A letter to first time moms on Mother's Day

May 11, 2017

Dear, rookie moms,

How many times have you been asked by a fellow mom, a relative, a friend, or even your husband on what you want for Mother's Day?

I've been asked since the start of the week by my husband but I haven't really been able to say a decent reply. My new work schedule has caught up with me and there is really isn't much time to prepare for the kind of Mother's Day celebration that I have in mind....

Maybe a staycation? How about a dinner date? Or maybe I can finally buy that stunning mom charm from Pandora that I've been wanting to buy but every time I look at the price tag, a part of my brain screams "Forget it. It's not practical. It's too expensive. You can buy it but you'll never going to wear it anyway."

I originally have tons of Mother's Day invite that I agreed to go to but I'm slowly decline them because I wanted to give this time for myself.

So when I asked my community of first time moms on what they want for Mother's Day, you'll probably get an idea on what most of them want. 

In no particular order...

Sleep...an hour or two in the showers...catch up my series and dramas...get a massage and facial, go out with my friends, see a movie, a new bag, shoes, or even a dress, a day without the baby, maybe?

And when I tried to really think about it, on what I want on Mother's Day, I realized all sorts of things and thought that I don't really need a lot cos I already have what I need, the wants can come later. 

But I still want to feel special, of course. It's our day.
And you do too! 
Receiving gifts on Mother's Day sort of signifies your badge
as a mom, and I don't blame you for wanting those.
So, hear me now when I say these things to you, rookie mom.
You've had so many sleepless nights already, 
on most days and nights that you'll sleep, or even take a nap,
a little human will wake you up, chores to attend to,
a husband to take care of, or maybe even your pets too,
so go get that much needed sleep.
You used to take hours in bath and showers. 
It's amazing how you can shower in less than 15 minutes now. Don't you agree?
So mom, take that long, nice, warm bath. Soak yourself on a nice bath bomb,
or even buy a luxurious soap.
And make sure you really clean yourself this time.
You were always updated on the latest episode of your fave show back then.
So when little one came, you're lucky if you can record the missed episode.
Even luckier if you have someone to download the episodes for you.
Super duper lucky if you actually have the time to watch a 40 minute episode.
So momma, grab that popcorn, chocolates, and maybe even fries,
a bottle of beer, or maybe even a wine too.
And so remember how you've been looking forward to spa parties and facial dates
with your friends and the invites suddenly stopped because they already know
you're too busy with your baby to join, or maybe they feel too bad to 
invite you because you'll think bad of them for not considering your situation.
I tell you now, go call your friends go schedule that spa-rty!
Trust me. You'll feel great.
And so you've missed so many movies and been trying to rely on looking for
pirated copies online because you can't watch the show cos something came up.
I don't even have to tell you what to do.
Really. What's showing now?
Go buy that ticket already.
Watch alone,
Watch with friends,
I don't really care.
When was the last time you shopped for clothes?
I mean, really shopped for real clothes?
Not yoga pants or over sized t - shirts.
A few months ago?
If you can't remember then I think it's about time!
Go and try on something nice.
Something that you'll be really flattered to wear.
Don't worry about those cellulites, or belly fats.
I have them too.
Gosh, I even hate my big thighs but we can't really do something with our flaws.
Unless you turn those flaws into flaw-some!
This Mother's Day,
Don't skip celebrating it.
Forget the chores and do what pleases you.
It's our day.

Happy Mother's Day to you, rookie momma!
You're one strong hot momma!

Keep spreading love but don't forget to love yourself too.

Yours truly - Arra, a fellow rookie mom.

*****Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to my super duper awesome mom!

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