I tried Althea Korea x Get it Beauty's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer for 5 days and here's why it's not for me

July 31, 2018

Hey, KBeauty fanatics and mommas of all ages on my blog!

Althea Korea's x Get it Beauty's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is officially available in Althea Korea and you can get them for the price of one! Click here to check it out.

I tried the set for 5 days and here are the things that I like about them and why I think these products is not for me.

My Skin Type:
Overly sensitive skin
Dry skin
Eczema prone skin
Breakout prone skin

Let's start with the Rose variant

If there's something to love about this duo, it's definitely the Rose variant. This 10 second wash-off mask is gentle enough not to cause my skin any redness or irritation. Even though it has a strong scent of Rose, I still love it. 

The rose petals doesn't feel rough even though you slather it on your face. After washing it off, it will leave your skin feeling fresh, vibrant, and glowing! I used this for 5 days, along with my Althea Korea Bare Essentials Line, usually in my morning routine.

What I don't like about this wash-off mask is that if you're not careful and leave it on for more than 10 seconds, let's say you had it on for about 15 - 20 seconds, it will surely dry out your skin. 

Going back to my skincare routine history, me and any products I put on my face that has Green Tea will surely breakout my face. And this one is no different. I'm kind of bummed that this wash-off mask is not working for me. It's supposed to be good with sensitive skin like mine but I guess me and Green Tea will never be friends. Ever.

The Green Tea variant is very soothing and cold when immediately applied on the skin. Then 3 seconds after that, I felt really sharp stinging on my face, I had to wash it off in less than 10 seconds. For 5 days, I just let it sit on my face for about 6 - 8 seconds and wash it off with warm water to soothe my skin. When I was on Day 3, I kind of want to give up already cos my eczema is starting to flare up on the sides of my nose. However, I really wanted to see how well these masks will perform so I extended it for another 2 days. Making that 5 days total.

The stinging didn't stop and at Day 5, my cheeks were already breaking out, and the sides of my nose along with my chin were already flaring up with eczema so I knew I had to stop.

Here you can see spots and red patches on my cheeks and the sides of my nose. Eczema is no joke. They're really itchy and hard to deal with. However, getting eczema has been my best gauge when a product will work with my skin type.

Anywhooo, no regrets here! Just happy I was able to try these new products from Althea x Get it Beauty!

I'm back and probably sticking still with my Althea Korea Bare Essentials line, which is btw, I cannot live without. They help me with my eczema, my skin dryness, and breakouts. I wouldn't trade this skincare line for anything else and I'm glad Althea came out with these products.

Hey, if you have a different skin type than mine, I'd still suggest that you try these wash-off mask and see for yourself how your skin will react. Crossing my fingers that they will work well on your skin. 

However, if you have overly sensitive skin as mine, then, I'd probably stick with more hydrating products. *Wink!

Rookie Mommy PH - ugh, eczema....

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