Family Planning: DepoTrust Injectible Review

January 23, 2016

I remember when my OBGYN told me to go back to her when I get my period again so we can discuss family planning. Being intimate with my partner is not on my list so I didn't bother going back when I had my period again, only three months after I gave birth. 

However, I went back to work and started getting painful dysmenorrhea and my period is really annoying me. So, I decided to book an appointment and then she discussed to me my two options: Pills or Injectibles. 

She explained well the advantages and disadvantages of both, as well as noticeable effects on its user. Being naturally forgetful, I decided to go with Injectibles and she gave me DepoTrust by Trust

This contraceptive only costs about P123.00 on Watsons or Mercury Drug. I bought one and went back to my OBGYN for my shot.

Each package contains a single dose vial, sterile and disposable syringe with a needle, client appointment card, and information brochure. I wasn't able to get a photo of the items inside since my OBGYN disposed them immediately after my shot. 

DepoTrust should be injected in the buttocks (gluteal muscle, upper outer portion) or in the upper arm (deltoid muscle) every three months, or as prescribed by a healthcare provider. My doctor usually injects on the buttocks because it is more painful when it is administered on the upper arm.

Noticeable effects of DepoTrust as per my OBGYN

  • Weight Gain. No big deal for me since I went back to my normal weight of 52 kilos after birth, but when I started working, my weight dropped down to 50 kilos. So, I do need to gain weight a bit again. 
  • Spotting. It is expected to get some spotting during the first three months of using DepoTrust and it is also expected to stop until you stop using injectibles again. If you're thinking if it is safe not to get your period, then my answer is yes. It is safe not to get your period because DepoTrust stops your body to shed the lining of the uterus. It prevents you from ovulating. (not really sure if I explained this right). It is totally safe.
  • Migraine or Headache. Occasional headaches is also expected depending on how your body responds to DepoTrust 

My review:

I did noticed that when at work and I am not hungry my stomach still growls. It is a bit embarrassing when you're in a meeting and this suddenly happens. Happened to me twice with my boss, haha! However, I am not also sure if this is the effect of DepoTrust or I am just eating later or not eating at all. 

So, I just make sure that I have a handy biscuit or a fruit whenever I feel like I want to eat in between meal times. As for the spotting, I haven't been experiencing such because when I had my shot, I was on my third day of my period, what it did is it stopped my period the next day and I was so surprised I texted my doctor and she said it was normal. In case you're wondering if it is necessary to get your shot during your period, my answer is yes, getting your shot during your period means you're already protected against unwanted pregnancies after 24 hours of the shot, whereas if you get your shot in other time of your cycle you will not be protected for the first week.

No headaches or migraine as well for me so that's good, no acne or pimple breakouts as well. 

Be reminded that not all kinds of contraceptives has the same effect on our body. It depends whether out bodies will take them or not. As for me, I am good with DepoTrust and I think I will going to stick with this until such time comes that I want another baby. Which might not happen again, because one is enough.

Here at Rookie Mommy PH, we are both pro life and pro RH Bill so I am thankful that such contraceptives are readily made available and cheap to the market.

If you're scheduled for your first family planning discussion with your doctor, ask if they have DepoTrust. I also wanted you to know that some doctors charges a bit higher, like for the shot and doctor's fee combined can costs for about P1,000. So, be mindful also if you think that your doctor is just milking money from you. 

Breakdown of my expense:
Contraceptive: DepoTrust P123.00 (Watsons)
Doctor's Fee: P400.00 (Dra. Rowena Vega - Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center)
Total: P523.00 only

If you want to meet with my OBGYN, her schedule at CHMC is MWF 9am - 12pm. You can mention to her that I refer you. :)

There you go, happy family planning!

Rookie Mommy PH - DepoTrust User, Pro Life, Pro RH Bill
5 comments on "Family Planning: DepoTrust Injectible Review"
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  2. Did you need a prescription to buy depotrust from watsons?

  3. Hi,i have ovarian cyst/endometrioma,i need to under surgery but im not yet ready,so one ob gyne give me a shot of depotrust.
    My question is how depotrust affect my regular menstruation,?what is the side effect of this medication??

  4. Hi po. ilang shots po ng depotrust ang binigay sa inyo? 50mg po ba ay good for 3 months?

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