Rookie Mommy PH is joining BLOGAPALOOZA 2016!

May 3, 2016

Time flies really fast! It's been a year already and it seemed like my first ever Blogapalooza was just yesterday.

I can still remember the event clearly and although I had some disappointments on my first Blogapalooza invite, I still decided to sign-up for this year. One good reason is that they promised it to be better this year. So, I have high hopes for the Blogapalooza 2016 team!

Another reason is that they are having the event relatively close to my home versus last year. So, yeah. I have to go. :)

I hope to see the other bloggers I've met before and hoping to meet other influencers as well. Really looking forward for this year's Blogapalooza.

Lookie! I got the confirmation invite already!

May 14, 2016

I can't go :(( I have to opt not to go because I have to watch for my little girl. I guess I'll just be watching over Facebook and Instagram feed. :(

See you there, fellow bloggers!

Rookie Mommy PH - #Horizons

2 comments on "Rookie Mommy PH is joining BLOGAPALOOZA 2016!"
  1. I'll be there too! It is my first time though. I've read your blogapalooza post last year, I hope it will be really better this year. See you when I see you. :)

    Miss Princess Diaries