Dear Klairs Vitamin C Serum Review

November 26, 2016

Hey, rookie mommas! and beautiful ladies!

I know, i know, I've been MIA in the past few days. Work has been really busy and the Christmas rush is already in the air - which explains the reason why I haven't really been up to writing and updating my blog. 

For those who have been following my IG knows that I am currently following the Korean skincare regimen so I am trying and testing several products and brands that would work on my sensitive - eczema - skin and so I've recently acquired this by far the most impressive Korean skincare product that I have ever tried from my recent Althea haul as you can see below:

I took advantage of Althea's 2 + 1 promo where the cheapest product among the three products on your cart will be free, so for this haul my free item was the Skin & Lab Dr. Pore Glacial Clay Facial Mask - which I will be talking about very soon because I cannot seriously stop raving about this mask! Like, seriously! Best everyday mask evah!

I took me a while to find a Vitamin C serum because there aren't that much in the market here in the Philippines and most of the Vitamin C serums available aren't really using pure Vitamin C. Another reason is that Vitamin C is known to dry your skin fast as it is a strong product to be directly put on the face - which scares me a lot because I always get eczema on my cheeks! So I did a few research and found Dear Klairs in Althea and got really curious. I watched tons of Youtube videos, read blogs review, and did a lot of reading before I've finally decided to try the product.  

Before I got into details of what it did to my skin, let's get to know Dear Klairs Vitamin C serum first.

Dear Klairs Vitamin C Serum (Image below from Althea website)


I have only been using Dear Klairs Vitamin C serum for about a week now and I have seen major changes on my skin sensitivity and tone. I did not felt any sting or itchyness, it did not dry out my skin, no breakouts. I did feel the heat effect when rubbing on my face but it didn't do any negative effect on my face - it honestly felt a bit relaxing. I noticed my pimples became smaller until it dries up, I notice the redness on my face from eczema were completely gone, the visible pores on my cheeks closer to my nose were noticeably smaller, and my face became smoother. Will definitely buy again!

How I use it:

2. I double cleanse with pure Argan Oil from Wellspring of Morocco
3. I triple cleanse with Mustela Stelatopia cream (Designed for eczema prone skin)
4. I tone my face with pure Witch Hazel toner from Healthy Options
6. Tone my face again with same product from #4
7. I use Dear Klairs Vitamin C Serum when the toner is fully absorbed by my skin.

Whew! That's 7 step already! I don't stop at 7 by the way, I still have an ampoule, essence and a heavy cream, so that makes it 10!


Dear Klairs Vitamin C serum is currently priced at P1,010 in Althea. If you're looking for an on hand readily available bottle here in Manila, you can check @darabeautymarket on Instagram, they sell each bottle for P1,000.


I highly recommend trying out this serum no matter what your skin type is. However, do your own research first and you need to check what your skin's PH level is, you have to understand the science behind it if you're a bit hesitant to buy. It did work on my skin well but might not work on you. So, do your research and watch reviews on Youtube! :)

You wouldn't be seeing any before or after pictures here because I am too lazy to document the changes.

Other products to watch out for a review:

This was my previous skincare routine before I got my serum and mask and I am loving how each of these product work on my skin and they don't clash. Let me know on the comments below which product you want me to give a review next!

I was just checking the entire line of Dear Klairs in Althea's website, maybe I'll be getting their cleansing oil and toner next. *giggles

Ti'll the next skincare review!

Rookie Mommy PH - skincare junkie at its finest!

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  1. Bet ko po yan ah! tlgang ako rin po nagkaka pimples nanaman dahil sa puyat :( tlgang hagard nako kakaasikaso sa 2 kids ko! baka yan na solution!! :D

  2. Where I can buy this product?

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