Blog Revamp + Giveaway!

March 17, 2016

Hiya, rookie mommas! or future mommas,

I know, I know! I haven't been able to update my site for weeks! Been really busy with work and Arya.

So, anyway, a few days back, I decided to give a fresh and new look for my blog. I am no artist or web designer and I don't know anything about coding. Fortunately, Google helped to purchase a great template.

Aaaannddd, Taaadaaaahh! New and fun looking website! Although I have to admit, I am not quite there yet. I still have a lot of things to put in here but heck! I missed blogging so much!

Juggling work, the baby, and blogging is not easy at all. I find it so hard to get a much needed time to write. 

Other updates happening in mine and Arya's life:

  • Arya started growing her two front teeth!
  • She loves to babble now. Like, a lot!
  • She got her anti measles shot earlier and doctor said that were pretty much done with her vaccines until she gets 1 year old.
  • She loves this show on Baby TV called Billy and BamBam.
  • She loves eating apple, banana, sayote and other adult food.
  • I, on the other hand, started getting addicted to buying makeups! I mean, I don't even know how to use makeups but I cannot resists foundations and bb creams recently. I just cant! - Which is why..duh duh duuuhhhn...Im launching a new topic on my blog soon about Skin Care and Beauty for Moms :) (Pag nagka time na ko, promise!)
  • We started organizing Arya's Games of Throne themed Christening party, and oh my God, I still have so much stuff to do! - I will be blogging about this too, the requirements, fees, and all those things you need.
  • I've been really really reaaallllyyy busy with work!
  • I have a few check-ups scheduled coming up, I have to get my eyes checked because of severe migraines and my nose too for getting severe nasal allergies. Aaachhooo!!!
  • And I am planning a super duper fun 1st year anniversary surprise or my hubby.

Enough about me, I want to more about you!

Tell me how you are doing with your pregnancy, or your first born baby who is less than a month old. Share your story on the comments below and I promise to give you something special in return.

1 momma will win a gift pack from rookie mommy ph for sharing her story,


Open to both Metro Manila and Province residents
Must be currently pregnant, or
Must have a baby less than 1 month old,
Should follow @rookiemommyph on Instagram, and
Should like Rookie Mommy PH on Facebook,

Oh, and don't forget to share your story on the comments below with your complete name and email address!

I'll choose the winner on Friday night! (March 25, 2016)

Good luck and I can't wait to read your stories!

Rookie Mommy PH - Cheers for making time to write again.

7 comments on "Blog Revamp + Giveaway!"
  1. Hi Rookie Mommy,

    I'm currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Like any othe first time mom, I'm completely clueless on how to be a mom. I've learned a lot about pregnancy and breastfeeding thru facebook groups. My pregnancy journey has been easier than what I expected though. My morning sickness series was really short, I didn't experience much difficulties that I read about to be common on pregnant women, I did't have a mad craving for any food at all, and most of all, I did't get too bloated. I must say my pregnancy journey has been a beautiful one so far, having my baby being a really good boy, hindi pinahirapan ang mommy masyado except sa pains when he's moving too strong inside my tummy, and having my very caring and supportive huband give me the comfort that I need. It's also very heart-melting to know how my son is very close to his dad, whenever my husband comes home from work and talks to my tummy, my son would madly do his sommersaults and respond to his dad with strong kicks-what a priceless moment. Konting kembot na lang and I'll be facing "the big day". I can't wait to hug and kiss my son. :)

    A very excited mom

    Ruzian Maxine Mejia

    1. Hi Mommy Ruzia,

      Thank you so much for sharing your story. :) Congratulations for having a wonderful journey on your pregnancy. I always wanted to have a baby boy but instead I have a girl hehe. Mejo mahirap pero I am happy with Arya.

      I wish you good luck and push mo lang ng bongga hanggang sa big day mo. :)

    2. Hi Mommy Ruzian,

      Congratulations! You won my mini giveaway! Please check your email for full details on how to claim your prize :)

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    1. Hi Mommy Irish,

      Thank you for sharing your story. :) Apir tayo sa super sakit mag labor hehe. Congratulations for delivering your baby safe and sound.

      Kaya mo yan, at titindi pa ang mga puyatan. Make sure to have someone else with you all the time. :)

      Good luck!

    2. Hi Mommy Irish,

      Thank you for joining! Mommy Ruzian Won via Random.Org. I wish you good luck and please join future contests through my blog or through First Time Moms PH :)

  3. Thank you for joining mommies! :) Winner will be contacted via Email.