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First time doing RF Thigh Slimming Treatment with Big Day Slim Team

August 27, 2017

Hiya, rookie mommas! 

If you've been following my Instagram account and stories then you know what this blog post will be about. I recently had a chance to try a Radiofrequency treatment on my thighs courtesy of Big Day Slim Team

It's my first time trying out this kind of slimming treatment and I'm glad that I did! I did 2 sessions and my thighs are still recovering from the treatment but watch out cos I'll upload a separate vlog on my Youtube channel so that you can see how the treatment goes as well as my final thoughts on my whole experience. No worries, I'll still leave my overall review below. 

TBH, I've been trying my best to loose some weight, or at least try to eat healthy meal when I can. I just started "smoothing" or blending fruits and veggies using my mom's NutriBullet and I've been really enjoying it. However, I'm really lazy when it comes to doing some exercises, I just feel like I don't have the energy to do some squats cos running around the house with a two year old feels enough.

Now, let me introduce what Big Day Slim Team is all about as well as the services they offer, packages you can avail, and their price list.

Big Day Slim Team Press Kit

Big Day Slim Team is a group of dedicated people focused on helping you get the body you desire in time for your big day. We understand that fighting the bulge is no easy task, so we are here to make things a little easier for you. 


Our Machines – our non-invasive slimming machines are of the latest technology and are handpicked from Korea to get the best results. We use multiple paddle sizes, pulse frequencies and techniques to cater to specific problem areas such as the face and neck, arms, middle section and thighs—while considering your unique body type, lifestyle and Big Day deadline. 
We go straight to you – no need to compromise your time for the gym or even your drive back home. We are a home-service team who can do a spa set up in the comfort of your own abode. After your session with us, feel free to relax and watch TV. Let us pack up and worry about the traffic while you enjoy the rest of your day at home.

Slimming Services


• Any additional area per treatment day will be given a P300 discount. 
• For packages of 6 with at least 2 body areas orders, an additional P300 off per session/ area will be discounted. 
• For maximum results, a minimum of 6 sessions (twice a week) is recommended. 
• We advise that your last slimming session be a minimum of 2 weeks before your Big Day deadline.

Pampering Services


• Pampering services are only available as add-ons to at least one slimming treatment and must be acquired the same day. 



RF Machine from Big Day Slim Team
The have paddle for face, arms, belly, and thighs

RF Machine from Big Day Slim Team
machine came form Korea

RF uses radiofrequency waves to melt fat and tighten skin. RF is warm in sensation due to RF waves emitted by the machine. 

My first RF Thigh session with Ate Gina.

During my first session, the feeling was really ticklish while being massaged by the paddle. The heat level was set to 2 and I didn't feel much pain. Just more on vibration and heat. However, a few minutes after my first session, it felt like I jogged miles or did squats as my thighs really felt so tight. I also acquired some blurry, tiny, bruises on the inner thigh. They say it's a normal effect because the skin on that area is thinner than the other parts.

Post RF Thigh Slimming Treatment end of
my 2nd session

My second RF Thigh session with Ate Joanne.

My second session felt really uncomfortable because my thighs are still tender from my first session. It is advisable to do 2 sessions consecutively with 24 hours interval and you do it twice a week for 6 sessions to achieve great results! I was honestly sweating because of discomfort but I wouldn't say that it wasn't bearable. I'd still say that having labor is much painful. No pain, no gain, right?!

Both Ate Gina and Ate Joanne are very professional. My schedule is at 2pm and they arrived way too early but wouldn't want to go inside the house until it was treatment time. They have their own service too! Plus points that they carry a portable bed in case you don't want to use your own bed for the treatment.

Overall, I felt really satisfied and happy with this experience. I would definitely invest on this kind of slimming treatment if I have extra on the budget. Both session lasted 40 minutes each and I lost about 2 inches off of my thighs. I don't think I'll be able to loose an inch if I ran up and down our stairs for a day, so that's pretty impressive! 

I also got a free meal replacement drink thanks to Big Day Brews a product under Big Day Slim Team. Each meal replacement drink bottle recycled back to us, you make 3 seed donations to our farm in Tanay, Rizal where all crop yield will be given to less-fortunate families in Rizal. 


A meal replacement is intended as a substitute for a solid food meal. Our drinks have controlled portions of what you’ll need in an average meal such as vitamins, fiber, protein, good carbohydrates and lastly, good, clean calories. Variances in the content of our drinks bring about different effects. Some drinks work as energy boosters while others promote the immune system. These are simply byproducts of what our products are about: losing weight sustainably.

The one that I got is Banana Mocha. It's an awesome energy-booster that’s recommended for pre-workouts. Loaded with electrolytes for clean energy to burn with such a yummy taste. Calories: 423 cal/ 350ml bottle.

They offer other healthy flavors that will surely tickle your tastebuds without compromising health and calorie count. :)


This September, trim those inches and shed those pounds! From Sept. 1-30, all slimming packages with a minimum of 2 services get an additional 10% off AND we'll throw in 2 days worth of our meal replacement drinks from Big Day Brews for FREE!

You can book your appointment or order a meal replacement drink by contacting them below:

Vlog post to be uploaded soon! 

Rookie Mommy PH - 2 inches slimmer than 2 days ago. *Wink!

Where to find wooden toys for toddlers and kids online

August 15, 2017

Hiya, Rookie Mommas!

Wooden toys are gaining popularity among mommy groups lately. And we are here to join the trend. :)

Benefits of Wooden Toys

  • Timeless
  • Durable
  • Tactile
  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Beautiful
  • It grows with your child
  • Encourages imagination
  • Incorporates real-life skills
  • Less distracting
  • Encourage interaction
  • Develops reasoning skills
  • Supports problem-solving skills
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Builds fine motor skills
Me and Arya have only been playing with our wooden toys for a few days but I already notice how her "play" experience improved.

  • She doesn't get bored playing with them unlike her plastic and electronic toys.
  • She interacts with letter and number blocks wood toys versus her plastic toys.
  • Somehow, it seems like she cares more for the wooden toys because she play with them with gentle and care unlike her plastic toys.
I can't remember how much time I spent looking for credible shops but with the help of a few momma friends from our support group, I managed to land on these two shops. Which you should also check out!

Hands n' Mind Wooden Toys - and more

Click here to visit their Facebook page

P380.00 + P45 Shipping fee (Metro Manila)
This specific wooden toy is very much familiar to Arya cos she always watches a toys review video of this on Youtube.

Hands n' Mind Wooden Toys - and more are pretty popular. They've been to countless Mom and Baby events and has been very active online. They have nice selection and the prices are quite reasonable. I've been eyeing a doll house similar to the ones Arya used to play at Kidzoona. So, that's like my next sweldo buy goal for my little one.

Lilithzcorner (Shoppee)

Click here to visit their Shoppee page





This is the first time I tried Shoppee and I am a very satisfied customer. Check out Lilithzcorner and you'll find great choices for wooden toys as well. The owner is very accommodating so just send them a message if you have any questions. All items are for pre-order so you have to wait a little while before it gets to you. But, all was worth it. *Wink 

How about you, momma, any other recommendation on where to hunt for wooden toys online? Comment them below!

Rookie Mommy PH - Browsing Shoppee now...

Althea's 1st brand product - Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

August 2, 2017

Annyeong, Aleumdaun! (아름다운) and Hiya, Rookie Mommas!

I'm back with another beauty find review and this time it's a new brand product from Manila's fave Kbeauty online store - Althea.

Althea just launched their first and newest brand product called Althea Petal Velvet Powder. TBH, I only started using loose powder when I got introduced to Althea website. I remember purchasing my 1st loose powder from Althea website and I got the Innisfree because there wasn't really other choices available. It's very limited.


As soon as you open the product, you'll immediately be welcomed with a flowery scent - which I don't find disturbing at all. I have a very sensitive skin and so my skin reacts on overly scented products, and so I'm happy that I didn't get any rash or redness after trying this on with my fave foundation. If you're wondering about the scent, it's almost similar to Philippine's very own Sampaguita flower. At least that's what it smelled like to me. 

I love how the product s packaged. It's very light weight and travel friendly. You literally just grab this and go. Easier to reach out to for those quick touch-ups as well.

If you're on a budget, you'll find that this loose powder is very much affordable at Php210.00. You'll get a 3g packed translucent powder.

I tried this on for a full day with my Clinique foundation and find that it does live up to its promise. The powder is very velvet-y, does leave your skin really smooth and soft to touch. I'd say I didn't need to retouch for about 3 hours. But that's because I am in a well air conditioned area and I have a very dry skin. Especially now that it's rainy season here in the Philippines.

If there's a downside on this product, I'd say that though it is a translucent powder, it strongly leaves a white shade or cast on my face, like it does affect the color of the foundation on my skin. And I am not sure if it's because my foundation and this loose powder is just not going well together, I'll probably try it again with other Korean BB creams or foundation so I can update this for you. And since I do have dry skin, and occasional eczema, I tend not to put on loose powder during this season because it does make my dry patches visible. So what I do, is to just spray on some hydrating aloe vera mist before I pat the loose powder on my face and it should be able to solve my issue within a few hours.

The Althea Petal Velvet Powder is now available in the website for only Php 210.00 and be sure to grab it on your next Kbeauty haul from Althea. :)

Annyeonghi jumuseyo! (Bye, for now!)
안녕히 주무세요.