5 Facts about Termites and How to Prevent Them

June 26, 2018

There are termites that have eaten through different types of wood over the years. There are African termites that have the ability to create termite mounds that are taller than people. There are also different termites that can be found in people’s humble homes. If you have termites at home, contact termite control treatment before the problem gets worse. It is only natural that you are curious about termites and what they can do.

These are some interesting facts about termites that you should know:

  • ·       Termites are a pest to different homeowners but they are insects that are needed by the ecological system of the world.
Termites can effectively decompose the various items that need to be broken down. They can effectively recycle dead plants and trees so that the soil can be more fertile. In turn, more plants can grow better. Take note that termites are also helpful for the improvement of your soil as they can aerate the soil effectively. Finding termites at home can be devastating though especially if they would cause the base of your home to be hollow. Do not wait for this to happen. Contact pest control service soon.

  • ·       Termites eat the feces of the other termites.
Wood is a hard thing to decompose even though this is something that termites readily consume. They need to gain as much bacteria needed in their gut to effectively decompose the various products they eat. To do this, they eat the feces of other termites. They would need to do this from time to time as they need to replenish the bacteria they lose when they poop.

  • ·       The termite parents work well together in order to make younger termites grow well.
There are other colonies wherein the males are not needed in order for the young to survive. It is different in the termite world. The king termite will stay with the queen termite so that they can both care for their young. They will provide pre-digested food so that the young termites can have stronger guts.

  • ·       Termites do not have functional eyes.
The termite workers do not need their sense of sight in order to do their tasks which is to find wooden areas where they can grow mounds and termite homes. The only termites that can see are those who need to reproduce.

  • ·       There are termite soldiers that can inform the rest of the colony that there is a threat.
The termite soldiers can determine if there are possible dangers to the colony. They will let the rest of the colony know about it so they can take the necessary steps to save as many from their colony as possible.

The facts are all interesting but the fact still remains that you do not want termites at home. Contact Austin exterminators to help solve your issues soon.

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