1st Birthday Celebration: #AryaTurns1

July 22, 2016

Whew! It's been a week since Arya's birthday and I barely had the time to get through it or even to blog about it. I'm turning into this kind of Mom who's too busy at work. Jeeez!

But, as everybody says, if there is a will, there is a way!

Sharing with you the photos and full costings on my daughter's first birthday. Ehem! We didn't really splurge on this too much as we had a huge Game of Thrones Christening party two months ago with everybody being there. This party is more for the family and some people who didn't get to come on Arya's Christening.


Food & Venue:
Kenny Rogers, Fairview Terraces = P425.00/30pax = P12,750.00
1 Hour venue extension = P1,000.00

Sesame street 3d Cake by Red Ribbon = P1,550.00

Host & Balloons:
Host = P1,000.00
Balloons = P500.00

Swiss Army Perfume (from Fragrance Factory 100ml) = P350.00
28 slim bottles (from Fragrance Factory 10ml) = P8.00/piece = P224.00
28 pcs container box (from Fragrance Factory) = P2.00/piece = P56.00

Popcorn & Cups:
40 pcs from SM Fairview Cooking and Bakery store = P40.00/10 pieces = P120.00
6 packs of Caramel Popcorn from SM Supermarket = P28.00/pack = P168.00

Sesame street Tarpaulin:
Design = Free (Hubby made it)
Printing = P150.00 

Total Spent: P17,868.00 Oha, hindi na masama!

Honestly, if I had the time I would make this a full blown birthday party with so many effects and fountains at kung ano ano pang pakulo but I had to deal and work with I have. I've been feeling a bit guilty lately because I'm focusing too much on work that I barely have time to focus on more important things. Sometimes, a day or two would go by without me seeing Arya because I come home late at night and leave too early in the morning. 

But, I'm making this pact with myself that on her 7th Birthday, I'll definitely make sure to make that birthday a blast!

Sesame street 3D Cake

Swiss Army perfumes from Fragrance World

Caramel Popcorn!

Mommy and Daddy - Arya was too clingy on that day!

Arya with her Tita Ploopy and Lolo Ramir

Arya with Belle and Abe

Arya with my Mom :)

Arya with her fave Lolo in the world! :)

Arya with Dane and Catt

Arya with her chubby cheeks! Haha!

BTW, if you're cramming for birthday needs, try to join Facebook groups for Birthday Party Needs and I assure you that you'll be able to figure out your party in seconds!

I'll make sure to add that on my next blog post! :)

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