Year 2: Celebrating Christmas and being grateful for the year!

December 23, 2016

Hey rookie mommas,

This might be the last blog post that I'll have for you before 2016 ends. I'm pretty much overwhelmed with work load, taking care of Arya, wrapping presents, and making sure Christmas is gonna be a bang! 

This Christmas is gonna big for the family because a lot of our relatives from my mother's side came home and it is a family tradition to spend Christmas with my grandmother. Busy! busy! busy!

You probably notice the decline of my post. I have to blame internet speed and Korean novelas for not allowing me to update my blog. Whenever I do plan to make a new post for you, I ended up clicking VLC and watching Korean novela. I'm hooked! But, no worries, I promise 2017 is gonna be different. :)

I hoped I was able to do at least a few post to help you out this Christmas but I am really swamped with other stuff! Jeez! But, I hoped you follow me on Insagram coz I update it all the time!

There's a lot of things I wanted to be thankful for this year but I wanted to put emphasis on the following points, as a rookie mom,

I am thankful for:

My husband, who has an unending string of patience on my tantrums and self issues, who didn't give up on me on hard times, who keeps loving and fighting for our family.
My inlaws, who have helped me so much in taking care of Arya in any way possible.
My mom, who supported me all the way, and being all the kinds of panikera, na minana ko, and who kept me motivated to chase my dreams.
My sisters, who bugged and annoyed me every now and then,
My clients, who trusted and believed in my blog and what I stand for.
My Arya, who gave me so much happiness, back aches, and headaches. giggles!
My friends, who helped me keep my sanity, in most times.
My work, who brings financial steadiness to my family.
and to the universe, who brings me everything that I ever needed.

2016 has been a roller coaster ride for me, surviving year 1 of motherhood was not easy. I am hoping year 2 will be manageable.

I hope your year as a new parent gave you new strength and powers. Remember to wear your hero costume always, rookie momma, the world needs your love.

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Rookie Mommy PH - Ending 2016 with a happy heart. 
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