Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Review

September 12, 2016

Review Time!

Hey ladies, especially our mommas!

It's been a while since I reviewed a product for us but don't fret, I just found the perfect toner for us! And it is super duper affordable!

I was on this never ending hunt for toners that will become bffs with my skin because I am seriously having the big pimple breakout plus eczema. Like seriously, fighting eczema is like being on a really bad relationship - it is complicated! Yung tipong akala mo okay na, pero hindi pala, hindi kayo match kaya kailangan mo siyang iwan at humanap ng ibang mag click for you!

So I went to one of my fave organic store - Healthy Options because I was buying Arya her Puffs (which I will be reviewing soon) and I accidentally went to the Face Care section and saw this travel size 100% all natural Witch Hazel extract. Now, now, what exactly is a Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel
  • A shrub with fragrant yellow flowers that is widely grown as an ornamental. American species flower in autumn, and Asian species in winter.
  • An astringent lotion made from the bark and leaves of this plant.

I tried using Witch Hazel before but in gel form. Back in High School when I was having a bad itchy allergic reaction to something I cannot remember....hmmm...

So anyway, I checked the label and it says a bunch of benefits that is surely plus point to me:

  1. Fragrance free
  2. Non drying
  3. All natural
  4. Tones pores
  5. Removes and balances oil
  6. Soothes and refreshes

I tried a LOT of organic toners and this is by far the best on my list! 

  1. It doesn't sting. Most toners when put on sensitive skin can sting a little but this on. NO! WALA!
  2. Non drying. Okay, I have to give like 100 thumbs up on this. It is super gentle on my skin. It is not drying at all! Which is what I am surprised about because most toners - even the organic ones are drying. Like you'll feel your skin tightens when you smile or something.
  3. Keeps skin hydrated all day. My sensitive skin stopped flaking in a day of usage.
  4. Gives you the glow. Of all the products the claims "gives you that glowing look" this one is by war the only one that proved it. They don't even say it on the label! I mean, I feel ugly now because of my two giant pimple but hey, I am gloooowing!
  5. Affordable. P89.00 pesos lang guys, P89.00 lang! Murang mura!
  1. Smell. You'll probably gonna hate this too but it doesn't stay long. It smells like rotten fish! so be sure to put this first before your face treatment or night cream.
  2. Over use. Okay, I think I might have overused the product. lol The recommended usage is only 2 times daily and I think I apply more 4 times a day so my skin started to react negatively also. But I already fixed it by lessening the amount I put plus putting it only every morning and night followed by my Physiogel Face cream.

Mommy Must - Have

I super duper recommend this to the moms especially because I know how important skin care is to us BUT chasing our babies around gives us so little time to do our skin care routine and I believe this product right here does the job done by taking care of our skin's needs. You should try it! 

Overall Experience:

I'm giving this 100 thumbs up! lol I could praise this product forever! I'll update this review after a long time of using this product.

*This is not a sponsored post. 

Rookie Mommy PH - Gotta love Healthy Options. 
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