Passport renewal and application for moms and babies

March 30, 2017

Hello, April!

I have been looking forward for the month of April simply because it's the month whee we finally get to travel outside of the Philippines with our little human. It has been almost 3 years since I left the country so I am very very much excited to travel again.

It has been my long time traditions that started 5 years ago to visit Vietnam every year. Vietnam is my second home for the reason that my mom works in this beautiful country. I also had my 6 month internship there when I was still in college. I fell in love with the food, culture, and its people. and of course, shopping!

Now, sharing with you the requirements and tips on how to get your passport renewed with your new married name plus applying for your baby's passport.

Passport renewal requirements for married moms

*The number 1 step is to book for an appointment in DFA Passport Appointment System here. BUT if you are also applying for your kids' passports, considering that their ages are 8 years old and below, then you don't have to book for an appointment, you can apply as a walk-in applicant. Saya diba!

Requirements that I brought with me:
  1. My old passport
  2. NSO certified marriage contract
  3. 2 valid IDs with my single name
  4. Photo copy of requirement #1 - profile and back page
  5. Photo copy of requirement #2
  6. Photo copy of requirement #3 - front and back page
  7. Personal appearance
Requirements for 1st time applicant, kids ages below 8 years old and travelling with parents:
  1. NSO certified birth certificate
  2. NSO certified marriage contract of parents
  3. Valid IDs of moms
  4. Personal appearance with mom or both parents
We applied for our passport at the newly opened DFA Robinsons Novaliches branch and we are so impressed by how quick the services are. Also, as soon as you entered the office with your child, you will be assisted and prioritized. The line is not that long but you'll still need not to worry because you'll be the first to be called for every processing window.

I wasn't able to take photos inside because #1 I don't think it is allowed, and #2 everything was really fast. I wasn't able to fully enjoy the application process because every line and processing window was really quick.

Fees / Payments:

Regular Processing - Php950.00 (25 working days)
Rush Processing - Php1,200.00 (15 working days)

We opted to have our passports rushed because we needed to book a flight ASAP.

You'll be given the claiming stabs imprinted with the tentative date of when you can claim your passports.

  1. Organize all your documents in a clear envelope so it's easier to see which documents.
  2. Bring someone with you to look after your child while you run from windows to windows.
  3. If your child is a girl, make sure you tie her hair and her bangs are on the side because it is a must that their eyebrows are able to see on the picture. Surprisingly, you can use a wet wipes to side the bangs of your baby when it's time to take the passport photo.
  4. If by any chance your kid can't focus while they are taking their photos, pull out your phones or tablets and show them their fave Youtube show. Or kahit si Jollibee nalang. :) IT WORKS!
  5. If possible, prepare exact money or smaller bills to pay for your processing fees.
  6. Check if the DFA branch you are going to do accept walk-in applicants for 8 years old and below kids cos not all of them do that. As mentioned by the staff in one of the processing windows.
  7. You or someone else can claim the passports on behalf of you or your child. A specific instruction will be given to you when they handed you your claiming stub.

There you go! I did claimed our passports on the specified date and we didn't have any problems. The passport covers are not free so I had to pay P50.00 each. It's your choice if you want to get them or not.

You can view the complete requirements and other important details on the DFA website here:

Rookie Mommy PH - can't wait to pack our bags. :)
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  1. Hi, sis! My passport has also expired and I'm planning to 'ride' with my daughter's priority access. But my husband has never had a passport. In the posts I've been reading, they mentioned that both parents' passports are needed to be presented for your child's application. Did they not ask for your husband's passport / ids as well?

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