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Wrapping up June + Things to look forward in July

June 23, 2017

Hiya, rookie mommas!

June has been super duper as in mega busy for me. I seriously have no excuse for you all for not updating my blog. But, hey, if you're following me on Instagram and been seeing my stories, you know exactly what I've been doing. *Wink

To start of, I've got braces on the first week of June. After all this time, I finally decided to get them and I honestly am questioning myself why I did it. Srsly. ang hirap magutom!. For the first two weeks of June, I have only been eating potatoes, soap, tinola, and water. lol.

I had to go through four extraction, and 24 hours of having ring separators on - which is hell. You know what I mean if you've got them too. Hindi nakakatuwa. So, that's my first excuse, I'm having too much migraine and wasn't able to eat properly so I skipped blogging. It wasn't a very pleasant experience to talk about. 

Here's me and y daughter totally sporting my braces on. :)

My second excuse? Here, nilamon na ako ng sistema ng work from home. June marks the 1st month of me joining another work from home company. I'm currently working US hours and so I haven't been sleeping well. Actually, I work 11pm - 1am gets a break and sleep until 6am. It was originally a full shift but I cannot handle not sleeping at all. Grabe lang, the first week I did it eh I had too much breakout and I was so cranky! Good thing is that my company is very accommodating to adjust my working hours.

I know I haven't been vocal about my experience working from home. I think, it's turning 10 mos already since I joined the bandwagon. I'll try to squeeze in some time to come up with a very helpful blog post for all you working mommas out there. I promise. 

We stayed in my mom's house for a while as well and I ended up experimenting my own salted egg potato chips. I've posted the steps and recipes on my Instagram feed which you can check out here.

My June  is pretty much about braces, the pain of going through it, and being busy about work. And so this coming July, there's so much to look forward to. Arya is turning 2 and so we are scouting for the best staycation we can have that she will enjoy. We only have H2O Hotel in mind cos Arya loves fishies but if you have any suggestion please leave them on the comments below.

Another thing to look forward to is my brand collaboration with ShippingCart. If you're a regular on my blog then you know how addicted I am on online shopping and ShippingCart has been my way of getting those US exclusive items delivered straight to my doorstep.

And so, I'm doing a major haul from the following brands: Sephora US, Carters, Walmart, Amazon, It Cosmetics, and Colourpop. You might want to watch out for my unboxing video too!

If you're curious about, read on my past 2 blog post review of their services below. 

How To Use To Get Your Lippies From And

Disclaimer: The two blog post mentioned above are not in any way paid or sponsored by I also no longer work at LBC Philippines.

I seriously can't wait to get my balikbayan box! I'm still waiting for a few products to arrive and 4th of July sale is coming up too so I will probably take more time for me to fill my box with things I love but I'll definitely update you guys and this is something you want to watch out for, for sure!

Also, Rookie Mommy PH is nominated for to be part of their Mommy Blogs Award 2017. Do cast your vote for Rookie Mommy here.

That's it for now, I'll see you guys soon, again. :)

Rookie Mommy PH - vote for me please! 

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