Arya's first international flight + Tips for your toddler's first plane ride!

May 5, 2017

TBCH, Hindi kami nahirapan. *wink

Hey, rookie mommas who are going on that first plane trip with their toddlers!

As you all know, we just recently got back from our two week stay in Vietnam and I can't wait to share with you my own personal first plane ride with my toddler experience and tips. To be honest, I was scared to death because of all the horrific first-plane-ride-with-toddler stories that I have been reading online. A piece of advice, if you happen to encounter one, skip it and find a more empowering and positive one. 

My experience with Arya's first plane ride was a breeze. She didn't threw any extreme tantrums when we are leaving NAIA 3. Everything was smooth and I made sure I got all the things she needed with me.

I like that you'll feel a bit prioritized at NAIA 3 when you're carrying a baby. You get in line first and everyone just want to make sure both of you are okay. Our flight to Vietnam was booked with Cebu Pacific. I was expecting that they'll give us a seat near the entrance but we got the 15th row. I guess it's because we checked-in a bit late.

Leaving NAIA 3 was easy. Leaving Tan Son Nhat airport was a different story. Arya threw a bit of tantrum because we took too long in the check-in line. Only 2 counters were open and there were so many Filipinos coming back. Our flight was 1:30 am Vietnam time and Arya was so tired and sleepy...which explains this photo,

Arya's sleep time is usually around 10:30 pm - 7:00 am. That's why we choose red eye flight because we know that she will just doze off the entire flight. Which she actually did.

Oh, I remember, the air pressure tight feeling that we usually feel when taking off and landing, Arya just ignored it. She did scratched her ears a bit but she didn't cry. 

I have to say, I am actually proud of myself for accomplishing such task. I mean, flying a 1 year old kid on the plane is not easy. But here are my own tips! Hopefully, it can help you make your toddler love flying.

  • Get a flight that syncs with your toddler's sleep time. For my case, red eye flights are the best cos Arya sleeps the whole night. You can also sync it with their nap time.
  • Bring their security blanket. Arya has her blanket and bunny. She loves rubbing the ends of her blanket on her nose and it usually dozes her off to dreamland.
  • Bring a carrier. Seriously, it will help you tons! I actually to bring the one my aunt lend me and I regret it big time. I will not do it again! Arya loves to be carried all the time!
  • Bring toys or gadgets for entertainment. I brought Arya's iPad with us. It helped us a lot to keep her entertained until we board the plane.
  • Feed your baby an hour before flight. Make sure they eat just right. You don't want a hungry baby throwing tantrums while on the plane.
  • Bring snacks with you. Arya loves Skyflakes or Gerber Puffs. Just bring anything light they can easily snack on.
  • Ready a bottle of milk before take off. Because...
  • Feeding your baby while take off helps them relieved the ear pressure. Or you can also try...
  • Giving them pacifier during take off and landing. It helps a lot. Trust me on this.
  • If the plane isn't full, move a seat where you can lay your toddler on the seat next to you. Arya is too tall for a 1 year old and it's a bit difficult for me carry her on my lap so I asked my husband to move a seat so I can put her down and she can lay on the chair and sleep well.
  • Hold your baby tight when it's landing or take-off and put pressure on their ears with your palm. It calms them down and reduce the pressure that they feel.

There you go, I hope your first plane ride with your little ones are as good or even better than mine. If you have any other tips that I've missed, feel free to leave them on the comments below!

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