10 Truths About Being a Working Mom

January 17, 2016

I recently resigned from my work-at-home job to get back to the corporate world. Which is probably the reason why my blog posts declined. So, sorry to my readers! 

I had to go back since our expenses are shooting high, with Arya turning 6 months old, I knew that we have to save as much as we can to prepare for her school and other things.

I started on the first week of January and noticed so many changes already. So, I compiled a list of them to share to you just in case you're also thinking of going back to corporate world.

10 Truths About Being A Working Mom

  1. Your baby will not see you before you leave the house. As for me, Arya sleeps for 8-hours straight and I usually leave the house at dawn to beat the traffic.
  2. When at work, you will constantly check your phone's album and look at your baby's photos and videos. And you cannot help but smile while looking at them.
  3. You will brag about your baby by insisting your co-workers to look at those photos and videos. I'm just being honest here. Really!
  4. When you hear other co-workers brag about their kids, you'll immediately intervene and brag your kid too. Seriously, Momma, don't deny it!
  5. You constantly check your watch if it's go time already. And you'll get disappointed if it is not.
  6. But if it is, you shut down your pc, dump your things inside your bag and zoom out of the office door. You knew you have to hurry because it will take you 2 - 3 freaking hours to get home. Because, again, traffic is a bitch in Manila.
  7. You're so excited to get home that everything that slows you down dies in your head. The one who walks so slow, the single passenger who takes too long to arrive and the shuttle wouldn't leave until it's full, the man who was crossing the street, the freakin' red light, and so on...
  8. And when you get home, you see your baby either sleeping or in someone else's arms. And you cannot touch your baby until you're clean, because pollution is everywhere and you're so paranoid that your baby might caught something.
  9. And so you rush everything, from having dinner to taking a bath, and cleaning up your husband's mess, like his laundry clothes which he tossed on the bed and you just couldn't wait to finish everything. Because, all you really wanted to do is to get those few minutes of hugging, cuddling, and talking to your baby before he/she hit dreamland again.
  10. And when your baby finally is asleep, you lay on your bed to rest, counting down the days to the weekend.

Getting back to work surely made me miss Arya a lot. But it is something that I needed to do not just for my family but for myself as well. Getting locked-up at home, doing nothing but minimal house chores, taking care of your baby and minding your husband could make you crazy. You have to do something in order to keep yourself sane and to help yourself be grounded. Maybe, if you're not working full time, try working at home, or maybe get a hobby that takes you outside, at least get something that will help you regain self-confidence, control, and power over things.

As for me, I still needed to fix my schedules so I still get time to do blog posts, and do other fun things.

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5 comments on "10 Truths About Being a Working Mom"
  1. While there are teats that just let in a little measure of milk into your infant's mouth, it is essential for you to recall that it would in any case be more than what your child gets from breastfeeding. see more information

    1. Hi Andrew,

      Thanks for sharing. I wished I breasfed my baby a lot longer.

  2. I feel you Joarra! I had a hard time getting back to work after giving birth to Sab (my little girl). But I have to work so I can provide for her needs. Good thing I have my relatives and friends to guide me. I also read a lot so I can cope up and juggle work and motherhood. Sites like Anmum PH and babycenter definitely gave me an idea from knowing what foods to eat when pregnant and working mom tips.

    1. Hi Jasmin,

      Thanks for sharing and I hope you and Sab gets a solid bonding time with work schedules coming in. :) I'd love to collaborate if you're from any of the companies mentioned above. Just reach out. Thanks!

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