Cloth Diapering: Traditional Lampin + Baby's Underwear + Modern CDs

December 14, 2015

I love my DDs (Disposable Diapers) but I love Cloth Diapering more!

The rave and hype about cloth diapering is real and I never thought that I'd catch it. Until I realized how much I've been spending on our disposables...

I use Huggies Baby Dry and Mamypoko Slim Pants on Arya and we are very satisfied with them. We never experienced any leakage and rashes. I usually get 3 - 4 cases whenever there is a sale on Lazada and Cudsly. It will costs me around P1,200 - P1,500 per order with free shipping and those usually last for about a month or so. Not bad eh?

The reason why 200+ pieces of disposables can lasts up to a month for us is because we use cloth diapers during the day. I am not even talking about these modern cloth diapers but just your usual traditional lampins (cheese cloth).

Here's how we do it:

When Arya was about two months old, we started using gauze type lampin that I received during my baby shower. I have about 50 pieces of gauze type lampin today. Now that she's five months old, we bought small underwears and folded our lapins to look like pads and we just inserted the lampin pads inside the underwear and wear it on her. We only have 6 pieces of underwear at the moment.

Review: Folded gauze type lampin + underwear


  • Great for presko time
  • Minimizes causes of rashes especially when you changed it as soon as is soiled
  • Tipid
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Does not leave garter marks
  • Underwear is not water resistant so there is 100% chance of leakage
  • Needs to be change as soon as it soiled
This type of cloth diapering is great for moms and babies who are always at home. You will likely have your eyes and constantly checks your baby's bum every after a few minutes or so but it is still worth every change. It only goes to your laundry and not in the trash, so that's definitely tipid!

Now, I wouldn't want to miss the whole experience of using modern cloth diapers so I grabbed a piece when I went to Baby Company.

This one is from Coco and Belle, it has a water-resistant outer shell and the inside comes with a stay-dry lining that is safe to touch baby's bum. It also comes with the basic microfiber insert which will serves as your "wiwi pads" that needs to be inserted inside the pocket of this cloth diaper.

Microfiber Insert
Microfibers are great inserts because it absorbs the liquid fast enough. Partnered with a stay-dry lining, it won't leave your baby's bum soaked on pee. One big no - no is to use Microfibers on top of your stay-dry lining, it will irritate your baby's bum and will result to nasty rashes.

  • Lasts longer than traditional lampin. May use up for 2 - 3 hours before switching
  • Size is adjustable depending on baby's size
  • Comes in different styles and colours
  • Saves you a lot of money over time
  • Has a high chances of re-selling and being sold
  • Washing and drying can take a while as it follows a different washing pattern
  • Can be a bit hot on baby if the weather is also hot
  • Can be a bit pricey when building your stash. Cloth diapers costs about P200 - P300 each. But, some online shops sells china nappies for only P150.00 with a free microfiber insert 
In 2009, an expense chart with the use of disposable diapers came out and it made a huge impact on disposable diaper users,


Now, imagine how much this chart changed now that its 2015!

I knew a lot of mommas who exclusively use cloth diapers and known a few more to use both. 

Me? I think we'll stick to both. Disposable are still great for night time use and whenever we go out. Plus, I can still score a few good deals when buying online. Cloth diapers are great for presko time and that is what I love about them the most. Well, maybe next to the cute designs the cloth diapers can offer.

Watch out for our upcoming posts over the next few days as we will feature awesome work-at-home-moms who sews their own hybrid cloth diapers that's made available to the market. Plus, come January 2016, Rookie Mommy PH has something in store for our new cloth diapering mommas!

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