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Purefoods Heat & Eat Saved Me This Christmas

December 29, 2017

Happy Holidays!

It has been a family tradition of ours to spend our Christmas together with my mom’s side of the family. My grandmother has eight children and most of them are already married and have kids so imagine how big our family is! Our living room is literally filled with gifts that you’ll find yourself having difficulty walking around.

I have to be honest. I don’t cook. But, I love to eat. :)

My grandmother cooks really well and she always cook our fave dishes every Christmas. However, this year, we decided to celebrate Noche Buena with take outs, food delivery, and ready to cook meals. My grandma is 75 years old already and we don’t want her running around the kitchen cooking for all of us.

I wanted to order Lechon for Christmas but it was too late for me to book orders as most of the popular Lechon houses are filled with orders already….

So….I didn’t have a choice but to find a replacement and I really couldn’t think of anything else until I found this hidden gem peeking through the native section of the supermarket…


Srsly. Who would have thought that I’d stumble into this?! I honestly haven’t seen this around so these are definitely a NEW products created by Purefoods. Ahh-aaww--ssooomee!

You know how I love my meat so I did grabbed a LOT. Like two packs of Crispy Pata and three packs of Lechon Kawali. Takot kami magutom.

Purefoods Heat and Eat
With Purefoods Heat and Eat, siguradong sarap lutong! Anytime! All the time.

It’s available in Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali affordably priced at Php 230.00 at 425g per bag and Php 325.00 for Crispy Pata at 900g per bag.

I found out that it is available in all Monterey Meatshops and will be made available this December in major supermarkets in Luzon and GMA.

Now, I did mention that I can’t cook. But even for me, it was really to prepare. We decided to cook the Crispy Pata as we felt like it was the missing dish to our Noche Buena. We had a lot of other pork dishes already so we’re saving our Lechon Kawali for Media Noche. *wink

The prep and cooking instruction is really easy. The Crispy Pata is cooked already so all you have to do is to reheat it using a Turbo or you can also Pan fry it. We don’t have a Turbo so we decided to deep fry it for about 20 - 25 mins with two cups of oil.

I-zoom in pa natin para siguradong matakam ka na. :)

The skin turned out really crispy! Which is what we wanted!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Crispy Pata. It was really convenient given the fact that I was having a hard time ordering other dishes. Prep time was breezy too! I’d say it’s very affordable considering that the taste is at par with restaurants serving the same dish. It’s really made for the convenience seeker in all of us.

Do checkout my IG feed for mouthwatering snaps of the Crispy Pata and Lechon Kawali. *wink

In case you have questions about this specific products, feel free to reach out to Purefood’s social media channels:

There you go! I hope you give these a try, I tell you, it does not disappoint! Definitely perfect for the holiday fiesta but also perfect for everyday celebrations.

Rookie Mommy PH - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How to survive kitchen mess during Christmas

December 5, 2017

Happy Christmas!
It’s official, the month of December is finally here and we all know what it means….
Nonstop cooking, nonstop cleaning, and our fave, nonstop eating.

We are totally counting down to Christmas! We’ve been busy with completing our menu for Noche Buena, catching last minute holiday deals and sale for Christmas gifts, and oh, I’m busy packing stuff too cos I’m still flying to Seoul this December! On top of that, there are TONS of Christmas parties and reunions to attend to. SRSLY. It’s very exhausting.

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I cannot help but focus on the things that matters to us moms the most. Other than our kids, that is. And it’s about keeping our kitchen neat and clean while we run around in circles chopping meat and mixing ingredients. In all honesty, I do not cook. I tried. But I failed, horribly at it so let’s just leave it at that. But when it comes to keeping our home clean and organize, I can totally raise both of my hands to that.

Organize your ingredients and spices

Having your ingredients all in one spot will save you time running around your kitchen looking for them. What you can also do is to decorate your bottles with Christmas theme or you can simply add labels to your spices.

Decorate your dining area + Plan what you’re serving on Christmas eve

Ilabas ang mga bagong pinggan, kutsara, at tinidor! Make everything festive by decorating your dining area for Christmas eve. It’s a once in a year event so it’s okay to bring out those nice, sparkly utensils you’re saving up for events like this.

Planning your menu will help you get a glimpse of how your Noche Buena will be like. Make sure to save some room for dessert or a nice Hot Choco will do too!

Never, ever forget the kitchen towels and dining napkins. JUST DON’T.

Believe it or not, I am very much addicted to tissue papers, kitchen towels, napkins, wet tissues, name it, I have it on my bag and all over my house. It’s kind of a habit I learned when I was in Catholic school during High School. It was a practice for us to have some sort of napkin or paper towel or a hanky with us everyday.

This Christmas, why not go a little extra mile with your kitchen towels and napkins? Are you up for it? If so, head on to your fave supermarket and grab some Sanicare Christmas edition boxes!

Sanicare’s special Christmas boxes called Liwanag Christmas boxes is designed by world-class Filipino talent, Alex Eduque, founder of MovEd. Getting inspiration from parols (lanterns), she believes that parols are a symbolic representation that evoke a notion of promise and unification. It also transcends social classes and lights up all Filipino homes.

Alex chose to integrate the stars in her design because it is a constant reminder that we share the same sky and despite the stark differences and circumstances in all corners of the world, that each one of us has a star shining brightly within.

Let’s not forget how festive their kitchen towels are!

TBH, the boxes and towels are so pretty that I don’t want to open and use them as they perfectly match our Christmas decors at home.

Feeling lucky and bright this Christmas season? Join Sanicare’s Christmas Bright promo and win yourself some awesome holiday treats!

Click here to know more.

  1. To join, Interested participants need to post a creative photo on their Facebook account featuring the Sanicare Facial Tissue Liwanag Series Box.
  2. It must include a caption that starts with the phrase, “My Christmas is extra bright this year because ____!” and must tag 3 other friends. Entries also should include the mandatory hashtags #SanicareLiwanagSeries #Sanicare #SCPA
  3. Once posted, the participant must go back to the Sanicare PH Facebook promo post and click the link provided in order to submit the entry.

Promo Details:
  • The promo will run from November 22 to January 01, 2018.
  • Deadline of submission is on January 01 at 6pm.
  • Winners will be announced on January 15, 2018 on the Sanicare PH Facebook Page.
  • The grand prize winner will be given four (4) all day passes to Dream Play and Lunch buffet for four (4) at The Café at the Hyatt City of Dreams Manila.
  • 10 consolation prize winners will also be chosen to each receive a 2,000 peso Sodexo Gift Certificate from Sanicare.
  • Visit the Sanicare PH Facebook Page for more details about the promo.
  • DTI Permit No. 18311 Series of 2017

May you have a wonderful & festive Christmas!

Rookie Mommy PH - Keeping myself from opening these gorgeous boxes!

Make that Korean travel goal come true. Here's how to get that Korean Visa!

November 5, 2017


Alam ko, alam ko...We've been inactive for a month. I've been really lazy. As in super tamad to write about anything. Ang dami kong naka line-up na topic pero suuuuper lazy talaga. But, really, I've been busy. *wink

Una sa lahat...

It's been one of my #travelgoals to visit Korea. Nanjan ang mga Oppas, sangkatutak na pagkain, mega shopping ng mga pampaganda, at syempre, meron silang winter!

In all honesty, I didn't really plan to go this year. We're planning early 2018 pero malakas talaga ang tawag sakin ng Korea. Out of the blue, I just thought na okay, maybe we should apply for Korean Visa. Try lang naman, walang mawawala, libre naman sya. Pero jusko lord, jusko talaga, It's not easy to get one especially if you're travelling pag peak season, which is Nov - January. Hindi ko inexpect yung na experience ko just to apply for mine and my hubby's Korean Visa. I'll be 100% completely honest on how we got ours. 

Even though I am working full-time, It's an online work based in the US and It will be difficult for me to request documents so I opt for applying as Housewife - Tourist Visa - Single Entry.

Korean Visa requirements for Housewives/Househusbands:

1. Application Form (Download here)
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture (Please attach on the application form)
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)
6. Additional documents 
   - If husband is employed : Husband's Employment Certificate Original [must include position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address]
   - If husband is self-employed : Business Registration from SEC or DTI (Copy), Business Permit or Mayor's Permit(Copy)
   - Original Personal or Husband's Bank Certificate [must include account type, current balance, account opening date, 6 months average balance (ADB)]
   - Personal or Husband's Bank Statement (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
   - Husband's Copy of Income Tax Return(ITR)
7. Copy of NSO Marriage Certificate
* If personally invited by Korean
. Invitation Lettter
. copy of invitor's Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. copy of Korean Company Business Permit
. copy of invitor's Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.
■ Processing Time:
3 working days (for those who have been to OECD member countries within 5 years as tourist)
5 working days (for those who have not been to OECD member countries within 5 years)
■ Visa Fee: 59 days (or less) stay in Korea -- GRATIS
                   60 to 90 days stay in Korea -- PHP1,800.00

My husband has regular, full-time job so he applied for Employee - Tourist Visa - Single Entry

Korean Visa requirements for Employees:

1. Application Form (Download here)
2. 1 piece of Passport size colored picture (Please attach on the application form)
3. Original Passport (should be valid for more than 6months)
4. Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2)
5. Original & Photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past 5 years (If applicable only)6. Original Certificate of Employment
   (must include applicant's position, date hired, compensation, office address, HR landline number(cell-phone number is not allowed), HR e-mail address)
7. Original Personal Bank Certificate
   (must include account type, current balance, account opening date, ADB)
8. Bank Statement 
   (original or certified true copy of bank statements/passbook for the last 3 months)
9. ITR(Income Tax Return) or Form 2316 Copy 
10. Copy of PRC Card or IBP Card (If applicable only)

* If personally invited by Korean 
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of invitor's Passport or Identification Card
(authentication not required)
* If invited by Company in Korea
. Invitation Letter
. Photocopy of Korean Company Business Permit
(authentication not required)

* Frequent travellers who have travelled as tourist to OECD member countries within 5 years are exempted from submitting ITR.
■ Processing Time:
  3 working days (for those who have been to OECD member countries within 5 years as tourist)
  5 working days (for those who have not been to OECD member countries within 5 years)

■ Visa Fee: 59 days (or less) stay in Korea -- GRATIS
                   60 to 90 days stay in Korea -- PHP1,800.00

No need to pre-book your flights or hotel or show your itinerary.
It's not part of the requirement so don't get overboard. It's really risky to book everything before you get your Visa approved. If you got a seat sale then maybe it's a good risk, but if not, then just wait for that Visa sticker.

Our travel history
We both have renewed passports but we already have a travel stamp when we went to Vietnam to visit my mom. We stayed there for 19 days.

"Show money" in the bank
There isn't really any published rate from the Korean Embassy on how much you'll need to get your visa approved but everyone says it's safe if you have P50,000 on your savings. Depending on how many days you'll be staying and where you will be staying. Let's say you can budget P10,000 per day all-in. We have around P200,000 in our bak since January 2017 and we showed movement in our account months before we applied for the Korean Visa.

It was fairly easy to get all the requirements. I went to Korean Embassy on a Friday morning. It's said that they open at 8am - 11am to accept visa application. FALSE. I got there around 9:00 am because it is super traffic from North Caloocan to BGC. At that time, the queue is already long and it's already outside the gates. There was probably 30 - 40 people ahead of me in line. At 9:30 am they stopped accepting applicants and closed the door. SRSLY. WTF. There was only 20 people in front of me at that time. The guards said that they needed to do early cut-off because of the long line and they can't accommodate. 

Now, if this happened to you then you have no choice but to go back again on another day and pray to God that you'll get your feet across that gate. However, there's another option. And this is the option we took. Cos we're really desperate.

A girl behind me told me that it was already her 3rd time attempting to apply for a Korean Visa but every time she's always experiencing the same thing. Luckily, because it was already her 3rd attempt, she already gained knowledge ng mga galawan ng tao doon sa embassy. Kumbaga special / express / fixers. She texted someone from inside and we waited for a few mins for them to come out. I honestly didn't want to try this option but I couldn't waste any more time and money going back and forth. So, I asked how much it will cost to get our papers on the processing windows. The rate they're giving is different from each other. The first rate was P800 per passport. I checked my wallet and saw that I only have P1,000 cash with me and there was no ATM in the area. The girl with me on the line said she was offered only P500 the first time she asked and she showed proof of the said conversation. And so, I sort of begged that I can only pay P1,000 for two passports because It's the only cash I have. Like literally, P100 pesos nalang laman ng wallet ko, good thing I have my debit card linked to my Uber/Grab so I can still go home cashless. Eventually, we all agreed at P500 per passport. We handed our documents and waited until 11:30 am to get our claim stub. 

It was really an unpleasant experience for me going there. First, they don't follow their own operating rules. Regardless of how many people are in line, it is still too early to cut the line. They could have served more people if they follow their 11:00 am cut- off. Second, we asked the guards how early people should be there to line up and they said as early as 5:00 am because sometimes, the gates opens at 7:00 am. Some people, especially those coming from provinces are already there at 2:00 am. Third, we were really hungry. We couldn't leave our spot and there was no nearby food stall or anything, and I didn't had any breakfast. Fourth, the weather that day was crazy. One minute it was raining, another minute the sun was shinning bright. Fifth, these special people helping you process your papers seems to be going on for a long time. Like, it's already a norm. You'll see them casually. I don't have anything bad to say cos honestly I am very much thankful they were able to help but it did cos me P1,000 which is supposed to be FREE only if I was able to cross that gate. But then again, no one is forcing you to ask their help.

So, once you get your claim stub, you'll see there the estimated claiming date of your passport. If your Visa is approved, rejoice! If not, you'll see a piece of paper inserted on your passport and there will be a ticked box on why your visa was not granted. I've searched online and there's a lot of reasons why you'll be denied so just make sure to complete your requirement and secure necessary documents. I think you can re-appeal still a denied visa application if you're really desperate. After all, you can re-apply for Korean visa after 6 mos if you get a denied application.

Check your Korean Visa application online.

Btw, to save you from a lot of anxiety, stress, and sleep depravation, you can check your Korean Visa online here and see if your visa is approved. It is pretty accurate and this is where we checked ours. Input your name, Last name first and Surname, then other details. You should be able to see the progress of your application day by day until you get to your claiming day. So, good luck!

There you go! I'll probably write more stuff re our upcoming Korean trip from here on out. So better watch out. :) If you have questions, just comment them below or reach out to me via Instagram or Facebook cos I reply there faster than replying to comments.

We are flying out to SoKor on December to experience their winter! Oh and we're leaving the baby behind. *giggles. 


Good luck with that Visa, hope you get approved too! :)

Rookie Mommy PH - counting down to our Korea trip.

Things you need to know about working from home

September 22, 2017

I'm gonna be straight up honest with you guys, It took me a while to embrace this career change. 11 months to be exact. I just started embracing and loving the reality that I am working from home. It comes with a few ups and downs so let me break those to you.


Tips: From 8 hour corporate job to working from home and still getting paid high salary

A lot of people thinks that working from home is a piece of cake! I'd say it's both. It can be hard for me at times when my toddler throws a tantrum while I am working, It's easy when I get the job done fast and chill for the rest of the day praying nothing urgent comes up + I get to do house chores.

Work from home location: Manila, Philippines
Company I'm working for: USA
Office hours: PST (11pm - 1am, 6am - 12pm Manila time)


  1. No traffic. It couldn't get any better than this. Seriously. If you're living in Manila. You know how stressful commuting it is here.
  2. Flexible hours. You work on your own time. 
  3. You're more focused. Not sure if this applies to all but it does to me. It helps that everybody is sleeping and I am working alone at night. No pesky co-workers.
  4. You save more money. You don't commute and you don't eat out so that's good.
  5. Can work with just a shirt and an underwear. Best pro so far! How comfy, right?
  6. Can work anywhere. Literally. You can just grab your pocket wifi and go anywhere you like. Work comes with you.
  7. You have more time with your family. Since you're always at home. working. 
  8. You're not missing out on your fav Telenovelas / Koreanovelas. IKR!
  9. Taxes. Well, you pay when you can. 


  1. No benefits. Some might have. But majority of people who works online don't have benefits like Medical / Dental / Allowances, etc.
  2. Machines. Regardless of your job, you have to have a decent laptop to work with, you need fast internet, a decent smartphone so you can work even without a laptop, headphones, and a pocket wifi.
  3. Bills. Since you're now working from you home, your bills will be much higher than usual. Electricity will go up because your AC is always on or your laptop is always plugged.
  4. You don't get to interact with a lot of people. It can be an issue if you like hanging out with friends at work. You basically just interact with people via Skype and email when you're working from home. For me, I personally like not having much interaction. Less issues. 
  5. You eat a lot. I'm not sure if it's just me but I practically have food beside me ALL.THE.TIME. 
  6. You do more. I'm a mom so I take care of my toddler in the day and work at night. So I basically do more than just working. 
  7. Taxes. It can be a pro or a con. Depending which path you take. 
  8. Fees. You shoulder bank fees when your salary gets transferred to your bank account. Rate is different per amount. When I was getting Pxxx,xxx every 2 months, my bank fee is at P3,000.00. When I was getting paid at P50,000 with pay out every two weeks, my bank fee is very minimal. Not more than a thousand. I think.
  9. Stability.  You'll never know when you're gonna loose the job. Most WFH jobs are contractual, if it is a full-time job, you'll never gonna know when you're going to be let go. I've seen so many times, office mates being let go on the same day they're telling them that they're letting them go. It can be a cruel industry to be in, actually. So, save while you can, enjoy while it lasts!

These are just my own personal observations. In the past 11 months, I've come to realize that I'm very lucky and blessed to be earning so much while working from home. I get to see my toddler grow up everyday. 

If you have any questions, or suggestion, or anything, feel free to comment them down below!

Rookie Mommy PH - ttyl!

Tips: From 8 hour corporate job to working from home and still getting paid high salary

September 21, 2017

This is going to be a lengthy blog post.... :) 

It's finally happening. I've finally decided to put up a blog post about being a full-time work-from-home-momma. The truth of the matter is that, I never wanted to do this in the first place because I feel like not a lot of people believed that it's possible to happen and I didn't believe it either until I reached 11 months at work. 

Not to brag but, I'm actually earning P50,000/month from working from home for the past 11 months since I left my 8 - hour corporate job.

I guess, a lot of people thinks that working from home is not really a career path you want to take or you're just using that as your title because you don't want people to think that you're a useless bum who graduated with a degree but couldn't get a decent job, or maybe, started a family too young and didn't want yourself to get labelled as as house wife.

I wanted to get this blog post up because not a lot of women, especially first time moms are empowered enough or believed in themselves that they can accomplish the same thing even when they're busy chasing kids around the house. You just need a lot for encouragement, confidence, and tips. *Wink 

Here's the truth. Yes, you can get a work from home job that will pay you as much as your regular 8 - hour corporate job, or more. But, it's not going to be easy and it's also not for everyone.

A brief story on how I got lucky.

I left my corporate job not because I was being offered a WFH job nor was I looking. I left because some political hocus-pocus happened and I didn't liked it. 

I got luckyMy first WFH job was a contractual job with a previous company that I worked for. A friend was working with them still and they happen to need a helping hand with new projects and campaigns. It was easy for me to get hired because I had history with them and the job description is pretty much what I've been doing for the past 5 years I've been in this industry. And cos, hello, P50k/month and no traffic!

Eventually, my contract ended at 7 months. I was sad but I was also happy cos I saved a lot of money. We only get paid every 2 months so imagine getting Pxxx,xxx on your bank account every time it's sweldo day! I wasn't in a rush to look for work so me and my family flew last May to my mom in Vietnam for a vacation.

The second time I got lucky. While I was in Vietnam, I was looking for work and ready to go back to an 8 - hour corporate job when my aunt referred me to a friend who's working with an Ecommerce store in the US. They were looking for someone to handle their social media assets and other stuff. I got interviewed twice and was able to get a job real quick. Now, I'm working for them full-time, Pacific Hours.

You see, I got really lucky. And you can get lucky too!

So, before you finally decide on being a digital nomad (cause that's what we call ourselves theses days + it sounds cool) let me break some of my personal tips before you make a decision that you might regret.

These tips are focused on high position work already. Fresh graduates should at least get a decent corporate work experience at least a year or so before transitioning to WFH jobs to build up your resume.

So, if you're like me, read on below!

1. Build up your online resume/CV. Get a LinkedIn account and make it a superstar account. Seriously, that's the first thing you have to do next to #2. A nice LinkedIn account opens up your profile to so many headhunters. I honestly get hunted 3 - 4x a week for remote jobs! It's your door that could land you your next job.

2. Don't quit your corporate jobs unless you have a WFH job that's waiting for you. Cos that's just being stupid, and careless. If you have a family to feed. Don't quit!

3. Your past work experience matters a lot. Make sure you include ALL on your resume/CV. Include even those that are contractual or freelanced work.

4. Be ready and open to work internationally. As much as we want to work Day shift, more WFH opportunity opens up on Night shift because people in the US are more likely to hire people from Asia because, reality is we are cheaper than hiring employees in the US.

5. Join Facebook groups with online job posting like: 

Truth is, it will not be easy for you get a remote job. But, if you're looking at the right place, with your nice CV, then you might actually get one. These Facebook groups are really active. It consists of job seekers and headhunters. I actually did try to apply within the group and was able to get interviewed trice before I settled in my present WFH job.

6. As much as possible, I don't recommend you joining websites such as remotejobs, freelancer, and the likes because a lot of people are already competing for jobs within the site + their salary is just way too low for you. 

7. Check your network. By network, I meant, family, friends, barangay, co-workers, previous co-workers, etc. There are tons of WFH jobs you can find within your network for sure. You just haven't asked yet.

8. WFH jobs are getting popular that a lot of company here in the Philippines are already outsourcing jobs. It's cheaper for them! So, the next time you're browsing through Jobstreet or any other job hunting sites, try sending an email direct to the company's HR and see if they have any position open for Consultancy or any freelancing that would fit you while you WFH.

9. Know what you're looking for. It's true that we can't be too picky when it comes to work, especially when we have responsibilities at home. We tend to grab what's already there. However, knowing what you want in a job and knowing what you don't want can help you save time when looking for work. There are tons of customer service, virtual assistant jobs out there but there are also higher tier of jobs that you could get like consulting for a company, digital marketing, etc. It's really up to you.

10. Create your mantra. I'm a true believer of of the Law of Attraction. Ever heard of that? The Law of Attraction states "Thoughts become things". Basically, what you think is what you get. That's what the Universe will give you. Regardless how impossible it is. It's the Universe job to make it happen. So, whenever I feel uneasy of work, or when it was hard for me to get a job before, I always thought of my mantra. And that is "Work finds me. I don't need to look for it because it always finds me". It's this mantra that got me to where I am now. 

Over the coming days, I'm gonna write more stories / tips about working from home. At least that's my goal until September ends. *Wink!


Rookie Mommy PH - Law of Attraction is real AF.