One memorable Mother's Day event at SM City Sta.Mesa

May 17, 2018

Hey, rookie mommas!

How was your Mother's Day celebration last weekend? I hope you had a great time, because I did have a wonderful and memorable Mother's Day last week.

I was invited by SM City Sta.Mesa to attend their Mother's Day event and was so glad that I did. I was able to met a few notable people that I never knew I could meet.

I instantly became friends with Dra. Antonietta Gomez, a pediatric doctor from Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital. Dra. Antonietta discussed so many things related to our kids. One particular topic that I made sure I remember is that in today's generation, it's really difficult to discipline our kids. So, she helped me understand that "Time Out" can really help if made in to a routine when disciplining a child. Making sure that the rules are laid out and that the child understands why he or she is being given a Time Out. 

I personally haven't had the time to try this method with Arya. I'm one of those moms who easily give in to their child's tantrums. 

Another issue she mentioned is how the use of gadgets below the ages of 2 greatly affects the speech development of our kids. 

I for one, is totally with Dra. Antonietta on this one. I have used a tablet and a mobile phone to calm my child ever since she was a baby. Sure, I admit, Arya really knows her technology but I am already seeing the results of that today. She's already turning 3 this July however, I noticed that she hasn't started conversing with full sentences yet. Compared to the other kids her age that I'm seeing inside the malls or play place, I do feel like my daughter is behind on her speech and I for one is to blame...and of course, the excessive use of gadgets.

Dra. Antonietta did mentioned that it is never too late to correct a child's bad habit. Start them young, she said. Limit the gadget use to maybe 1 - 2 hours a day, and only use it when really needed.

Dra. Grace Delos Angeles, an OB - GYNE at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital was also present and she discussed a lot of important things too, like, the sickness women get when we don't practice good hygiene down there, if you know what I'm talking about. The point is, if you feel something not normal happening to your body, especially to your private parts, make to a point that you seek the help of a professional doctor, and not Google, or even try self-medicating. We want to prevent the worse from happening so it's better to go seek immediate help when you see or feel something alarming the first time.

LJ Reyes, from GMA 7 was also there and she talked about her new smartphone app called Smart Mommy App or MApp - it's definitely a must-have app for mommies like us! Check it out here.

Charyzze Solomon was also there for the entertainment. Love her and her back up dancers! I would have put up photos of them but it's just too blurry.

Renee Funtanilla, Mktg Manager of Flawless also gave her talk on how, us moms can better take care of our skin. I've always been a Flawless girl, I usually opt for their Pimple Mask Facial whenever I have breakouts.

Let's not forget about me too! I was there promoting our First Time Moms PH community to an amazing momma crowd! It was indeed a wonderful Mother's Day for me. It was also a first time for me to celebrate momma day away from my daughter for a day and it was really nice to, you know, get away even just for a few hour. *wink.

Again, I am very thankful to SM Sta.Mesa for inviting me to their Mother's Day event.

Rookie Mommy PH - Everyone was telling that I looked too young to be a mom! I am 28 this year btw. *wink

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