What moms really want for Mother's Day

May 6, 2016

It's only 2 days to go before Mother's Day. Did you get something for your mom and wife yet? Don't worry, I got your back!

The moms of 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015 (Facebook group) has finally spoken.

Top Mother's Day Gifts Your Mom or Wife Really Wants

"Car, Day-off, and Spa" - Mommy Michelle
"Spa, VIKINGS!" - Mommy Christine
" All I want is a day or two with my hubby....and Brazilian Blowout" - Mommy Joanah
"Family Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland!" - Mommy Von
"Dinner date and spa" - Mommy Ruvie
"Good health for us Three including the 3 naughty cats, pag Something tangible all expense paid Trip to Amanpulo, w/ spa treatment and haircut w/ haircolor" - Mommy Clarissa
"Spa and day-off with hubby" - Mommy Maricar
"A peaceful time off from the kids. Isang araw lang nila ako hindi hanaping lahat" Mommy Gege
"Spa or hotel accommodation with lunch or dinner for 2" - Mommy Jennifer
Isang day-off and grand spa and whole body massage" - Mommy Kim
" Isang araw na matinding "Me" time. As in Me time talaga. Spa, nail, paayos ng hair, cash pambili ng pampaarte na para sa sarili. Kahit konti lang." - Mommy Rea
"Pag bonggahan, okay na ko sa bahay at lupa at sasakyan na Ferrari. Pero okay na rin ak sa Diamond Peel." - Mommy Xhie
"SSC Carrier lang sapat na! hahaha" - Mommy Olivia
"Flight to Philippines" - Mommy Ryan 
 "Nursing blouses and dinner date with hubby" - Mommy Emz
"Staycation, spa package, personalized Longchamp." - Mommy Joyce
"Carrier na kikay" - Mommy Dianne
"Family outing sa Boracay or Palawa...or Mount Everest!" - Mommy Selfa
"Flight to Philippines." - Mommy Chattie
"Spa! Chi Spa or Nurture Spa level please!" - Mommy Cha-cha 
 "Cash to buy for nappies, vacation for 3 days with the family." - Mommy Tetet
"A day at the spa and free makeover" - Mommy Denice
"Staycation or spa" - Tin Soriano
"Spa experience and a new wardrobe" - Mommy Candy
"New phone!" - Mommy Ian

Thanks to the moms of 3Q - which by the way is the best mommy community out there. Please feel free to join our group. :)

If you're looking for my own list of what I want to get for Mother's Day, I'll probably say either of the following:

  • That freaking hard to purchase Kylie Lip Kit and glosses!
  • Back and head massage from Nuat Thai
  • Crispy Pata. no judgement here please.
  • Arya calling me mommy
  • Time away with hubby
That's about it. I wish you'll have the most amazing Mother's Day this year, because, mom, you deserve it! 

So, what are you getting your mom on Mother's Day?

Rookie Mommy PH - Happy Mother's Day!
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