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May 4, 2016

Nothing compares to the love of a mother.

Since you were born, being up late nights have been part of her routine – from feeding you towaiting for you to come home from school or work. She’s up early in the morning to help you prepare for your day. She works or stays at home to provide care for everyone. She’s
conquered all these challenges of motherhood because of pure love.

But her focus on your well-being makes it easy to forget hers. She prioritizes your needs all the time, making it harder to find time to take care of her own needs. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show how much you appreciate and love her.

She deserves to feel good about herself. Take time to spend a great day with her. How about a lavish bonding moment over an authentic Imperial Korean Facial at The Clinic by Lisa?

The experience is sure to be special since it’s not your typical facial treatment – it involves more than just cleaning. After cleansing, one each of soft and modeling mask pack are applied on the face. To further the glowing and radiant skin, anti-aging and lightening serums are infused to the skin through a process called Cryoelectroporation (utilizes cold to penetrate the skin).

But what actually sets it apart: it includes an authentic Korean Massage (a kind of lymphatic massage) for the face, neck, and shoulders. The massage believes to aid in toning the facial muscles, tightening lose skin, brightening complexion, and even helps contour the face. Because it goes beyond the face, the procedure also includes an arm and leg massage – you don’t only look good but you feel better.

That’s already a long list of steps but it doesn’t end there. It wouldn’t be labeled imperial if you’re not getting more. You’ll also get a back massage and RF Treatment for the back (helps relieve pain and provide relaxation) and the abdomen (aid in slimming the tummy and skin tightening).

Right after the treatment, you could do a lot more activities with mom. Because it’s finished with LED light that helps further rejuvenate and heal the skin, marks from the deep cleaning wouldn’t be noticeable.

For the entire month of May, The Clinic by Lisa is offering the Imperial Facial Treatment at Buy 1, Take 1 (The clinic’s gift and way to thank every mom). You just need to book and paying advance. The Clinic by Lisa is located at 211 Skyway Twin Towers, Capt. Henry Javier St., Oranbo, Pasig City. 

I just recently discovered The Clinic by Lisa through a friend and I am very much excited and looking forward for my facial booking. I myself loves getting facials so I am not letting this one pass. I'll make sure to write a review on my facial experience for you soon. :)

For more information, you may visit or follow them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@the_clinic_by_lisa).

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Rookie Mommy PH - Looking forward for my facial from The Clinic by Lisa

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