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June 17, 2016

Prepare yourself, it's gonna be a lengthy blog post! 

I've always wondered how it feels like to receive your own Balikbayan Boxes. I have a few relatives living abroad but I doubt it they'll send me one. Haha! So, para-paraan lang. Gotta do it on my own!

Ever since I got so addicted to lipsticks, following Kylie Jenner's announcement of restocking her new line of lippies, I never stopped dreaming of having them! It's such a heart breaker that it's not available here in the Philippines since Kylie Lip Kits, Glosses, and Metals are only sold online through and same goes for Colourpops. I'm sure you'll find a bunch of online sellers on Instagram that sells them from Php 2,500 - Php 3,500  for Kylie Lip Kits and around Php 400 up for Colourpops - which is insanely expensive! Nakakaloka kayo! 

I knew I have to get one, or two, or three, or all? BUT, I refused to buy them from these online shops. I know there is a better and far more rewarding experience of getting them myself.

Taadaaah! Welcome to LBC Shipping Cart!

There's no exact adjective to describe how addictive I am when it comes to shopping online - it's convenient, safe, and stress-free!

Basically, will act as your US address - which is by the way a warehouse that accepts all your online orders made from the US. 

All you have to do is to create your own account and start shopping from US online stores. It's really super easy, guys. I suggest you visit their FAQs section. Hindi mo pa naiisip yung itatanong mo nandun na rin sya. Everything you need to know is already there. Trust me.

Here's what it looks like from the inside:

My Storage is your "push cart". All your items shipped and accepted at the warehouse will be weighted and photographed and you will see them here. 

My Shipment houses your active deliveries. When you're done consolidating your items, you can choose which ones you want to be shipped to PH already. Choose between Air and Sea Cargo. For my case, I picked Air cargo as the waiting time is only 10 working days, versus Sea cargo which is around 45 days. I ain't gonna wait that long for my lippies!

Surprisingly, my orders arrived to my office 5 days earlier! I had to suffer and wait 3 more days because it got delivered on a Friday afternoon and I left office a bit earlier so I had to wait until Monday. 

Here's a breakdown of my total order and costs:

Box 1 from
1 Candy K Kylie Lip Kit = $29.00 = Php 1,346.00
State Tax = $2.18 = Php 101.00
Shipping = $8.95 = Php 415.00
Box 2 from
2 Glosses, Like and Literally = $30.00 ($15/each) = Php 1,392.00
State Tax = $2.18 = Php 101.00
Shipping = $8.95 = Php 415.00
Box 3 from
1 Beeper Liquid Lipstick = $6.00 = Php 278.00
1 Mess Around Liquid Lipstick = $6.00 = Php 278.00
2 Lippie Stix: She Bad and Pillow Talk = $10.00 ($5/each) = Php 464.00
Tax = $1.65 = Php 76.00
Shipping = $4.99 = Php 231.00

Shipping Cart
Shipping via Air Cargo = Php 1,100.00+
To get the exact shipping fee per item you can just divide the shipping fee into 7 = Php157.00

Total price of 1 Kylie Lip Kit delivered from US to PH = Php 2,065.00
Total price of 2 Kylie Glosses from US to PH = Php 2,065.00
Total price of 4 lippies from Colourpop from US to Ph = Php 1,955.00

See the difference in pricing versus online shops here in the Philippines? The thing is, you could easily lower down your cost if you're going to purchase several kits, glosses, and mattes in 1 order since you pay fixed State Tax and Shipping regardless of how many item you order. The only reason why I ended up getting two separate order is because my 1st order to see if my debit card can be used. And it does work! I use a VISA debit card, btw.

Here's my haul!

Here's my bonus tips on how you can easily snag that Kylie lippie:

1. Make sure you know the timezones. Follow @lavishly_luxurious on Instagram. I requested her to add PHT timezones every restocking
2. Be on the site 10 mins before the actual restocking
3. On a note pad, put all your details: Name, your Shipping Cart Address, Shipping Cart Account Number, Shipping Cart Contact Number, Debit/Credit Card details.
4. Master the art of copying and pasting - FAST!
5. Open several tabs if you wish to order more than 1 lippie
6. When the site goes live - DO NOT REFRESH! - instead re-type
7. Cart your orders as fast as you can - you will be put on queue if there are other customers ahead of you.
8. Pray to the lippie God that your orders are still on your cart 
9. And if they are, Hallelujah! Congratulations!
10. You'll receive immediately your order confirmation and all you have to do is to wait for your items to be delivered to your Shipping Cart address. :)

Watch out for my blog post and vlog review of Candy K, Literally Gloss, Beeper from Colourpop soon! Oh, and I have Dolce K and Heir coming from the US soon too!

UPDATE 6/20/2016
I received tons of pms and inquiries through my Instagram and FB about
To answer a few, shippingcart delivers straight to your door step. No other fees to be paid just the shipping fee - no customs tax.
I have another box coming in on July, pwede ka sumabay if you want. You can purchase your lippies and have it shipped to my address or you can just pm me your lippie request and pay the above price per kit.

UPDATE 7/17/2016
I am still getting a lot of messages on my Instagram! :) I really do appreciate it but it's getting a bit harder for me to respond since most of the questions are repetitive. So, I'm planning to make another vlog specifically about my personal experience about Shipping Cart when my next order arrived (in 2 weeks time). Anyway, I'm updating this thread because I was bothered by a comment on my Instagram feed:

Gais, how many times have I mentioned on my vlogs and blog about Shipping Cart that I don't work for Shipping Cart? I also make sure to put a disclaimer that I do work for LBC Express and not Shipping Cart. They are totally separate business entity. It's quite disappointing to see comments like this. Coz, seriously, when I blog or vlog something I like, I make sure to be completely transparent and honest about it. My experience with Shipping Cart is positive. Honestly, I lowered my expectation when I first used their service because being in this shipping industry means there will be series of unfortunate events that can delay my orders. But, no. My orders through Shipping Cart arrived 5 days early, their customer service is superb, and I will use their service again and again. - BUT, gais naman, THIS IS ONLY ME. My personal, unpaid, not sponsored review. How I wish they do get me as their brand influencer. Haha! (parinig over here) . Anyway, Instagram user @misskristinea, I strongly advice you reach out to their Facebook Page or customer service website if you have issues with your package. They reply in less than 48 hours. Stop the hate coz girl, that's not pretty.

Another awesome update from Shipping Cart (coz I just checked their website now) is that they are waving the extended storage fees until further notice! Yippee! Had I known this before I shipped my items yesterday, then I would have probably bought more stuff. Haha!

UPDATE 8/7/2016
I no longer work for LBC Express Inc. Filed my resignation a week ago, More of my horrific and terrifying work experience ever. BUT, I have another box coming and it's not just Kylie Lip Kits! I tried ordering from Elf and Colourpop too! Yahoo!

Happy shopping!


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Hope this helps!
Leave a comment below if you have other questions!

Rookie Mommy PH - lippie hoarder! 

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  1. Oh my! I can't thank you enough for sharing this. I do agree with how resellers can resell products at some crazy price. Kudos to your blog! More power!

    1. Hello! :) i published another blog post for my box 2. Hope you can check :) Thank you!

  2. 488.75 all in price (price+tax+ISF) for colourpop?

  3. If you paid 1955 for 4 colourpop lipsticks, that's like paying two ultra matte/satin(s) for 525 each and 2 stix for 425 each. But liquid lipsticks are sold here at P400 each at least (e.g. shoppee), so what's the point?

    1. Hi! I dont like buying from Online shops here especially when I cann get the on my own and knows they are 100% legit. Plus the point is you buy from US and use Shipping Cart when you are buying from more than 1 US store to lessen shipping fee. Plus the fun of purchasing them directly to US stores and waiting for your package to arrive is rather rewarding. :)

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  5. For those who plan to resell CPs like me, shippingcart may not seem to be that advantageous but I totally agree as to the convenience and savings it can do for personal purchases. Thanks to this! I'm excited to start shopping at carter's for my baby :D Wee

    1. Oh i tried carters too! Haha will make another post for it soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. Do you know websites where I can purchase good quality toys for my kids in the US? Thanks!

  7. Do you know websites where I can purchase good quality toys for my kids in the US? Thanks!

    1. Hi Jade, I only know Carters. Maybe you can check Amazon or Ebay.

  8. I am planning to buy 100$ worth of makeup from Elf cosmetics. I called the costumer service regarding their FAQS and she said, you can buy as many as you want as long as the per item are 12 pieces bellow, example 2 pieces of mascara, 2 blushes and so on, however I am still unsure if it's available for sea cargo since makeups are kinda fragile and the lipsticks might melt.

    1. That being said, it's probably a purchasing rule from Elf, but as for Shipping Cart it should be not of the same item. Otherwise, icoconsider nila na ibebenta mo yung items. I still reco Air Cargo. nasa mga 50 pesos lang matitipid mo.

  9. Hello po, yung shipping fee po ba na 1,100 para sa lahat na yun? I mean kung mag aadd ako sa cart, babayaran ko na po ba agad sa colourpop? and pag napunta na po lahat sa cart tsaka palang po ipapadala sa ph? nang sabay sabay kahit magkakaibang time ang purchase, ganun po ba yon? :D

    1. Hi Erika, you have to shop from the US websites first and input the ShippingCart address to use SC. Separate payment sya. You shop from us stores (pay your order then pay shipping to SC), then have your SC ship your items sa PH (you pay shipping fee from SC warehouse to PH). Sila na nag uupdate ng items mo sa cart pag na receive na sya sa warehouse. :)

  10. Good day! Mejo nalilito po ako kung panu ilalagay ung address sa shipping address waaah may sample kapo ba kung paano mo po nilagay ung address?

    1. Hi! You can check our more detailed review and Q&A here:

      Thank you!

  11. Hi! I would also like to buy lipsticks as well for myself and for my friends. What if i buy more than 10 of the lippies? That would be counted as for consumer use right? Can i still use shpping cart?

    1. Just make sure they are not of the same shade. All items bought of the same look/design/shade are considered for selling.

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  14. This is sooo helpful! I have really been wanting to purchase colourpop. Thank you for this info, Ate! Will be making my shipping cart account ASAP :D

  15. Hi,
    Where can I see my account number on my shipping cart? wala kasi :( shipping address lang :(

  16. Ask ko lang if kyliecosmetic accepts creditcard bdo visa from the philippines?

  17. hello, I believe yung shipping na indicated sa item is yung shipping mismo from CP and Kylie cosmetics? Pag nagccheck kasi po ako sa and may certain amount sila na dapat mareach mo para free shipping na siya. And also, yung state tax ba is charged mismo both from and Kyliecosmetics before checkout ng items? Fixed po ba yung state tax? Thanks in advance po sa response :)

  18. Hi Rookie Mommy, will be saving this for future reference but by the way, is the airfreight service also available for purchasing gadgets from ali express?