will immediately call my attention and will accompany me and my daughter to the front of the line. This happened to me twice, one in the immigration line and when it was boarding time. Regardless of the seat number or group letter, me and Arya are always the first to go in. 

PAL Experience
There was so much leg room! Now I know why my mom insisted we fly via PAL. There was just so much space. There's pillows, blankets, in-flight meal was already included in our ticket purchase so we don't need to worry about getting hungry during the flight.

My daughter is extremely tall for her age. She's just 3 years old but her height is of a 5 years old already. This is a photo that I took of her when we're going home from Vietnam. We're very lucky that no one is sitting beside us so she gets the whole two seats for herself.

All seats are provided with one pillow. This is my daughter with her own security blanket enjoying her sleep while flying.

See the leg room there? I can literally stretch my legs and I won't hit anything or anyone. Even my knees are comfortable and they're not touching the front seat.

Here's a photo of my daughter and sister sleeping in flight going to Vietnam.

Here's me asking my sister to take a picture of us.

Overall, it was really a pleasant flight. The flight crew are really attentive, always making sure we are okay and asking if we need anything. Me, my daughter, and my sisters enjoyed the flight and we would definitely try to book our flights with PAL moving forward - I do hope they move to Terminal 3 instead because it's much spacious in Terminal 3!

Arriving at Vietnam International Airport.


Arya's first international flight + Tips for your toddler's first plane ride!

  • Check-in all your luggages and only bring 1 hand carry back pack.
  • You can bring baby bottles with water inside and ready to put milk powders.
  • Bring toys or any gadget for distraction and keeping your child busy so they don't disturb other passengers.
  • It's best to feed your child before boarding the plane because chances are high that they won't like to food or they will feel full during the flight.
  • Bring snacks such as cookies, chips, anything your child likes to eat in case he/she gets a little hungry.
  • Bring wet tissue, small alcohol, or lampin, extra diapers in case your child needs changing during the flight.
  • Bring their favorite sleeping buddy. Small pillow, stuffed toy, blanket, anything that will help them calm down.
  • Have your passports, IDs, pen, other important document always within reach.
  • Ask airport staff for help if you need anything.

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