Top New Year's Resolutions According to Moms

January 1, 2016

For every New Year celebrated comes a long list of our own New Year's Resolutions. To be completely honest, I religiously follow mine before I had Arya, and now that it's almost 2016, I still haven't got my list but I do have some things that I wanted to do and change for the coming year as a rookie mom.

  • Start eating healthy and go back to being fit again. Since I had Arya, for almost over a year now including pregnancy, I have eaten too much and stopped being fit. I also got Gastritis and so this year, I have to bring myself back on track. Have to keep being healthy to be old enough to see my gandchildren. *laughs
  • Establish my career. Going back to full time work this 2016 will allow me to be more focused on my goals and to save up for Arya and our future plans. Not only that, I missed being in action and missed talking to professionals like me. 
  • Learn how to drive. This year, we wanted to get a car for our small family so it is a must that me or my hubby gets to learn how to drive so won't have any problems commuting Arya wherever we want to go.
  • Save up, a LOT. Part of being a mom is to know how to handle financials. I am really good with saving up since I was responsible for our handling our monthly budget that my mom sent us from when I was still single. There are a few main things that we are saving up for, like, a family car, a small house, Arya's school fees, and our travel plans.
  • Plan ahead. Being a mom brings too much surprises and I hate not being able to prepare for it. This year, I wanted to get back on the planning board and set some new goals to keep us all on the right track.

Enough about my resolutions and let's move on to some of the moms who have shared with me their top New Year's Resolutions this 2016. These mommas came from our Facebook community - First Time Moms PH and 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015.

From Mommy Maureen Bacsa Orias-Villanueva:
"No more impulsive buying!"
From Mommy Irish Fleur:
"Save and invest, think about the future 5 - 10 years from now, and finish the 52 - week money challenge."
From Mommy Juann Luna Carodan:
"Oplan Balik-Andog! I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy so I need to get fit again."
From Mommy Shani Pamille Alfaro-Chua:
"Save! Save! Save! And start home-baking as a regular work at home!"
From Mommy Jeanne Ruth Beltran-De Vera:
"Save more for the future!"
From Mommy Cherry Aralego-Madrillejo:
"To not get lazy when preparing food for my baby."
From Mommy Celeste Cenlt:
"To be a good role model and mother to my little one and to save up for my baby's needs."
From Mommy Gina Villar-Luro:
"Mag-tipid! Iwas muna sa online shops."
From Mommy Avonita De Castro:
"Save up! Lalo na ngayon may baby na."
From Mommy Xhie Marie Nicole Rodrigues:
"Hindi na magsusungit at to save more. Avoid splurging too much on food and unnecessary items."
 From Mommy Jacq Gatchallan-Dimaano:
"Save up and think that all my hard work is for my baby."
From Mommy Joanna Cablldo-De Leon:
From Mommy Gege Dayrit:
"First in first out, clean as you go. Para di tambakin at magmukang jungle ang bahay."

We say, to put "Saving up" on TOP 1 New Year Resolution this 2016 for moms! Whatever your resolutions are, may you find the drive and motivation to fulfill them this year. 

Happy New Year, Rookie Moms!

Rookie Mommy PH - Gotta save up!  

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