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Feeding: Starting solids with your baby

January 28, 2016

Yay! Solids!

So, we've finally reached the most awaited 6th month mark and we're so excited to finally feed Arya lots of stuff! 

During our visit to our Pedia, we were advised to try fruits and veggies first and to commit to preparing a specific food for three days and to only switch on the fourth day. This way, baby gets accustomed to the food and you get to know whether or not your baby reacts to that kind of food in a positive or negative way.

For our Day 1 - Day 3 of solids,

We prepped mashed potatoes! Yay! My fave! My mother in law boiled chicken and put some potatoes on it. We mashed it and served to Arya.

She didn't have any bad reactions for potato so we decided to include that on her meal menu. What we noticed is that she constantly poops, but the consistency of it is still normal.

For her Day 4 - Day 6, we tried squash and she loved it! Actually, we fed her squash for a week because she loved it so much!

The only problem that we encountered with her eating squash is that she had a hard time pooping. :( Her poops are literally solids - which is weird because squash should make your poop soft! Right? So, by end of the week, we decided to switch to Sayote and she loved it again and again, this time, her poop pattern becomes normal again. 

So far, under the veggie family we are okay with:

  • Potato
  • Squash
  • Sayote
For fruit family, we only tried apple and she loved the juice too!

If you're thinking of feeding your baby Gerber or Cerelac, you can try them too, although I don't recommend to feed your baby that often because they are technically considered junk food to babies. Basically chips to us.

I'm trying to research more baby food menu to try so I'll definitely try and update this blog post as soon as I can. 

Arya is growing prettier day by day,

If you can recommend baby food recipes to me, please do! :)

Rookie Mommy PH - nomnomnomnom

Family Planning: DepoTrust Injectible Review

January 23, 2016

I remember when my OBGYN told me to go back to her when I get my period again so we can discuss family planning. Being intimate with my partner is not on my list so I didn't bother going back when I had my period again, only three months after I gave birth. 

However, I went back to work and started getting painful dysmenorrhea and my period is really annoying me. So, I decided to book an appointment and then she discussed to me my two options: Pills or Injectibles. 

She explained well the advantages and disadvantages of both, as well as noticeable effects on its user. Being naturally forgetful, I decided to go with Injectibles and she gave me DepoTrust by Trust

This contraceptive only costs about P123.00 on Watsons or Mercury Drug. I bought one and went back to my OBGYN for my shot.

Each package contains a single dose vial, sterile and disposable syringe with a needle, client appointment card, and information brochure. I wasn't able to get a photo of the items inside since my OBGYN disposed them immediately after my shot. 

DepoTrust should be injected in the buttocks (gluteal muscle, upper outer portion) or in the upper arm (deltoid muscle) every three months, or as prescribed by a healthcare provider. My doctor usually injects on the buttocks because it is more painful when it is administered on the upper arm.

Noticeable effects of DepoTrust as per my OBGYN

  • Weight Gain. No big deal for me since I went back to my normal weight of 52 kilos after birth, but when I started working, my weight dropped down to 50 kilos. So, I do need to gain weight a bit again. 
  • Spotting. It is expected to get some spotting during the first three months of using DepoTrust and it is also expected to stop until you stop using injectibles again. If you're thinking if it is safe not to get your period, then my answer is yes. It is safe not to get your period because DepoTrust stops your body to shed the lining of the uterus. It prevents you from ovulating. (not really sure if I explained this right). It is totally safe.
  • Migraine or Headache. Occasional headaches is also expected depending on how your body responds to DepoTrust 

My review:

I did noticed that when at work and I am not hungry my stomach still growls. It is a bit embarrassing when you're in a meeting and this suddenly happens. Happened to me twice with my boss, haha! However, I am not also sure if this is the effect of DepoTrust or I am just eating later or not eating at all. 

So, I just make sure that I have a handy biscuit or a fruit whenever I feel like I want to eat in between meal times. As for the spotting, I haven't been experiencing such because when I had my shot, I was on my third day of my period, what it did is it stopped my period the next day and I was so surprised I texted my doctor and she said it was normal. In case you're wondering if it is necessary to get your shot during your period, my answer is yes, getting your shot during your period means you're already protected against unwanted pregnancies after 24 hours of the shot, whereas if you get your shot in other time of your cycle you will not be protected for the first week.

No headaches or migraine as well for me so that's good, no acne or pimple breakouts as well. 

Be reminded that not all kinds of contraceptives has the same effect on our body. It depends whether out bodies will take them or not. As for me, I am good with DepoTrust and I think I will going to stick with this until such time comes that I want another baby. Which might not happen again, because one is enough.

Here at Rookie Mommy PH, we are both pro life and pro RH Bill so I am thankful that such contraceptives are readily made available and cheap to the market.

If you're scheduled for your first family planning discussion with your doctor, ask if they have DepoTrust. I also wanted you to know that some doctors charges a bit higher, like for the shot and doctor's fee combined can costs for about P1,000. So, be mindful also if you think that your doctor is just milking money from you. 

Breakdown of my expense:
Contraceptive: DepoTrust P123.00 (Watsons)
Doctor's Fee: P400.00 (Dra. Rowena Vega - Fairview Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center)
Total: P523.00 only

If you want to meet with my OBGYN, her schedule at CHMC is MWF 9am - 12pm. You can mention to her that I refer you. :)

There you go, happy family planning!

Rookie Mommy PH - DepoTrust User, Pro Life, Pro RH Bill

10 Truths About Being a Working Mom

January 17, 2016

I recently resigned from my work-at-home job to get back to the corporate world. Which is probably the reason why my blog posts declined. So, sorry to my readers! 

I had to go back since our expenses are shooting high, with Arya turning 6 months old, I knew that we have to save as much as we can to prepare for her school and other things.

I started on the first week of January and noticed so many changes already. So, I compiled a list of them to share to you just in case you're also thinking of going back to corporate world.

10 Truths About Being A Working Mom

  1. Your baby will not see you before you leave the house. As for me, Arya sleeps for 8-hours straight and I usually leave the house at dawn to beat the traffic.
  2. When at work, you will constantly check your phone's album and look at your baby's photos and videos. And you cannot help but smile while looking at them.
  3. You will brag about your baby by insisting your co-workers to look at those photos and videos. I'm just being honest here. Really!
  4. When you hear other co-workers brag about their kids, you'll immediately intervene and brag your kid too. Seriously, Momma, don't deny it!
  5. You constantly check your watch if it's go time already. And you'll get disappointed if it is not.
  6. But if it is, you shut down your pc, dump your things inside your bag and zoom out of the office door. You knew you have to hurry because it will take you 2 - 3 freaking hours to get home. Because, again, traffic is a bitch in Manila.
  7. You're so excited to get home that everything that slows you down dies in your head. The one who walks so slow, the single passenger who takes too long to arrive and the shuttle wouldn't leave until it's full, the man who was crossing the street, the freakin' red light, and so on...
  8. And when you get home, you see your baby either sleeping or in someone else's arms. And you cannot touch your baby until you're clean, because pollution is everywhere and you're so paranoid that your baby might caught something.
  9. And so you rush everything, from having dinner to taking a bath, and cleaning up your husband's mess, like his laundry clothes which he tossed on the bed and you just couldn't wait to finish everything. Because, all you really wanted to do is to get those few minutes of hugging, cuddling, and talking to your baby before he/she hit dreamland again.
  10. And when your baby finally is asleep, you lay on your bed to rest, counting down the days to the weekend.

Getting back to work surely made me miss Arya a lot. But it is something that I needed to do not just for my family but for myself as well. Getting locked-up at home, doing nothing but minimal house chores, taking care of your baby and minding your husband could make you crazy. You have to do something in order to keep yourself sane and to help yourself be grounded. Maybe, if you're not working full time, try working at home, or maybe get a hobby that takes you outside, at least get something that will help you regain self-confidence, control, and power over things.

As for me, I still needed to fix my schedules so I still get time to do blog posts, and do other fun things.

Rookie Mommy PH - Checking 2016 holiday lists...

News: An open letter to DOH from a breastfeeding mom

January 10, 2016

A friend of mine, who recently gave birth shared to me her horrific story on how this certain hospital ignored her desire to breast feed her new born baby as soon as possible. Not only that, the hospital fed the baby a wrong formula milk, thus resulting into episodes of vomiting and having the baby put on IV with antibiotic treatment. 

I never knew that there are still hospitals in the country that does not impose a strict rule on breastfeeding to first time moms. I remember when I was the one who gave birth, the hospital is so strict that they never even allowed formula milk inside the hospital. I was away from my baby for almost 12 hours but they fed my baby breast milk - which costs about P300.00 per oz. 

My friend shared her open letter to DOH to me In the hopes of creating and spreading awareness to hospitals who does not follow the rule of a breastfeeding.


To whom it may concern,
I've read DOH's program called Breastfeeding TSEK. I am grateful that our government is promoting this for both mother and her newborn's health. However, it is frustrating because not all hospitals are in line with DOH's advocate. I gave birth at Clinica Antipolo Health and Wellness Center Inc. on Nov.05, 2015 at 5:09pm via emergency CS.
At 8:00pm, while waiting for the nurses to transfer me at my room, they showed me my baby, swaddled in a white blanket. I didn't bother to ask about the "skin to skin contact" since I thought what they did was an SOP to all hospitals.
I then asked the nurse, "Pwede ko na ba padedehin yung baby ko?" ("Can I nurse my baby?"). She replied, "Ma'am nabigyan na po namin ng formula milk, kakatapos lang n'ya kumain" ("Ma'am we already gave her a formula milk, she's just been fed.") Being a first time mom, I asked, "Teka, OK lang ba yun?" ("Wait, is it ok?"). The nurse assured me there's nothing wrong about that.
At 10pm, I was sent in my room to take a rest. The pedia arrived and advised us that we should switch our formula milk because the baby threw up the 15cc milk that was given to her earlier. They also gave her antibiotic treatment which was supposed to be prevented if they just allowed me to nurse my baby.
The said hospital have one breastfeeding area near the nursery. However, the hospital is not encouraging the mothers to breastfeed. I guess it's because of the accessibility. The patients in the entire 3rd floor (2 OB wards, 1 Ordinary ward and some private rooms) are provided with a single wheelchair for sharing. Patients are not allowed to roam around the hospital premises without a wheelchair so in case all moms in our floor need to feed their babies every 4hours, one wheelchair and one breastfeeding area will definitely not suffice.
I hope DOH will take action into this to educate the health institutions and its service providers to properly promote breastfeeding and its benefits. 
Thank you very much.

Rookie Mommy PH - spreading awareness

Top New Year's Resolutions According to Moms

January 1, 2016

For every New Year celebrated comes a long list of our own New Year's Resolutions. To be completely honest, I religiously follow mine before I had Arya, and now that it's almost 2016, I still haven't got my list but I do have some things that I wanted to do and change for the coming year as a rookie mom.

  • Start eating healthy and go back to being fit again. Since I had Arya, for almost over a year now including pregnancy, I have eaten too much and stopped being fit. I also got Gastritis and so this year, I have to bring myself back on track. Have to keep being healthy to be old enough to see my gandchildren. *laughs
  • Establish my career. Going back to full time work this 2016 will allow me to be more focused on my goals and to save up for Arya and our future plans. Not only that, I missed being in action and missed talking to professionals like me. 
  • Learn how to drive. This year, we wanted to get a car for our small family so it is a must that me or my hubby gets to learn how to drive so won't have any problems commuting Arya wherever we want to go.
  • Save up, a LOT. Part of being a mom is to know how to handle financials. I am really good with saving up since I was responsible for our handling our monthly budget that my mom sent us from when I was still single. There are a few main things that we are saving up for, like, a family car, a small house, Arya's school fees, and our travel plans.
  • Plan ahead. Being a mom brings too much surprises and I hate not being able to prepare for it. This year, I wanted to get back on the planning board and set some new goals to keep us all on the right track.

Enough about my resolutions and let's move on to some of the moms who have shared with me their top New Year's Resolutions this 2016. These mommas came from our Facebook community - First Time Moms PH and 3rd Quarter Pinoy Babies of 2015.

From Mommy Maureen Bacsa Orias-Villanueva:
"No more impulsive buying!"
From Mommy Irish Fleur:
"Save and invest, think about the future 5 - 10 years from now, and finish the 52 - week money challenge."
From Mommy Juann Luna Carodan:
"Oplan Balik-Andog! I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy so I need to get fit again."
From Mommy Shani Pamille Alfaro-Chua:
"Save! Save! Save! And start home-baking as a regular work at home!"
From Mommy Jeanne Ruth Beltran-De Vera:
"Save more for the future!"
From Mommy Cherry Aralego-Madrillejo:
"To not get lazy when preparing food for my baby."
From Mommy Celeste Cenlt:
"To be a good role model and mother to my little one and to save up for my baby's needs."
From Mommy Gina Villar-Luro:
"Mag-tipid! Iwas muna sa online shops."
From Mommy Avonita De Castro:
"Save up! Lalo na ngayon may baby na."
From Mommy Xhie Marie Nicole Rodrigues:
"Hindi na magsusungit at to save more. Avoid splurging too much on food and unnecessary items."
 From Mommy Jacq Gatchallan-Dimaano:
"Save up and think that all my hard work is for my baby."
From Mommy Joanna Cablldo-De Leon:
From Mommy Gege Dayrit:
"First in first out, clean as you go. Para di tambakin at magmukang jungle ang bahay."

We say, to put "Saving up" on TOP 1 New Year Resolution this 2016 for moms! Whatever your resolutions are, may you find the drive and motivation to fulfill them this year. 

Happy New Year, Rookie Moms!

Rookie Mommy PH - Gotta save up!