News: There's too much hate on LGBT community

February 17, 2016

I rarely talk about gender issues because it's a never ending discussion. However, brought about by the recent issue to the LGBT community by no other than our own Filipino hero - Mr. Manny Pacquiao, I cannot seem to stay quiet. I'm here to defend my friends!

Being a blogger gave me power to voice out my opinions and views in certain matters of life with caution. But when I became a blogger who is getting paid to write reviews and to promote a product, a blogger with followers who kept on asking on my tips and advice, It didn't just gave me the power of voice but it gave me more, I became an influencer. And as an online influencer, I felt like I have the responsibility to promote positive and good content online, and maybe to defend those who are being bullied.

I have a lot of gay and lesbian friends and I cannot help but to feel sad and disappointed to what Mr. Pacman said, "People in the same-sex relationships are worse than animal."


I don't get it. I really don't. No matter how much I think about the hundreds, maybe even thousands of reason why he said that, I still don't get it. Worse, there's actually people who are supporting him.

Mr. Manny, pwede bang malaman ano ginawa sayo ng mga kaibigan ko sa LGBT community at parang ang dami mo namang bitterness at poot sa puso mo sinama mo pa si God.

What is it that make a person a person? Yung bang gender niya? Like a lot of religious people in the Philippines who kept on bringing up the bible and God. "Walang bakla at tomboy sa bibliya!" - ika nga nila. "Babae at Lalake lang ang ginawa ng Diyos." - push nila.

So, is it really the gender that makes up of a person? Kasi if that's the case then, Lord God, please grant my LGBT friends their own sex organs because the people of today believes that you have to have either a penis or a vagina in order to be considered a person and be accepted by the society. Jusko, Lord! Ano na ba nangyayari sa pag-iisip ng mga Pilipino ngayon?

There's just too much hate. Too much hate.  

I can't help to be hurt too because you Mr. Pacman, humiliated my friends. These people who are in same sex relationships that you called animals are far more better person than you. Didn't you had an affair with another woman while you're married to your wife?

I adore gay and lesbian people, for me, they're the most happiest person in the world. They're oozing with confidence in everything they do, which I envy. They're smart, they're hard working, they put other people first before them, they are just beautiful people and they are close to my heart. They are not animals, they are not "it", they are human beings with so much heart.

People are quick in judging and will simply throw bible verses at them to prove how God is unapproving of their gender preference and relationships. Mga ate at koya, ano ba, 2016 na, maski si Pope nag salita na. kayo ba si lord? ano ba talagang problema nyo?

I wished that people are more open minded and respectful towards the LGBT community. Honestly, I've witnessed the kind of love that they have for their partners and it's a different kind of love. In my eyes, it's more pure, more honest, more loving, there's just too much happiness whenever I see my couple gay/lesbian friends. All I can say is that it is very beautiful.

So, to LGBT community, keep the love burning. :)

Rookie Mommy PH - sending my love to LGBT community.

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