Newborn Baby Shopping - A Buying Guide for Mothers

March 18, 2016

For new parents to be it can be a tough task to figure out what essential products are needed for a baby. Becoming a parent whether it is your first time or not, is a huge responsibility. Both the mother and father have to take care of a small child which requires a lot of patience and the right kind of stuff. Mothers tend to panic more than the fathers, do not worry anymore because here is a guide for mothers which will help them buy all the important products needed for a baby.

Baby Clothes and Shoes

Clothes are very important because a new born baby has to be protected from the weather. New born babies do not require much clothing items in the first few months. Buying all-in-one suits is a good idea because these are soft and keep the baby protected. In winters it is recommended to put a vest underneath the suit and a cardigan on top. There are thousands of colors and patterns that mothers can choose for their child. Dress your new born baby girl or boy in cute clothes. Also new born require no shoes, they can wear socks or thin boots. 

Feeding Equipment

New born babies do not eat anything and rely more on milk. It is recommended to get at least 5 to 6 bottles, bottle brushes and sterilizers to clean the bottles. Since mothers are usually stressing during this time they often find it difficult to leave the house. Sometimes they are not feeling well and it can very problematic to go to a busy mall or store. A mother-to-be can now solve that problem by shopping online sitting in her comfortable couch or bed. Online shopping websites Kaymu, Ebay and several other online stores makes shopping for babies convenient and stress-free.

Diapers and Nappies

A new born child requires their diaper or nappy to be changed more than 12 times a day. For that mothers should get enough diapers and nappies. Also get wet wipes and powder so that the process of changing the baby’s diaper is made easier. Instead of throwing the dirty diapers in the dustbin, buy a diaper genie which is a disposal system bin. Since the baby requires to be changed often, a diaper genie can store a number of diapers at one time. 


Mothers should consider buying a Moses basket, crib or a cot. There should be a soft mattress with a bed sheet and a warm blanket. Babies tend to get sick very easily so it is very important to keep them covered. Besides bedding, parents should consider getting a changing table, rocking chair and a vaporizer. Purchasing a crib or cot is another stressful thing for parents. In order to avoid long trips to the store, get it delivered to you anywhere in Philippines by availing online services by Lazada.

Bathing and Grooming

In order to keep the baby comfortable it is important to keep him or her clean and groomed. Bath your baby in an infant tub or bath seat with room temperature water. Use mild baby shampoo, baby bath wash and dry the baby with hooded towels. For general grooming of the baby, get a set of nail clippers and nail scissors. It is also nice to have bath toys so that the child can have fun while playing. After the bath it is important to use baby lotion and baby powder to keep the baby’s skin hydrated.

Baby Proofing

For new born babies, baby proofing the house is not a big issue because they cannot crawl or do a lot of movement. However it is safe to have a faucet guard so that there no problems during bath time. Also if you have a big house then getting a baby monitor would be a good idea.

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