When A Mom Misses Her Mom

March 30, 2016

"I miss my mom...a lot!"

Last night, my mom went back to Vietnam for work. Although she goes back home every month or so, I still felt sad and cried a bit last night. 

"I am a mom, but I have a mom too, and I miss her too!"

Reason was, I didn't get to spend more time with her over the holy week because we had a Chicken Pox scare because my sister had it for about two weeks now and we are all afraid to get it too. We never had Chicken Pox yet and we don't have vaccines too!

We grew up being close to everyone on my mom's side of the family so now that I have a family of my own and I am away from them, It became difficult for me to accept that I cannot be around them most of the time.

Not being able to visit my grandma every week, not being able to see my siblings, and not being able to hangout with them with my Arya as often as I want saddens me. I miss them so much, really, really miss them a lot. 

I honestly am really sad that I got myself some Ramen today to comfort myself.

Arya with her great grand mother

Four Generation of our family

I'm excited for Arya to grow up so we can spend more time with my side of the family, I can't wait for her to play with her crazy and loud lolas, to her bruha great grand parents, and share all the family weirdness.

To my mama,

Don't get super old yet. We have more things to do, places to see, and stories to tell.

Love you and miss you a lot. :)

Rookie Mommy PH - Missing her momma

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