How to plan your next vacation to Boracay adventure

October 24, 2016

Vacay planning time!

Since it is already the fourth quarter of the year and the government has already announced the holidays for 2017. Which you can check out here. I thought, it's time to plan our next vacation! Not only that we are planning for next year's summer but we are also planning Arya's probably either first plane ride to local or international destination. Whooo!

So, before I got married and have a baby, I visit my mom in Vietnam every year. It's like a tradition that I wouldn't want to break since it is the only time I usually allot to myself for total relaxation. But, if in case I cannot go, I always thought that Boracay or Palawan is the place to be. Rain or shine.

However, being in Boracay is already expensive enough. One of the things you have to make sure is to search for a cheap flight to Boracay or Kalibo so you can minimize your expenses

It's a good thing am super duper obsessed with planning ahead. The last time we went to Boracay, I planned it 6 months before the trip and I had to ensure eh-very-thang is all set and ready to go! I wanted to share how I planned my last Boracay trip and how different it will be not that I have a 1 year old daughter tagging along. Haha!

How to plan you next vacation to Boracay next summer

Book your flight first before hotel.
  • Because searching for flight is already hard enough and will take so much of your time so save the hotel for a later date. Usually, I book flights 3 or more months advanced. Why? So that I have more time to research on the place, save more money, and check hotels.
  • The tip is either you look for budget friendly airlines or wait for seat sales. However, seat sales doesn't really give you much freedom on travel dates because you have to travel on their specified date. We had a super duper horrible experience with Air Asia when we flew to Kalibo because our flight was almost 12 hours delayed. huhu And it was a deal flight that we got.
  • You can either fly to Kalibo or straight to Boracay.
Book your hotel 1 to 2 months before you arrive.

  • Because you can get a lot of super great deals and discount if you book way way before you get there versus booking a week before you actually step on their lobby.
  • In Boracay, there are 3 stations, hotels tend to be pricey in Stations 1 and 2 but you can still get a superb deal if you book advanced. When we went to Boracay, we booked at Punta Rosa Hotel in Station 1. It is beach front and ah-ma-zing! a week of stay cost us P15,000.00 (with breakfast) which could have been around P35,000.00 if we didn't book ahead. 

Research on what activities you want to try in Boracay.
  • Because when you get there, you'll gonna realize that you don't want to try it all out. LOL!
  • There's gonna be a LOT of things to do in Boracay but go for the ones that makes the best memories. *Wink! *Wink! and less expenses, haha!
  • Check out: 25 Activities To Do In Boracay 

Find a trusted tour guide before you even get to Boracay.
  • Because if you're a first -timer, you'll gonna end up spending a fortune on every activity that you might want to try, plus, get scammed by other tour guides. We don't want that.
  • Luckily for you, I can suggest someone! Yay! Ate Ira Masangcay and his husband were our tour guides in Boracay. We got her from a friend's recommendation as well and we didn't regret their service! Even before we arrived in Kalibo, she already planned everything and got us driver and van that will take us to Boracay. As in! From tickets, to boat rides, to every Boracay activity you want to do she'll book it for you - all for a low low price than the usual! I honestly don't know how she does it. But she's awesome!
  • Check out: Ate Ira Masangcay | 

Tag your family members or friends along!
  • Because it will not only lessen your cost big time, but you'll also get loads of fun when there's a bunch of people whom you love with you!
  • My trip in Boracay was actually a planned small office trip but I decided to tag my boyfriend then now husband with us because I knew it's going to be more fun when he's with me. :)
  • When you're booking for a lot of people, the tendency is you'll get more discounts with flights and hotel, or in any other travel agency. So, on you net Boracay adventure, be sure to take someone with you!
I personally would like to go back again, now with Arya. But, I'm pretty sure that when I make a blog post for that trip the list for "How to plan for your next Boracay trip" will be so different! Of course, I have to include diapers, sterilizers, baby bottles, oh my god! The list os going to be endless! LOL! But, I do look forward to it.

A lot of my friends suggested I tried a much more kid friendly places for vacation like Cebu or Bacolod so I started checking out flights and hotels deals as early as now and I’ll let you guys know when we do decided to go to either of our 3 options.

That's that! If you have other tips, please leave them on the comments below! I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Rookie Mommy PH - dreaming of the sand on my feet again. *sigh

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