Looking for a change? It's time to go eco-friendly this 2019 with Shampoo Bars!

December 27, 2018

Hiya, rookie mommas and fans on this blog!

If you're looking for a New Year's Resolution then I suggest going eco-friendly and helping the environment is a start.

Shampoo Bars have recently popped-up and have become popular because it's simply eco-friendly. I've also noticed a lot of pop-up stores that caters to people who has the same passion and one of the key selling factor of this products is that they are container-less and the customers can bring their own containers to put the products in. This way, businesses eliminates the waste of plastics and other harmful chemical compound that could damage mother earth. So, sosyal, right?!

I got really excited because I have not tried any products like this before. I am a fan of Lush brand but I've only bought soaps from them.

Now, a friend of me and my husband way back from our bf-gf years has recently opened up her new salon called - Version Salon & Spa. Located in Floraville St. corner Pascua, Zone 7 Lot 14, Brgy. Rizal, Makati and now offers eco-friendly Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Soap Bars, and Pomade!

Here's the VSS Essentials collection!

Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar - P250.00
Pomade - P150.00
Soap Bar - P150.00

A closer look at the Shampoo Bars variation,

Soft & Shiny
Be a head-tuner! This contains Panthenol that helps moisturize hair and stops from getting dehydrated.

Gugo x Castor Oil Hair Growth
Let the falls do the falling and keep your hair strong and thick! The combination of Gugo Extract and Castor Oil is perfect to nourish and flourish your hair.

Tea Tree Anti-Dandruff
Goodbye dandruff, Hello Tea Tree! With anti-microbial ingredient that prevents dandruff and Aloe Vera to help hair growth, a worry-free hair is just a shampoo away.

Peppermint Detox
Keep your head cool and clean with Peppermint Detox! Not only it thoroughly cleanses your scalp, it also leaves a lavender scent for a more calming treat.

Clove Oil Scalp Stimulant
Grow, glow, and go for a fuller hair! This shampoo bar variant has clove oil that stimulates hair follicles which help the hair to grow and glow.

Ultimate Shine
Make your crowing glory shine the brightest! With Vitamin B5 for nourishment and JoJoba oil for texture, your hair will surely get the spotlight.

Ginger Anti-Flakes
Flakey scalp? We got you! Ginger Anti-Flakes has natural essential oil that prevents scalp buildup and ease the itchiness away.

And here are the Conditioner Bars variant,

Lavender Scent
Prevent your hair from excessive damage and breakage. With Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Rice bran and D-Panthenol that will help restore moisture back into your hair.

Coconut Milk Scent
Prevent your hair from excessive damage and breakage. With Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rice bran and D-Panthenol that will help restore moisture back into your hair.


Dapper Pomade

Soap Bar,

Premium Kojic Bar (135g)
Superb whitening from Kojic acid that exfoliates the skin, thereby making it whiter and pimple-free. Kojic lightens pigmentation and freckles. Also contains added fruit acid to ensure easier absorption of active ingredients, oatmeal to soothe minor skin problems, and aloe vera to prevent skin irritation.


I kind of just went ahead and pick out Tea Tree Shampoo Bar and Lavender Conditioner Bar for myself. I do have a very thick hair, and along with that, I also have a very dry hair and I do get occasional dandruffs.

This what it looks like without the packaging,

Immediately, after taking off the wrappers, the scent of Tea Tree and Lavender is pretty strong. However, when I applied the shampoo bar on my hair the scent was not over powering as much as I expected and It's perfect for me since I do have nasal allergies. I really had fun using the shampoo bar! It's been more than a week and I am still using it. The product is not falling apart and it builds up on your hair pretty quick. I didn't have to do so much rubbing in order to get the product in on my hair. I believe this product will last a long time since it doesn't really need to get soaked on a water in order to get the bubbles on your hair. 

I loooove the Lavender Conditioner Bar so much because the scent just lasts all day on my hair. It was so soothing using this product. However, the conditioner bars are a bit thinner than the shampoo bars so they do break easily. Mine lasted for a bout 7 days, and I do have to rub it on my thick hair repeatedly to get the product in. I do wish it's more sturdier or thicker, I don't mind paying a bit more so long it lasts.

Overall, these products is something to watch out for. I've turned into a fan and I would definitely purchase when my bars have ran out.

Being a mom, I kind of just grab whatever it is convenient for us. Like grabbing bottled soaps, shampoos, etc. Because strolling at the grocery alone with a toddler is a bit hard for me to manage. But, these products are easy to get. You can purchase these through Bili App - it's an online grocery and shopping delivery app, and of course, if you happen to drop by their salon. you can purchase these products there too.

Visit their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here.

Rookie Momma PH - Going green this 2019!

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