Set-up your ecommerce shop in minutes!

February 10, 2018

Strikingly, is an easy tool to build a fully functional mobile first, web second site in minutes. 

With the growing need to put up a website for all kinds of online businesses and establishing a brand's online presence, Strikingly recently rolled out it's new feature that will allow it's customers to simply create an ecommerce website within minutes!

Simple Shop will allow you to easily add products to your shop, connect to a payment gateway that is readily available to your country. For example, Paypal and Stripe internationally, and even a Cash On Delivery options for some countries. 

After you successfully connected your payment gateway, you're already set and your store is live! It's really easy and simply that you can finish building your initial store in minutes. Even if it's live, you can still tweak the layout of your site and add some changes to your products.

Ready to build your dream ecommerce shop and start earning? 
Visit to get started.

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