Intimate Spa Moment at The Spa Wellness: Mind & Body Flow + Mani and Pedi

March 10, 2017

Hey, tired rookie mommas, :)

I'm so so excited to finally write my previous spamazing experience at The Spa Wellness in Trinoma branch. 

I have been keeping my P3,500 gift voucher that I have received last Christmas for some time now. Last weekend was the only time I was able to use some of it since I was in Trinoma to catch lunch with a friend so I didn't hesitate to book for an appointment.

I have to admit that I've always been intimidated by how The Spa looks like from the outside. I've always wondered how good they are. Being a fan of massages and spas, I kind of knew what I like and what to look from the services they offer.

Upon entering the store, you'll be greeted by a dimly lit hallway. It sort of gives you that Egyptian queen feels. Hehe, at least that's how I felt.  The place immediately gives you a cozy, warm, and relaxing feeling.

You'll then be welcomed by these two lovely ladies in the front desk. I highly suggest that you book an appointment especially when coming in on a weekend cos this place gets jam packed right away! Two women was actually turned down when I was checking in because they don't have an appointment, I felt a bit sad for them cos they said they just left their kids in the play area to get some spa. How lucky I am to have someone look after Arya so I can do these things! Gaaah!


You can book for an appointment by calling your preferred branch. See branch locations here. I booked mine in Trinoma branch. Here are their contact numbers: 0928 - 5504893 (mobile), 900 - 8809 (landline). I texted their mobile number around 12:00 PM on a Sunday to book for a 3:00 PM schedule. They immediately reply and confirmed that there was an available slot for me.

If you don't have any ideas yet on what service to get, don't worry! There's a service menu waiting or you in the lobby.


It's actually much better to browse through their services before you book for an appointment so that they have much time to prepare for your room and to make your service much pleasant. See their services here.

Upon booking, I already told them that I'll be having a Mind and Body Flow and Total Nail Care after the massage. See description and prices below (taken from their website).

When you're done choosing what services to take, you can now pay for your massages and you will be assisted to their lounge area. Now here's the sad part, I can only take a few photos of the lounge area and will not be able to bring my camera or anything before going to the rooms. 

The lounge area is really spacious. Here you'll see the lockers and vanity. You'll notice there's an entry way beside the water dispenser, that's the steam room or sauna room.  Since the area is dimly lit, I had a hard time taking photos. :(

These are the showers. There's already shampoo, conditioner, and body wash inside. The shower mimics rain drops so it's really nice. You can also adjust the water temperature to hot or cold.

You can take steam and shower before going to your massage or you can take them after your massage. That's what I did, since I already showered before leaving home. You'll be accompanied by nice assistants inside and they will also give you a nice, warm, ginger tea.

The photos ends here. I'l leave it up to your imagination how amazing their massages are. :)

Mind and Body Flow:

I was accompanied inside the executive room, much more like a tent. Really cozy and dark. Inside, my masseuse is already waiting for me. I was given a robe and taken off everything except my underwear before going inside the executive room. I decided to choose this treatment because it specifically says the service is for people having a hard time sleeping, and I've not been sleeping soundly lately. My masseuse was really gentle and focused on the parts that needed more attention, like my back, shoulders, and neck. The massage took an hour, and the head massage took 30 minutes. I really love how the hot oil was poured into my scalp and how relaxing the massage is. I honestly am twitching every time I feel like I was about to fall asleep. Tho, I think I was already half asleep. :)

Total Nail Care:

This is just your typical Mani + Pedi. Now, I'm a  bit scaredy-cat when it comes to getting my nails done. The nail technician was really quick and thorough with my nails. I am quite impressed actually. These girls are really a pro. Thumbs up.

Going to The Spa Wellness was the perfect treat I could give to myself for taking care Arya and working on late nights at home. I still have points left on my gift card so I'll definitely go back when my body needs it.

You should go too, seriously, give yourself some time off :)

Rookie Mommy PH - can't wait to go back.

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