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5 Facts about Termites and How to Prevent Them

June 26, 2018

There are termites that have eaten through different types of wood over the years. There are African termites that have the ability to create termite mounds that are taller than people. There are also different termites that can be found in people’s humble homes. If you have termites at home, contact termite control treatment before the problem gets worse. It is only natural that you are curious about termites and what they can do.

WAHM Diaries: I'm looking for talented people who wants to work from home!

June 5, 2018

Hey, rookie mommas! and I've probably have some not so momma eyes on this blog post right now too.

Some of you may have known that I've been working from home from the past 3 years now. I think. And I've blogged about my journey as well as tips a few months ago too...


Tips: From 8 hour corporate job to working from home and still getting paid high salary

Things you need to know about working from home

And now, I am back for another round of work-at-home blog post. This time, we are looking for talented individuals to join our family.

I've been with Cyberbacker for only two months now and I have never felt so fulfilled and contented with a job. I mean, sure, I've been a Social Media Manager for quite some time now and I have to admit that I've handled popular and probably prestigious brands and companies before but I have never felt so accomplished just as what I have been feeling when I came to Cyberbacker.

Being in the Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing industry taught me that the key metrics of campaigns are just numbers, specifically likes, comments, shares, views, etc. But, when I came to Cyberbacker, those numbers meant a lot. They're not just another data that will be recorded on a tracker and be forgotten. Now, I have a purpose.

Here, those numbers means that I get to help Filipino applicants, that those numbers are hopeful individuals that are praying and hoping that they get a chance to be part of a company that will allow them to work-from-home, to spend more time with their families, to avoid traffic jams, etc. That's just some of the wonderful benefits of working from home and I wouldn't want to pass this opportunity not to write it on my site.

June 7, 2018 update. We're also looking to hire a Chief Financial Officer!

To know more about Cyberbacker, visit To apply to any positions mentioned above, visit

If you have a personal question, feel free to send me a message or comment it below. *wink

Rookie Mommy PH - Looking forward to working with fellow mommas!

Simple Habit Swaps That Can Keep Your Digestive System Healthy and Happy

Simple Habit Swaps That Can Keep Your Digestive System Healthy and Happy

Manila, Philippines, May, 2018 - Don’t take your digestive system for granted. It is responsible for breaking down the food you eat and forming a bacterial balance within the digestive tract. When these levels are balanced, your digestive tract protects the immune system by boosting your body’s natural defenses.

Poor digestion, fatty liver and gastrointestinal diseases like constipation and chronic inflammation are all signs of an unhappy and unhealthy digestive system. Having an unhealthy digestive system can lead to various health issues, including liver cirrhosis, diabetes1, thyroid & colon problems, among many others.

The world’s leading2 digestive health products—, Dulcolax® and Essentiale® Forte P —join hands in a campaign to make our digestive system happier and healthier. Together, the two brands take action on World Digestive Health Day on May 29th, reminding people about the importance of keeping their digestive system happy and healthy.

Here are some sensible new habits you can pick up—out with the old, in with the new3:

  • Ditch heavily processed carbohydrates, like white rice and white bread as they can cause inflammation. Go for whole grains like oats and quinoa.
  • Try to remove refined sugar from your diet. Use a sugar substitute if you need to. Refined sugar is believed to cause constipation and slow down food transit time in the digestive system.
  • Snack on raw almonds instead of chips. Nuts, along with vegetables, seeds and beans, are healthy, natural sources of fiber.
  • Instead of getting coffee or bubble tea (both of which contain caffeine), drink more water. Water helps keep your intestines smooth and flexible, so that your stools will be soft and easy to pass.
  • Natural sources of probiotics like cultured foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi and atchara are all rich in organic acids which support the growth of good bacteria. Miso, which is used for soups and sauces, is very rich in probiotics. Yogurt, of course, is the most popular source of probiotics.
  • Instead of steaks and fried chicken, opt for salmon, which is rich in good fats to skip on the bad fats that can lead to having too much fat stored in the liver. A fatty liver is a sign of an unhealthy digestive system and will affect your entire health. Keep your liver in check with Essentiale® Forte P. It contains essential phospholipids that repair damaged liver cell membrane, regenerate lost phospholipids and restore normal functions of the liver4, keeping your liver healthy for a happy digestive system.
  • Your gut is filled with good and bad bacteria. However, poor food and beverage choices, antibiotics and stress are killing off good bacteria, which you need to stay healthy. Instead of your daily fix of flavored fries, which is full of carbohydrates, fats and sodium, take a daily probiotic supplement, which can help with digestion and stimulate the immune system. If you have kids, make sure their digestive systems are in tiptop shape.
  • Consult your doctor to learn more about Probiotics!
  • Aloe Vera, olive oil, coconut water, figs, prunes and dates are laxative-rich foods. You can also take Dulcolax®, which stimulates bowel movement and treats constipation and other bowel irregularities. Dulcolax®, the world’s No. 1 laxative5, ensures that you’ll have a relieved and happy tummy in the morning.

So, eat well. Remember that when we do that, we save ourselves from illness and promote overall well-being and better health. Make sure you regularly consult your doctor if you feel any symptoms. Your digestive system will save you by strengthening your immune system so be good to it!

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