Our simple Macaroni Salad recipe

December 12, 2016

Cooking time!

Char lang!

My family and friends knows that I'm not good in anything that involves cooking. The dishes that I know how to cook are very limited and it is usually revolved around canned goods, pancit canton, and frying potatoes. I know, I know, I have a husband and baby to feed. 

Luckily, we still live in my in-laws and my mother-in-law is such an awesome cook! She taught me how to cook my very first Tinola which, by the way, I miserably failed. I accidentally added too much fish sauce. Ugghhh...

Now, now, the star of this blog post is all about me learning how to prepare her special Macaroni salad! It is a fav comfort food in the house especially when it is frozen so we're really used to having macaroni salad even though there is no special occasion. This time, I volunteered to go to the Palengke to get the ingredients.

Rookie Mommy PH Macaroni Salad Recipe:

1. Macaroni Pasta - you can use any brand you like. For this one we are using the Royal macaroni pasta in yellow packaging.
2. Lady's Choice Mayonnaise - we like to use the pack instead of the glass mayonnaise because we don't want any left overs, plus the quantity is good enough for the batch that we are preparing. I don't think we have ever used any other mayonnaise brand before. It's our go-to Mayonnaise!
3. Chicken Breast - we boil it, remove the skin, and cut it to pieces.
4. Pineapple chunks
5. Carrots
6. Bell peppers
7. Salt
8. Sugar
9. Pepper
10. Onions
11. Cheese

This is funny, but we don't have a huge bowl to mix all of them together to we get the cover of our Turbo Broiler and there we mix and mix until the taste is good to our liking.


Looks yummy, right! We add the grated cheese only when we're ready to serve and eat. Don't add them and store them in the fridge as it might ruin the balance of taste overtime. :)

If you're thinking of serving Macaroni Salad this Christmas, make sure you get the freshest ingredient and make sure you only use Lady's Choice Mayonnaise! It's the only mayonnaise that'll make your Macaroni salad the creamiest salad in the world! Sabi nga sa commercial, diba? :)

Rookie Mommy PH - rookie cook na rin! Haha! 

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