Things you need to know about working from home

September 22, 2017

I'm gonna be straight up honest with you guys, It took me a while to embrace this career change. 11 months to be exact. I just started embracing and loving the reality that I am working from home. It comes with a few ups and downs so let me break those to you.


Tips: From 8 hour corporate job to working from home and still getting paid high salary

A lot of people thinks that working from home is a piece of cake! I'd say it's both. It can be hard for me at times when my toddler throws a tantrum while I am working, It's easy when I get the job done fast and chill for the rest of the day praying nothing urgent comes up + I get to do house chores.

Work from home location: Manila, Philippines
Company I'm working for: USA
Office hours: PST (11pm - 1am, 6am - 12pm Manila time)


  1. No traffic. It couldn't get any better than this. Seriously. If you're living in Manila. You know how stressful commuting it is here.
  2. Flexible hours. You work on your own time. 
  3. You're more focused. Not sure if this applies to all but it does to me. It helps that everybody is sleeping and I am working alone at night. No pesky co-workers.
  4. You save more money. You don't commute and you don't eat out so that's good.
  5. Can work with just a shirt and an underwear. Best pro so far! How comfy, right?
  6. Can work anywhere. Literally. You can just grab your pocket wifi and go anywhere you like. Work comes with you.
  7. You have more time with your family. Since you're always at home. working. 
  8. You're not missing out on your fav Telenovelas / Koreanovelas. IKR!
  9. Taxes. Well, you pay when you can. 


  1. No benefits. Some might have. But majority of people who works online don't have benefits like Medical / Dental / Allowances, etc.
  2. Machines. Regardless of your job, you have to have a decent laptop to work with, you need fast internet, a decent smartphone so you can work even without a laptop, headphones, and a pocket wifi.
  3. Bills. Since you're now working from you home, your bills will be much higher than usual. Electricity will go up because your AC is always on or your laptop is always plugged.
  4. You don't get to interact with a lot of people. It can be an issue if you like hanging out with friends at work. You basically just interact with people via Skype and email when you're working from home. For me, I personally like not having much interaction. Less issues. 
  5. You eat a lot. I'm not sure if it's just me but I practically have food beside me ALL.THE.TIME. 
  6. You do more. I'm a mom so I take care of my toddler in the day and work at night. So I basically do more than just working. 
  7. Taxes. It can be a pro or a con. Depending which path you take. 
  8. Fees. You shoulder bank fees when your salary gets transferred to your bank account. Rate is different per amount. When I was getting Pxxx,xxx every 2 months, my bank fee is at P3,000.00. When I was getting paid at P50,000 with pay out every two weeks, my bank fee is very minimal. Not more than a thousand. I think.
  9. Stability.  You'll never know when you're gonna loose the job. Most WFH jobs are contractual, if it is a full-time job, you'll never gonna know when you're going to be let go. I've seen so many times, office mates being let go on the same day they're telling them that they're letting them go. It can be a cruel industry to be in, actually. So, save while you can, enjoy while it lasts!

These are just my own personal observations. In the past 11 months, I've come to realize that I'm very lucky and blessed to be earning so much while working from home. I get to see my toddler grow up everyday. 

If you have any questions, or suggestion, or anything, feel free to comment them down below!

Rookie Mommy PH - ttyl!

3 comments on "Things you need to know about working from home"
  1. Hi Arra! Thanks for this and your previous post. It is very encouraging despite of the cons. Now, my husband is looking to try WFH. I have already checked the groups you've suggested on your other post. Would you mind recommending other sites that we can use to check? Tia ��

  2. Being a house wife it was much needed for me to know which things are beneficial for me if I start home based work. Thanks for telling me all the pros and cons so that I could earn more efficiently from home based work

  3. Hi! Do I really need to have a headset even if its a non voice work? And what headset are you using? Thanks ♥️