Mother's Day Giveaway 2016

May 2, 2016

Mother's Day is just around the corner and I am very much excited to celebrate my first ever Mother's Day with Arya.

Arya is still a baby so I cannot expect anything grand from her. Maybe if she'll learn how to call me "Mommy" on Mother's Day then that will be great!

Because we are all first time mom or Rookie Mommy and celebrating Mother's Day for the first time, I decided to host this mini giveaway to one lucky rookie momma. 

See the loot that I put-up for you!

I got this from and loved it! Around P80.00

My love for Dove equals to how I love potatoes. Means, I super love Dove.

Face mask is very important. Super important. P100+ I think.

Avalon Organics line is my recent product discovery. This one makes your perfect night cream partner. P380.00

Here's a sample of CV's Eternal Youth Anti-Aging line. Costs about P8,000.00 if you're getting the full bottle.

1 Session of Imperial Facial worth P2500.00
 Valid within the year
-Schedule (via FB or phone) to avail.


Being a first time parent or a mom has taught us a LOT of things. I mean, we don't attend "How to put on diapers on babies" when we were single, I am sure of that! So, I want know, what has motherhood taught you so far?

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  5. Giveaway runs until May 8, 2016 - 12:00 pm
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  7. Announcement of winner on May 8, 2016, evening and will be posted on RMPH Facebook page and on this blog post.
  8. Winner will be contacted via email.
  9. Prize will be shipped on the next working day after announcement.

Update: May 9, 2016 result:

Congratulations Mommy Samantha! 
I will contact you via email. :)

Good luck and Happy Mother's Day, Rookie Mommas!

Rookie Mommy PH - #Nanayfeels

45 comments on "Mother's Day Giveaway 2016"
  1. Motherhood taught me what unconditional love really means. :-) -Laurize Lacambra

  2. Motherhood taught me what unconditional love really means. :-) -Laurize Lacambra

  3. Motherhood taught me that life is more than just yourself. You have to shower your baby lots of love and give them everything he needs. I became more organized in tasks and applied multitasking in everyday life. I so love being a mom.

    Christine Jhoy Sales

  4. Motherhood taught me the meaning of self-sacrifice. As a mom, you have to sacrifice something or whatever it is for your little one that no one in the whole world can do. ❤️�� Happy mother's day to us!!! ❤️❤️❤️������

    Neizel Cabacungan-Gatus

  5. ..well, so far, except that I learned in budgeting, unconditional love, patience, cleanliness. The funny motherhood taught me is how to "take a bath in 5minutes". Haha!! Nung wala pa si sean naliligo ako 30mins pero ngayon lagi madalian, everytime kasi na nasa CR ako Feeling ko or naririnig ko umiiyak siya or tinatawag ako. Nakakapraning. But I'm very happy and proud to be a "nanay" ❤❤❤ mabuhay tayong mga ina.
    .. Happy mother's day to all ❤❤❤

    Shelfa Abellar

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  7. Motherhood has taught me to be selfless. There were times when I needed or wanted things, but I didn’t get them because my baby's needs have always come first. I always want him to be better than I have and do better than I do.. Haaay! XD And LAUGHTER and HUGS are two of the best antidotes for whatever motherhood and life throws at me. If I genuinely laugh out loud and hug with feeling for my baby boy, we can then get to the other side of any issue together... Then the last is I must accept the painful truth that my best will not always be good enough to give my kids what they need. Even more painfully, there are some days I am not even my best. Explaining and apologizing talking to my baby boy late at night when he's asleep.. Kasi we are all human and we all fail.. I mess up more as a parent than I ever imagined, but I know at the end of the day my baby boy loves me and I love him so so much! No crazy day or new situation that we have to face will ever change that. Everyday is a new adventure full of learning for all of us and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. If we don’t learn and grow then what is the purpose of living.

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  8. Motherhood taught me so far is for being Wise and Strong. In all challenges my baby's doing for me, I need to be Wise and in control of my temper. We all Mom's need to be understandable and just be strong and say to yourself "I can do this!" One of the most challenging is lack of sleep, especially at month ages of my baby, it's really worse but I did it! Now my son is 7 month's old, he's completing a sleeping hours at night. No more disturb so far. I love it! He's growing up so fast!
    Samantha A. Aguilar

  9. Motherhood taught me that sleeping is very important! That's why I really sleep whenever my baby is sleeping, the fact that sleeping is a great reward for us. 😂 I also realized that someone really loves me, cos whenever I disappear on his sight, he'll find me and want to go with me. It's just that he can't live without me. There's a lot of lessons that I learned from being a mother, and I'm really thankful of it!

    Sandrah Araja

  10. Motherhood taught me that happiness doesn't come from material wealth but a simple smile of your child is everything.

    Rowena Saludez-Ponce

  11. Motherhood taught me how to have a lot of patience,when my kids gets so makulit,i do somtimes smile and say please stop,i learn to save more,for their future,even if i wanted a thing so badly,i learn to control the bili mo ko in me,hahaha..It also taught me how to sacrifies,there are so many things a very personal matter that happen to us with my husband but i learn to forgive and forget for them because i really dont want them to have a broken family.. I Learn to smile even my heart is breaking because i dont want to make their sad,motherhood taught me a great things, i never thought i would be wonderful mom but my kids say i am a wonderful loving mom!
    sherry ann gole cruz

  12. Motherhood taught me to be thrifty for the sake of my kids future and always look for there best interest that I learned to devoted my time and energy and to wash there clothes and all my tiredness gone if they embrace you and see there smiles
    Maricel Fajardo

  13. being a mother is not an easy job. Motherhood has taught me alot like, that you need a lot of patience (pwede bang unlimited??) hehe especially ifyour kid is makulit and ofcourse they are learning. , it taught me the importance of teaching moral disciplines ,values, and respect for others. Syempre natutunan ko din na hindi sa lahat ng oras /araw ay naaayon sa gusto natin. at higit sa lahat I’ve learned what it truly means to love someone unconditionally.:)

  14. Motherhood has taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. A mother job is a tiring 27/4 routine without dayoffs but its reward is priceless. Seeing my child smile and giggle wipes all my body aches away. I also get a bonus as she gathers stars along her way.

    Emiliana Sison

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  16. Motherhood has taught me to be selfless. I used to think about myself the whole time before, insensitive to what my family tells me, especially my mom's advices and my husband's reminders. Now, it's only Kassie who makes me go home on time, makes me think twice about how I spend my money and especially makes me wake up so early in the morning because I have to attnd to her even if I had stayed up late all night or sick. It's not about me, me, me anymore.


  17. Motherhood has changed my life in a 360 degrees point of view.. my personality, outlook in life, priorities. dati akala ko OA lang yung mga mommies.. pero ngayon.. mas OA pa pala ako.. :)

    happy Mother's day everyone.. i super salute all moms!!!

    Lyka Joy Pesidas

  18. Motherhood made me appreciate my mother more. It made me understand the sacrifices she made for me from conceiving to raising me. To all mothers out there, I salute you

    Ma. Jasmin Deato

  19. Motherhood taught me to grow up and mature. i developed a new perspective in life and love i learned what unconditional love means,putting others before yourself and that trusting your mother's instincts and gut feel are true. I have many many more learnings and realization along the way but self sacrifice and appreciating my mother are the most that imprinted on me so far,she did the best that she can do for us and she sacrificed a lot also.

    Joanna Co

  20. Motherhood has taught me to consult Mr.Google all the time. Haha! As a first time mom, i am paranoid with almost everything. Be it his milk intake, height and weight, sleeping and waking time and even the color of his poop--as in everything. Seriously, motherhood has taught me that i could love someone so much i could love myself. That i should always be my best self because there's a little person who depends on me for love and care.

    Shiela Marie Babatio

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  22. You are right that being a first time mom has taught me LOT of things. Motherhood taught me that I should breastfeed and I really saw its results and my baby and I benefited from it a lot. Motherhood taught me also endurance especially during sick days as my baby is clingy and I need to put her to sleep while carrying her for hours. It really taught me to stretch my time because as a working mom, I need to juggle office and house works. Being a mom taught me to me to be selfless as I am living now for my daughter and I am glad that I can say that motherhood made me brave, loveable, and invincible and I am glad because I know I became and become better and better person everyday.

    Roxane Montierro

  23. Being a first time mom is realizing the hardship of our parents during our infant stage up to present they didn't stop to care unconditionally.. that is what i learned. and will be doing it with my child and future children.. now its my time to do the things they sacrificed for me and my sibling just like passing the crown.. i'am much braver to face the problems of life because being a mom is having an extra boost of strength from my child and also from my husband.. i'am proud to be a mom.. and will be doing my best to give a lot for my family.

    Dianne Charlotte Cardenas

  24. Motherhood taught me how to become strong and independent and follow my motherly instinct when it comes my childrens welfare. It taught me how to become selfless and always put my child's first before anything else. Motherhood taught me how to be patient even sometimes i am being impatient but at the end of the day i still love my children. It taught me how to embrace my weaknesses as a mom and accepts my strength and the day-to day challenges at home. Motherhood taught me how to multi-task. And the most important thing to love my kids above all.

    Rachel Anne Del Rosario

  25. Winner already announced! :) Thanks all for joining!

    1. Thank you Ma'am!! My baby is my lucky charm :D