Let's Face It Facial Salon Acne Set Review

March 2, 2017

Hello, mommas!

OMG! I knoooowww!  I haven't been in touch for a long time. I keep breaking my promise to you guys. BUT. I do have a valid reason for not updating this blog for about a month.

My February was crappy. 

To begin with, I ran out of my skincare products at once and they were all sold-out in Althea and Nature Republic. So, what I did (which I shouldn't have done) was to start a new skincare regimen with new products I can find locally available here. And that's when I had the most miserable acne + eczema breakout I ever had since high school.

Lactezin wasn't helping with the breakout anymore. I had so much on my cheeks and chin. (I still take Lactezin now, don't get me wrong, it is a great product, it's just that I don't think it is the solutions for all your acne problem but it sure helps up to a certain degree).

So, I called my sister and aunt who were both a regular customer at Let's Face It Facial Salon. They told me to seek a dermatologist there to get proper assistance and medication.

To cut the story short, I did consult one of their dermatologist in SM Fairview branch. I showed him the products that I currently use and he told me that they were fine and great as hydrating products but were not okay to combat my acne. So I did a Pimple Gel Mask Facial and bought their Acne Set.

The Acne Set costs around P600.00. The set includes a bar soap, toner, night cream, and a sun block. It was fairly cheap for a set, right. I mean compared to all the Korean skincare products that I have been using :p


Upon purchasing the set, they will give you a printed instructions on how to use the set.

Morning routine:
  1. Wash face with acne bar soap 3x
  2. Spread 2 to 3 drops of acne lotion (toner) on your face using a cotton pad
  3. Lather some sun block on your face
Night routine:

    1. Wash face with acne bar soap 3x
    2. Spread 2 to 3 drops of acne lotion (toner) on your face using a cotton pad
    3. Lather some medicated cream (night cream)
    I did this routine for 5 days straight and OMG, the pain I felt while using this set was more than when I was giving birth. Like, seriously.


    Day 5
    My face started to get really swollen, red, and tight.

    Day 6 - 7
    I couldn't move my face and eyes much cos it hurts AF. My face is so tight that every movement of my face muscle will hurt AF. 

    I stopped using the set and used Dove bar soap and 100% aloe vera gel cos I can't bare the pain anymore.

    Day 8 - 10
    My face started to peel. YAAAY! This is the gross part. There's still a lot of discoloration on my face but it was okay cos the peeling is somehow very comforting, I can also see that the new skin is better and my pimples were all dried up.

    Day 11 - 14
    I started using back my Stelatopia cream cleanser for eczema skin cos I was afraid that the dryness of my face from the peeling and medication will trigger my eczema. I still continued using Dove bar soap. 

    Day 15 - 18
    The redness of my face were all gone and my acne faded away. My skin is back to normal so I stopped using the entire set and went back to my basic skincare routine.


    I would recommend this set if your pain tolerance is really high. HAHA I honestly regretted it at first but the results is really nice. I maybe do it again if a bad breakout occurs. This is the first time I tried a peeling product to deal with my breakouts and I can honestly say that it's both painful and satisfying at the same time.


    1. Wash my face with Dove bar soap
    2. Apply Let's Face It sunblock cream
    Noon (like after I take a bath)
    1. Wash my face with Dove bar soap
    2. Apple aloe vera gel (cos it's really hot now. Summer is almost here.)
    Night (before I sleep)
    1. Wash my face with Dove bar soap
    2. Double cleanse with Stelatopia cleansing cream (for eczema prone skin)
    3. Apply Dear Klairs toner 
    4. Apply aloe vera gel
    5. (optional - depends on whether I have dry patches due to eczema) Petroleum Jelly
    I, 100% recommend the set for the brave souls. LOL But, remember to get checked first, okay?

    Rookie Mommy PH - It burns like hell. :))

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