Feeding: Starting solids with your baby

January 28, 2016

Yay! Solids!

So, we've finally reached the most awaited 6th month mark and we're so excited to finally feed Arya lots of stuff! 

During our visit to our Pedia, we were advised to try fruits and veggies first and to commit to preparing a specific food for three days and to only switch on the fourth day. This way, baby gets accustomed to the food and you get to know whether or not your baby reacts to that kind of food in a positive or negative way.

For our Day 1 - Day 3 of solids,

We prepped mashed potatoes! Yay! My fave! My mother in law boiled chicken and put some potatoes on it. We mashed it and served to Arya.

She didn't have any bad reactions for potato so we decided to include that on her meal menu. What we noticed is that she constantly poops, but the consistency of it is still normal.

For her Day 4 - Day 6, we tried squash and she loved it! Actually, we fed her squash for a week because she loved it so much!

The only problem that we encountered with her eating squash is that she had a hard time pooping. :( Her poops are literally solids - which is weird because squash should make your poop soft! Right? So, by end of the week, we decided to switch to Sayote and she loved it again and again, this time, her poop pattern becomes normal again. 

So far, under the veggie family we are okay with:

  • Potato
  • Squash
  • Sayote
For fruit family, we only tried apple and she loved the juice too!

If you're thinking of feeding your baby Gerber or Cerelac, you can try them too, although I don't recommend to feed your baby that often because they are technically considered junk food to babies. Basically chips to us.

I'm trying to research more baby food menu to try so I'll definitely try and update this blog post as soon as I can. 

Arya is growing prettier day by day,

If you can recommend baby food recipes to me, please do! :)

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