This year's first summer getaway x Rhodora's Transient House x Calatagan Batangas

March 8, 2018

Seriously, ang inet inet na! Summer na summer na guys!

Last weekend, our family went to Calatagan, Batangas to visit my mother-in-law's mom. It was her 78th (I think...) Birthday and it was her first time seeing our little Arya as well. Their house was really near the popular beach resort in Calatagan which is the Stilts.

I've only been to Stilts twice my life and I have alway enjoyed my visit. As much as we wanted to stay in Stilts, we can't. Other than the reason that the hotels and cottages are fully booked, Stilts is also very very very expensive. 

Soooo, my in-laws found a nice transient house that can be rented near Stilts. I don't have photos because I enjoyed this trip so much and there was no signal BTW and no wifi so I didn't really bother. Most of the photos you'll see here came from my husband's camera. 

I did took a photo of the Transient house info but I do apologize for this one because I took it at night while we were looking at the stars. 

I think there was at least 6 houses with spacious parking lots in there. Our house is really nice. Nothing too fancy but we have everything we need. There was 2 queen sized bed, and we asked for another extra bed. There was kitchen and a decent bathroom as well. The house is air-conditioned too and the TV has SKY cable. But sadly, no wifi. This house is really perfect for family and barkada travelers. There's no nearby palengke or meat shop so it's better if you'll bring some with you and just cook it in the house.

The price for this house is at P1,500 per night. That's pretty cheap imo because it's a whole house that you're renting already. The place is also a few steps away from the entrance of Stilts. My husband and I tried walking at night from Stilts to this house and we were just in awe of how amazing the night sky is.

Anyway, I've just been meaning to dump some of our cute family photos in this blog post. :) As I've said earlier, I don't have my camera with me all the time.

Here's us enjoying the kiddie pool.

Here's me and Arya enjoying the beach at Stilts. BTW. The Day Tour at Stilts costs P350.00. For that price, you can enjoy everything. Even free cabanas/cottages near the beach. You'll also get a free welcome drinks. Those houses you see in the background costs around P17,000 per night for 7 person.

Here's me, enjoying the restaurant at Stilts. They really have amazing staff and the food is great and really cheap too! The serving are big so you'll definitely have a full stomach here. I remember eating here in our first day and our bill was just around P800.00 and there was 5 of us already.

Here's Arya enjoying the swing at Stilts.

Here's a photo of us again with the Sungka. :)

And here's another photo of us playing with the sand. It was also Arya's first time to really enjoy and play on the beach. 

Here's another tip. If you're planning to go on a Day Tour at Stilts, try to be there as early as you can. The beaches tend to be really crowded during weekends and the restaurant is having a hard time attending to all customers. They start accepting guests at 7.00 am everyday. 

We were there from Sunday - Tuesday and there were just so many people last Sunday that we skipped the beach. We went back on Monday and there was literally 0 people there. So, if you can afford to take a leave and finally have that summer getaway, I suggest going on a weekday. Trust me, it's worth it. *wink

There you go! I hope you'd consider staying at Rhodora's Transient House too. It was really surprisingly cute.

Rookie Mommy PH - looking forward to another long weekend.

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