Usapang Work From Home + Tips kung pano mag apply sa Cyberbacker

September 25, 2018

Hey, rookie mommas!

I'm back with another heart-to-heart with all of you with what's happening with my #WAHM moments. I know, I promised to publish this post a lot sooner but yah guys know me. Too many things to do. Like work, sleep, Netflix, a lot of picking up toys on the floor, and grocery shopping.

So, let's just go on with it. First things first, last year, 2017, I published two blog posts about,

Things you need to know about working from home


Tips: From 8 hour corporate job to working from home and still getting paid high salary

If you're new here in my blog, you might wanna check that our first because I have been with different remote companies since then, and a lot has changed but the tips I gave on those blog posts are still very relevant and general versus to what I'll share today.

Photo taken when our Cyberbacker CEO, Craig Goodliffe flew all the way from Utah to spend a week with us and gave a seminar/training in Keller Williams Philippines.

I've been working from home for 3 years now, and I just want to share a few questions that I always get when people find out I work from home, and how I answer them.

Where do you find remote or work-from-home jobs?
Simple answer would be: The Internet. Facebook Groups. Google maybe?
If you read my previous blog post and WAHM journey, you'll know that my journey being a WAHM is accidental. I was resigning from a job and a previous client of mine from Singapore wanted to hire me on a 3 - month renewable contractual basis. The pay is big and in USD so I didn't hesitate. I also got lucky with my second work from home job because I was being hired by a friend of my aunt who's working for an ecommerce company in the US. So, for the past two remote companies, it was like that. I got really lucky. With the 3rd one - with Cyberbacker, I applied. I joined a few Facebook group for work at home opportunities and I saw one of their job ads and I just applied. It's been 6 mos since then and I am completely happy with where I am. :)

What equipment do you need in order to start working from home?
You need a very fast internet connection. Get a Fibr.
A laptop or desktop solely dedicated for working from home.
Depending on the nature of work you can also get or invest on a noise cancelling headset and a web cam.
I think that's it. I do have a personal work space and you can do that, whatever suits you or make you feel comfortable. I have bags of teas beside me, a water boiler, and a noisy 3 year old kid running around the house.

How much do you earn from working from home?
It depends on your scope of work and job offer. On my previous WAHM blog posts, I openly shared that when I started working from home, my salary is $1,000 tax free and Paypal fees were shouldered by the remote company. That's roughly about P50,000 a month. With Cyberbacker, everybody may start at a fixed rate or not depending on the role and the increase will depend on your performance. Everybody can earn up to $800/month or more than that. Overall, my view when it comes to salaries when you're working from home is that anything that's above P20,000 is already good for you. Like, take it. Because, you don't get to commute and that's a lot of stress taken out of your life already. Trust me. And it's always good to get your salary in USD because right now the exchange rate is really high, but I also get the fact that things are very expensive because of the inflation. Like, ang mahal ng sili diba.

How do you do it? Meaning, how do I manage my kid and working from home.
To be honest, I don't really know. I mean, I try to get by daily, as needed. It was difficult at first, especially when I am transitioning from a corporate to being a WAHM but as time goes by, I kind of just get used to it. You'll definitely build your own routine on how you do things in the house, how you manage your work and child. It's going to be challenging yet very rewarding for sure. With Cyberbacker, I am a none revenue converting client, meaning I don't handle any clients in the US but I am an in-house employee taking care of social media marketing stuff. My working schedule at first is 11pm - 7am straight and I only lasted a month with that kind of schedule so when I talked to my supervisor they let me get the most convenient schedule for me which is 9pm-12mn and 5am-10am.

Don't you get bored because you don't ever get to leave the house?
I do. Uhm, there were a lot times that I get a little depressed because I literally can't leave the house and if there's a chance I usually just opt not to because I'm either tired or just prefer Netflix over chitchatting with friends. The trick is, you gotta build your own world. I mean, yeah, you don't get to go out during lunch or dinner breaks with officemates because you're working from home, but you do get to eat with your family and it's tipid cos you're just at home. Another is having a 3 yo child with me everyday kind of help me be creative of how our day is going to be like. Oh and chores...yeah...endless chores. I'm not gonna lie, it can be pretty boring, depressing not being able to personally talk to a person but there's a lot of advantages too.

For you, what makes working from home the best option versus an office set-up?
A lot of things.
Spending with family is number one. Especially if you're a mom.
I get to earn and save more money. That's true.
I get to manage my time comfortably.
I feel very more productive versus spending hours commuting to work.
No office drama. THE BEST!
No politics!

What do you miss most when working in an office?
13th month pay?
Talking to actual people who's age are closer with mine and not talking to a 3 yo daily.
Pantry breaks
Office parties
Oh, maybe Christmas Ham and Basket?

With Cyberbacker, I'm not part of the recruitment team but I do have helpful tips for those who wants to apply and I do feel like this is going to help you with the process.

  1. When accessing the application form (, make sure that you are logged-in to your Google or Gmail account because our application form is created through Google Forms. So, you might get an error or you might not be able to open the link if you're not logged-in to your Google account.
  2. A lot of people mistakenly fill-out the chat box and thinks that that's the application form. NO. The form is super long, and it includes the first assessment exam. Don't access the website through your mobile or tablet because the chat box is going to block off that screen and you won't be able to see the actual form behind the chat box.
  3. When you're in the form and you encountered the YES/NO question, asking you if you have the time to take finish the exam. Just answer YES if you have the time and proceed. if you don't have the time, don't bother answering because you can't go back to the form and you're data will never be recorded in ours.
  4. The two assessment exams are DISC and VALUES, then the KPA exam. The assessments given to applicants are values and personality tests. These ensures that we hire people fit not just with the role but also with what we believe in. Other than the resume, we also have important things considered which the hiring team reserves the right to keep to uphold the caliber of people we hire. If you get to the interview, my gahd! make it count because only a few applicants gets to that part.
  5. When shooting your introduction video, just be yourself. But make sure you look nice, the lighting is nice, your speaking english fluently, and you're confident.
  6. If you have 5 years + experience in call center, you'll be considered a lot of times.
  7. When answering your DISC and VALUES, just be who your are. 
  8. Don't be late on your initial or final interview. You only get one chance.
  9. If you want to know the status of your application, you can simple send a message to Cyberbacker's Facebook page.
  10. If you did fail the exams, you can re-take them after 90 days. :)
You know, if you have questions, just comment them below or send me a message on Facebook, I'll be glad to help you out.

Sharing some awesome photos of our first ever Cyberbacker get-together this month:

To me, and to a lot of Cyberbacker employees. We really are a family. I cannot thank the universe enough for letting me be part of this company and being able to meet and work with these wonderful people.

We really are growing at a rapid rate. The company officially launched January this year with only a few employees. We're already at 70 and counting! 

If you're reading this and wants to work from home, try us! And if you fail, just keep going. Try and try until you succeed nga diba. 

That's it, I wish to see you around, during meetings and stuff. I wish you the best. If you have questions feel free to ping me or leave a comment below. :)

Rookie Mommy PH - grateful. 
10 comments on "Usapang Work From Home + Tips kung pano mag apply sa Cyberbacker"
  1. Hi Mommy! I applied for cyberbacker and I am endorsed to the Final Interview. Can you share any tips? If ever I'll be hired, this will be my first job as a WAHM. Many thanks! God bless. 😊

  2. I was invited to take the KPA, was not able to finish 2nd part of the test but I hope to still get endorsed for final Interview.

    Will we get a feedback if we did great or not?

  3. hello mam. I'm in the process of making an intro video. Can you give any key points I need to say in that video. Thank you and your article was very helpful!

  4. Hi miss, just want to ask if a rookie like me, no BPO experiences and not that fluent in English but I know how to communicate because I have been a sales agent/supervisor before and some of our customers were foreigners. Do I have an opportunity here? Hope you can help me. Thanks

  5. After KPA exam what next? Paano malalaman pasado sa exam?

  6. pwede po ba ito as a part time job?

  7. I received an invitation for my initial interview. Geezzz, I still have no decent camera and headset to was your interview? Was it tough? I am unemployed for 2 years now and I feel like I am starting from the scratch.

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  9. Is the initial interview about the personal information po ba? Kasi I was sent an email regarding an initial interview after I finished my CBPA assessment. I'm not entirely sure why but I already got interviewed for my personal information at the start of my application. Is this a duplicate po ba dun sa initial interview?