I started a Youtube Channel Playlist for your kids!

February 1, 2018

Hey rookie mommas!

Ever since I started my Youtube channel, my daughter, Arya. Has been fond of watching her own Youtube videos. She loves watching surprise eggs, alphabets, numbers, shapes, etc. However, I do find that some videos are really not appropriate for her.

Soooo.... I started making Youtube videos of my own for Arya. Yay!

I've only done three videos so far but I'm doing my best to film all of Arya's stuff within the next weeks. *wink

If you're a mom who has kids who loves watching Youtube video, please SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel. I promise, these videos are made with LOVE and a lot of toys. :)

Rookie Mommy Ph - busy making YTKid videos!

2 comments on "I started a Youtube Channel Playlist for your kids!"
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