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October 22, 2016

Once in a while, it's good to reminisce and get a little dose of laughter of what I have gone through as a rookie mom, and a wife. Sure, there has been a LOT of diaper changes and  
remnants of poop stains but what's great about them is that they are both icky and memorable scenes of my early motherhood that brought my life so much cheer!

Sharing with you my most memorable cheer moments ever since Arya arrived in my life:

1. When she actually arrived in my life: and I was so excited I wanted to do the "Unang Yakap" routine to my baby when the nurse placed her on my chest. But, then when I was about to touch her, the nurses said NO because my hands might be dirty and we don't want to get the baby infected.

2. When the nurses took our first photo: and I was like super high in epidural. LOL!

3. When I finally was able to take her first smiling fresh-from-the-hospital photo: and I cannot jump up and down because my stitches is painful AF!

4. When we celebrated her Game of Thrones themed baptism and our cake is super duper awesome: and I didn't want to share it to everyone. HAHA!

5. When we're going shopping and she's nailing every single outfit in the baby section including the adult hats: and there I was spending a fortune in the cashier!

6. When we took her to her first play-date with her baby titos which is my baby cousin: Seriously, how cute is this?!

7. When we first celebrated Valentines Day and her father gave her a rose: and I got a bucket of fries. HAHAHA!

8. When she learned how to kiss when people tells her "KISS!" Kahit paulit-ulit pa hindi ako mag sasawang ikiss ka, anak. :)

9. When we both discovered we love fries so much: So we had to take a selfie behind our fav potato store.

10. When we celebrated her first birthday: and she was so cranky she hates everyone and wouldn't want to be put down on her stroller. 

She doesn't want to let go.

Whew! There were a lot of memorable moments and I don't think I can summarize it all in one blog post. I mean, she's only 1. And I'm sure there will be a lot. 

I am happy and touched that she's still young and doesn't want to let go of me. But, we all have to let go sometimes especially those nasty trashes and diapers that I had to deal with everyday. LOL! 

I cannot emphasize enough how important tissue papers and trash bags are for moms. It feels like these products are made for moms. Seriously, just.for.moms!

Cheers is a trusted brand I trust when it comes to dealing with the stinky stuff. You can never go wrong with their flat napkins and trash bags that's for sure. They simply bring out the "cheer" in me whenever the garbage collector pick-ups the trash. They are very affordable, easy to dispose, and fits my every day need as a mom. So, don't forget to grab some the next time you go on a grocery shopping, you'll never know when you'll need that extra cheer!

Cheers to Cheers!

Rookie Mommy Ph - Cheers to life!

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