Benefits of Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing

September 4, 2016

Please excuse my feet.

Anyone here tried sugar waxing before?

I am big fan of leg waxing but I never tried sugar waxing before - only reason that's holding me back from trying is I know that it will be much much painful that the regular waxing done at waxing salons.

During an afternoon stroll at Ayala Fairview Terraces, I passed by Whipped and decided to try out their Caramel Scrub and Sugar Wax for half of my leg. I usually do full legs but the hair on my upper leg is still thin and barely noticeable.

Since this is my first time doing this, I decided to interview and ask Ate Jane. She's the one who's going to do the sugar waxing on my legs.

I asked her what are some of the benefits of sugar waxing and I was surprised that compared to the regular waxing I am used to, sugar waxing is by war the best option for my skin!

Benefits of Scrubbing and Sugar Waxing:

  • Scrubbing rids of your skin's impurities and dead skin cells immediately.
  • Evens out your skin tone by removing dark patches.
  • Lightens unwanted body marks.
  • Improves skin texture
  • Gives you a healthier and smooth skin.
  • It's all natural and organic because it is made from Sugar, Water, and Lemon!
  • Reduces chances of ingrown hair. Yuck!
  • Less painful and and discomfort. Well, you have to experience this yourself first.
  • Minimizes risk of hair breakage.
  • Sanitary and non-comedogenic.
The session basically will start from getting your legs sprayed with water - scrubbed - and waxed. 


Sugar Waxing... eerrr are you guys seeing my leg hair?! EEEWWW!!! 

and more waxing....

Overall Experience:

I am giving this 5 stars! I enjoyed every bits of it. Kahit na masakit. I never felt this "clean" and hair-free. :)

You can check out Whipped Waxing salon here.

Rookie Mommy PH - Thick hair? Don't care! Kebs!

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