A Nanay's Guide on being a Head turner and How to be a Selfie Expert?

August 24, 2016

Hey Rookie Mommas!

Remember those days when you're single and you take tons of selfies? And then suddenly, poof! You got married, had a child and you stopped taking selfies of yourself because this time around, you have tons of selfies with your child. Yung tipong full memory na yung phone mo. PAK!

As a mom, we love taking photos of our child. and ourselves. BUT. Isn't it difficult to take selfies when you're busy taking care of your kiddos at home?

Don't worry, momma. I got you!

Here's Rookie Mommy PH's Guide on How to be a Selfie - Expert 
(even if you're stuck at home doing chores and taking care of your kid)


Find your best angle. even if the baby is around.
Knowing which side of your face will look good on the camera will help a lot when taking your selfie. Check if your best angle works with your smile or your smize. 

PAK! (Right Angle)

PAK! (Left Angle)

PAK! (Top Angle)

PAK! (Bottom? Down? Angle)

PAK! (Front Angle)

See what I did there? Hah! Baby didn't stop me! Now, I honestly think Right Angle works best on me. Don't you think?


Glam up! when the baby is asleep.
I envy you if you have naturally woke-up like this glowing-dewy face. But if not, yo momma, get those foundations, lip and cheek tints you've been storing for ages because before you take that selfie, you gotta glam up!

But first, make sure the baby is asleep...

Zzzzzzzzz........ 3.2.1...GO!

Foundation on! (I used Benefit Hello Flawless on my face)

Bronzer and Blush on! (I used Honolulu bronzer and Nars blush on my face)

Lipstick on! (I used MAC Retro on my lips)

.....aaaaannndddd taddaaahh!!!


It took 5 minutes to glam up myself and another 10 mins to get 17 selfies just to get that perfect shots. at least to my standards. lol


Lighting. ilaw. as in ilaw.
One thing I learned from Photography class is that lighting is everything. However, being a work-at-home mom, most of my time are spent indoors which give a very bad lighting. BUT, I sort of cheat this with a simple bulb lamp. This is something I also use when I have to shoot my stuff for product reviews. I can say that it works, but, the best advice is probably to get yourself proper lighting used for photography. As for me, this is the best that I have. 

Have to be creative!

It works. Trust me. 


Your device. it matters. a lot.
Now, it's pretty much obvious already that my selfies are of low quality. Of course, I don't have that top of the line device to create powerful, sharp selfies. But if I do, I'd definitely get a device with the following specs below:

  1. 16 MP Front Facing Camera. pati pores mo kitang kita dito!
  2. Quick image manipulation. Dahil hindi totoo ang #nofilter.
  3. Selfie - Panorama. Minsan kasi pwede mo rin isama ang buong pamilya sa selfie.

I've been really eyeing Oppo F1s Selfie Expert recently. I've viewed a demo at Ayala Fairview Terraces and immediately thought to sell my current device so I can buy this. Seriously perfect for all the selfies and considering that I am blogging. It is definitely an investment.

So mommas, there you go! I hope I was able to help some of you, especially those who are work at home or stay at home moms to achieve your desirable perfect selfie. We don't have to spend tons of money, you just have to be creative with what you have and how you do it. Of course, taking selfies with our babies is always gonna be fun, messy, and memorable. 

Let's celebrate beauty with our darling babies!

Rookie Mommy PH - now trying to remove all the make-up on my face. :P

3 comments on "A Nanay's Guide on being a Head turner and How to be a Selfie Expert?"
  1. Ganyan din po ako minsan...Selfie na nsa gilid si baby, minsan photo bomber si baby! Pero cute nman :D . Kaya minsan, ngseselfie ako kapag tulog si baby or nagtatago ako sa kanya...hehe...basta always naman akong happy sa selfie ko with or without baby... Love your cute photos Ma'am!

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